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9005 Vs H11 – Difference Between H11 and 9005 (Which One Should You Buy in 2022)

The most common headlight bulbs car manufacturers are the 9005 vs H11 headlight bulbs.

Are 9005 and h11 the same?

They are two different bulbs, but how do you know which bulb fits your car?

Which bulb is compatible with your car?

Our research and this article will guide you in learning more about the difference between 9005 and h11 headlight bulbs.

Read on to learn more about the headlight bulbs’ advantages, disadvantages, and appropriate sizes for your car.

The Table of 9005 & H11 Headlight Bulb in 2022

ImageBrandWattageLumenColor TemperaturePrice
HIKARI WINGS32W20,0006000K

What is 9005 Headlight Bulb?

The 9005 headlight bulb is a high beam headlight bulb.

It typically consumes 65 watts of power at 12 volts.

Today, many 9005 headlight bulb variants come as LED lights for economical energy use.

The 9005 headlight bulb is among the most popular high beam headlight types used.

It is regularly produced by brands such as Philips, Sylvania, and Fahren.

If you frequently drive at night, high beam headlight bulbs can help you drive easier and better.

A high beam setting will illuminate roads brighter and reach farther distances.

Headlight systems vary for every vehicle.

With that said, the 9005 headlight bulb is suitable for a car with a dual beam system.

This means that you can choose between the high beam and the standard low beam settings.

The 9005 is versatile.

Switch your regular fog light bulb with the 9005 headlight bulb for better visibility during poor weather like fog or storms.

What is H11 Headlight Bulb?

The H11 headlight bulb is another common bulb type for car headlamps.

It uses 55 watts at 12 volts, however, wattage can vary across brands.

The H11 is also known as the 9004 headlight bulb.

Where the 9005 headlight bulb is a high beam bulb, the H11 is a low beam headlight bulb.

The low beam setting is the standard illumination for car headlamps.

Most traffic authorities in cities will require drivers to use a low beam setting.

Low beam headlights are less blinding for other drivers on the expressway.

The H11 also shines light at one position only.

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9005 Headlight Bulb Fits What Cars?

9005 headlight bulbs will fit across a range of vehicles.

If your car manual says it supports an HB3, also known as the 9005 headlight bulb, you can safely fit in a 9005 in your headlamps or fog lights.

The 9005 headlight will fit cars such as Audi, Chevrolet, Honda, and Acura.

Car models from Toyota, Jeep and Subaru also support 9005 headlight bulbs.

Vehicles supporting a dual beam system can support 9005 headlight bulbs.

Dual beam systems allow drivers the freedom to control beam intensity and depth of illumination with just one bulb.

Single beam systems require a bulb each for low beam and high beam.

Similarities and Differences of 9005 Vs H11: Which is Better?

BrightnessShines at 1700 lumensShines at 1200 lumens
Spread1. High beam bulb 2. Fits both single and dual beam systems3. Fits both single and dual beam systems1. Low beam bulb 2. standard beam intensity and strength
Energy ConsumptionStarts at 65 to 100 watts for 12 voltsStarts at 55 watts for 12 volts
Efficiency1. Halogen 9005: less efficient due to poor color temperature 2. LED 9005: more efficient because of brighter, whiter light 3. More even dispersion1. Halogen H11: dims over time 2. LED H11: better luminous efficiency 3. Strong download performance
Structure1. L-shape bulb with P20d base 2. The 9005 can fit into H11 sockets with no problem1. L-shape bulb with PGJ19.2 base 2. The H11 is larger than the 9005 3. The H11 cannot fit in 9005 sockets
Durability1. 9005 headlight bulbs can light up for 30,000-50,000 hours of its lifespan 2. Pre-installed cooling technology lengthen the lifespan of 9005 headlight bulbs1. H11 headlight bulbs can last for up to 30,000 hours 2. H11 headlight bulbs have heat sinks that keep the bulbs cool and dry
Legality1. The 9005 headlight bulbs are legal 2. However, use of 9005 headlight bulbs are often limited to fog lights, or a certain lumen rating1. H11 headlights, as the standard in traffic protocol, are legal for road use 2. H11 headlights are dimmed to an intensity that is safe and harm-free to fellow drivers out on the road
Safety1. The brightness of 9005 headlight bulbs are effective in keeping watch for stray animals, road obstructions, etc that drivers might run over or crash into. 2. However, these lights are blinding to other drivers, and they may temporarily lose sense of sight and get into accidents.1. H11 headlight bulbs are said to be the safer bet, especially in busy roads 2. H11 headlights are dimmer and easier for the eyes to adjust to. 3. Drivers experience less glare with H11 headlight bulbs.
Price1. Typical halogen 9005 headlight bulbs will start at $20 2. LED 9005 headlight bulbs can cost from $50, up to $100 3. The price mostly depends on the inclusive cooling technology and driver inclusions1. Typical halogen H11 headlight bulbs will cost $5 and up 2. LED H11 headlight bulbs have prices starting at $30, up to $80
Cons1. 9005 headlight bulbs consume more power and is less economical in saving energy 2. The blinding brightness of 9005 headlight bulbs can pose danger to approaching driversThe dimness of H11 headlight bulbs significantly reduces visibility, especially at night
Pros1. Brighter, even dispersion of light on surfaces 2. Illuminates wider and farther distances 3. Sturdy and durable, can last over 20 years with proper care and maintenance 4. Shines light at angled directions 5. Improves driving conditions and visibility during night and poor weather 6. Versatile; can also fit sockets for low beam headlight bulbs 7. Can replace fog lights 8. Accentuates the overall visual appeal of a car1. The normal beam intensity for all cars, especially in cities 2. Less likely to overheat 3. Friendlier and safer to the eyes of other drivers 4. Compatible with many light bulbs within its category, like the H8 and H16 headlight bulbs, which are typically used for fog lights. 5. Because it is dimmer, it consumes less power

Is H11 The Same As 9005?

As mentioned before, the H11 and 9005 headlight bulbs are two very different headlight bulbs.

Indeed, both H11 and 9005 headlight bulbs have the same L-shape body, but they are not one and the same.

The H11 headlight bulb is a low beam type, while the 9005 is a high beam type.

If you need a brighter and wider illumination to your surroundings out on the road, the 9005 is your best pick.

On the other hand, the H11 illuminates at a single line of direction only.

If you mostly drive within cities, the H11 headlight bulb will be your favorite.

Fellow motorists will not be blinded because H11 produces a dimmer light than 9005.

The H11 shines bright at 1200 lumens.

However, the 9005 shines brighter at 1700 lumens.

The difference in brightness alone tells us that no, the H11 is not the same as the 9005 headlight bulb.

The Difference Between H11 And 9005

The H11 and 9005 headlight bulbs serve different purposes.

H11 and 9005 headlight bulbs differ from wattage, brightness, beam type, and compatibility.

The H11 headlight bulb consumes less power, with 55 watts at 12 volts.

low wattage results in a dim light, suitable for busy cities with heavy traffic.

Meanwhile, the 9005 headlight bulb can consume 65 to 100 watts at 12 volts.

The 9005 headlight bulb is brighter and reaches farther distances.

Driving on lone streets in the countryside is safe and hassle-free with 9005 bulbs.

The dimness of the H11 headlight bulb categorizes it as a low beam type.

It is also the standard brightness for car headlamps.

Meanwhile, the 9005 headlight bulb is a high beam type.

It increases visibility especially during poor weather, but can temporarily blind drivers.

The 9005 is compatible with the H11 socket.

However, no modifications can make the H11 fit into a 9005 socket.

Are H11 And 9005 The Same Size And Interchangeable?

No, the H11 and 9005 headlight bulbs are not the same size.

They may look similar because both bulbs are built with an L-shape, but the H11 and 9005 bulbs are not interchangeable.

The base type of the bulbs dictate most of the difference between H11 and 9005.

The H11 sports a PGJ19.2 base.

The H11 base is bigger in comparison to the 9005 base.

The base of a 9005 headlight bulb is a P20d.

It is different from the base of an H11 headlight bulb, but 9005 headlight bulbs are versatile.

This bulb can fit into H11 and low beam type sockets, and work as fog lights too.

9005 and H11 headlight bulbs are not interchangeable.

Their differences are meant to address specific purposes.

One type of headlight bulb cannot be a replacement for the other.

The 9005 is a high beam type, therefore it shines more intensely.

City drivers can be flagged down by traffic enforcers for using the 9005 headlight bulb.

It can cause glare and affect other drivers’ sight.

Simply put, the 9005 headlight bulb is used in cars with a dual beam system.

Single beam systems can only use H11 and other compatible bulbs.

Which Do You Need? H11 VS 9005 Bulb

Which headlight bulb you need depends on your driving habits and your car.

If your car supports a dual beam system, you will need a headlight bulb that supports both low beam and high beam intensity.

On the other hand, a car with a single beam system requires separate bulbs for low beam and high beam.

The 9005 headlight bulb is perfect for drivers who go on long rides out on wide, open roads.

Driving during bad weather can also be easier with this bright bulb.

If you are from the city and spend time driving down expressways, the H11 headlight bulb will light your path just fine.

Often, city streets are well-lit and bustling with other cars.

Best 9005 and H11 Headlight Bulbs Reviews in 2022

01. SEALIGHT 9005 LED Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • Plug-and-play easy installation
  • 50,000 hrs of lifespan
  • 300% brighter than halogen

The SEALIGHT 9005 LED headlight bulb ranks as the best 9005 headlight bulb.

It boasts a lifespan of 20 years, with a brightness that is 300% brighter than incandescent headlight bulbs.

The headlight bulbs also come with fans to help dissipate heat, especially on high beam settings

SEALIGHT 9005 headlight bulbs are also CANbus error-free.

This keeps the car’s computer from throwing alerts regarding the headlights.

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  • Efficient, zero-noise cooling technology
  • Sturdy build


  • Not compatible with all cars
  • Low wattage

02. BEAMTECH 9005 Fan-Less LED Bulb


Highlighted Features

The BEAMTECH 9005 fan-less headlight bulb is a straightforward item.

It features effective heat dissipation through a built-in copper plate rather than external fans.

The headlight bulb requires little to no instruments for installation.

It is a quick and easy setup, replacing the garish yellow headlights with a softer, blue-white light.

BEAMTECH 9005 headlight bulbs boast to be compatible with at least 95% of all car models.

The headlights are carefully designed to reduce dependence on resistors, but drivers are free to use these to overcome false CANBus errors.


  • Naturally bright luminosity
  • Excellent heat sink technology
  • Responsive and supportive customer service


  • Loose fitting in headlight socket
  • Can cause CANbus errors

03. PHILIPS Crystal Vision Ultra 9005


Highlighted Features

The PHILIPS CrystalVision Ultra 9005 boasts a bright white light; at least, as bright as halogens can go.

These 9005 headlight bulbs may not be LED, but are just the right upgrade for drivers who want a subtle boost in their headlamps’ brightness.

Satisfied customers are impressed with the bulbs’ above-average lifespan.

PHILIPS CrystalVision Ultra 9005 is best for drivers who want the flexibility in their headlamps’ power consumption.

As LED’s tend to consume more power, these headlight bulbs are the next best choice for brighter, halogen headlights.


  • Long-lasting and sturdy
  • Minimal wattage consumption


  • Not LED’s
  • Dims slightly at night

04. SYLVANIA 9005 Xtra Vision


Highlighted Features

  • Increased downroad angle
  • Improved visibility and clarity
  • Street legal

The SYLVANIA 9005 XtraVision is among the highly favored 9005 headlight bulbs.

Aside from its quality and proven performance, these headlight bulbs are legal for everyday use on the streets.

This particular variant of SYLVANIA 9005 headlight bulbs have a better down load angle for a better view of the streets ahead.

The XtraVision shines at 1700 lumens, offering drivers a crisp view of their surroundings.

Despite the enhanced brightness, these do not cause glares to other incoming drivers.


  • Legal and safe for road use
  • Efficient and reliable build


  • Heats up quickly
  • Poor performance as high beam replacement

05. FAHREN 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs


Highlighted Features

  • About 600% brighter than HID counterparts
  • Emits bright, focused beam
  • Illuminates wider, farther distances
  • Speedy installation
  • Compatible with almost all vehicles

The FAHREN 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs are highly recommended if you often spend the nights driving or live in an area prone to inclement weather.

These 9005 headlight bulbs use LED’s, so they shine brighter and reach further distances than a typical halogen bulb.

Whether you own the latest SUV, or drive around town with a decades-old minivan,  these bulbs can fit in their headlamps.

FAHREN 9005 headlight bulbs boast an almost 100% compatibility rate with vehicles.


  • Economical
  • Easy to install
  • Long, 50,000-hour lifespan


  • Sockets may be a tight fit
  • Sometimes flickers

06. AUXITO 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs


Highlighted Features

  • Low 30-watt consumption per bulb
  • Miniature in size
  • Powerful cooling fan

The AUXITO 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs are perhaps the smallest headlight bulbs to make this list.

While retaining the same L-shape build, these headlight bulbs are indeed smaller in size.

Thus, these bulbs consume less power to cast bright lights out on the road.

Most 9005 headlight bulbs could not get the right balance between low beam and high beam settings.

The AUXITO 9005 bulbs work successfully at both settings.

AUXITO 9005 headlight bulbs are not blinding towards other drivers.

A rather interesting fact as most 9005 bulbs temporarily affect drivers’ eyesight.



  • Short, 30,000-hour lifespan
  • Unstable power draws due to low wattage

07. HIKARI HyperStar 9005 LED Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • Enhanced 100% night vision
  • Powerful 32W of Acme-X LED
  • Inclusive of dual turbo fans

The HIKARI HyperStar 9005 LED Bulbs feature the latest LED technology for headlight bulbs.

A mere 32 watts of Acme-X LED is equivalent to 150 watts of an ordinary LED.

These headlight bulbs are perhaps the brightest bulbs yet to hit the market.

The most prominent of these headlights are its hyper-focused beam.

The HIKARI 9005 bulbs are fixed with advanced dual turbofans to dissipate heat.

It is projected that each bulb will shine for 50,000 hours.



  • Bad customer service
  • Problematic design choices for other cars

08. OSRAM Night Breaker Laser 9005


Highlighted Features

The OSRAM Night Breaker Laser 9005 headlight bulbs can be the best bang for your buck yet.

If you are only looking for subtle improvements here and there, the OSRAM Night Breaker Laser is for you.

These headlight bulbs may not differ so much from stock headlight bulbs.

However, these shine brighter and whiter by 20%.

Customers say this color temperature is perfect for driving under the rain.

These bulbs also light up a far and wide 150 meters.

With this bright of a light, you cannot miss out on animals crossing the road or road obstructions.


  • Cheap
  • Perfect driving partner at night


  • Short lifespan
  • Can unexpectedly burn out

The Common FAQ’s of H11 and 9005 Headlight Bulb

01. What Bulbs Are Compatible With 9005 Headlight Bulbs?

If your car manual does not explicitly list support for 9005, look out for bulbs that are compatible with 9005.

Headlight bulbs such as the H10, HB3, 9040, 9055, and 9140 have equivalent performance and strengths with the 9005 headlight bulb.

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02. What is The Difference Between 9006 And 9005 Headlight Bulbs?

The 9006 headlight bulb is a low beam type.

On the other hand, the 9005 is a high beam type.

These two headlight bulbs are not equivalent and cannot be interchanged.

03. When Can I Use 9005 Headlight Bulbs Legally?

The 9005 headlight bulbs are legal.

However, you have to be mindful of limits, particularly in the lumen rating of the headlight bulb.

Consult your nearest police station to know more of the suggested lumen rating for 9005 headlight bulbs in your district.

04. What is The Brightest 9005 Headlight Bulb?

The brightest 9005 headlight bulb out on the market today boasts 16,000 lumens.

That is more than 9 times brighter than the typical brightness of your average 9005 headlight bulb.

05. What Bulbs Are The Same As H11?

H11 headlight bulbs are compatible with H8, H9, and H16 headlight bulbs.

There are minute differences in wattage, but the latter types are good replacements for H11.

H8, H9, H11, and H16 are common headlight bulb choices for fog lights.


Headlight bulbs come in varying strengths of brightness, efficiency, and durability because of their very different purposes.

The 9005 headlight bulb is essential in illuminating dark paths.

Meanwhile, the H11 headlight bulb is the perfect lighting to use for city drives.

9005 and H11 headlight bulbs cannot be interchanged because of their different functions.

However, these can be replaced with their corresponding compatible headlight bulbs.

Cars are built differently, and not all sockets can accommodate the 9005 and H11 bulbs.

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