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11 Friction of 9006 vs H11 | What’s The Differences Between 9006 and H11 Headlight Bulb

9006 vs H11: 9006 bulbs look similar to H11 bulbs because both of these bulbs feature a single filament and have bases shaped like an “L”. But, they are very different types of bulbs.

One cannot replace the other, so it is important to check the car’s compatibility with the bulbs before choosing one or the other.

As well, each bulb is utilized for a different purpose. Consider the details presented below to make a smart and well-informed decision.

Comparison Table of 9006 & H11 Headlight

ImageBrandWattageLumenColor TemperaturePrice
Marsauto 40W80006000K
Philips Automotive Lighting55W1947 or 8.3%4000K

What is a 9006 Headlight Bulb?

A 9006 headlight bulb is a bulb that features only one filament. In terms of purpose, this bulb can be used for lighting both the low and high beams.

It works well in normal driving conditions and is mostly appreciated for providing an intense beam of light.

Compatible with a wide variety of car models, the 9006 bulbs are popular due to their long lifespan. They can deliver up to 50,000 hours of light, offering great quality for the price tag.

With a wattage of 60, the provided light is bright, making this type of bulb an excellent choice for driving on dark roads at night.

The 9003 bulbs may not be the cheapest bulb out there (it is a bit more expensive than H11 bulbs), but even so, drivers have nothing against paying those extra dollars for the bright, crisp, and white light the bulbs offer.

Car owners that currently use halogen bulbs will find great value in 9006 bulbs, which will improve their safety and driving experiences.

9006 bulbs can be found as LED bulbs and non-LED bulbs as well. So, it could be a matter of personal preference and car model.

Before choosing a headlight bulb over another, make sure the car is compatible with the bulb you intend on purchasing.

It is worth mentioning that 9006 bulbs are suitable for motorcycles as well.

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What is an H11 Headlight Bulb?

The H11 bulbs are good for being used in normal driving conditions, as an option for the low beam. H11 bulbs are used by many car owners and motorcycles alike.

Due to the bulb’s low angle of the output beam, it is more than suitable for driving on city roads. It won’t risk blinding other drivers or becoming a nuisance in traffic.

Besides being used as low beams, H11 bulbs can be utilized as fog lights as well and main bulbs for the headlights.

Just bear in mind that it features only one filament, which means it can be used for one single position.

Rather similar to 9006 bulbs, H11 bulbs also have a base that is shaped like an “L”.

But, despite this visible similarity, these two bulbs are not interchangeable. And in terms of provided light, H11 bulbs offer a decent amount of light.

9006 Bulbs Fit What Cars?

9006 headlight bulbs are quite popular and are compatible with a wide variety of car models including Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Audi A6, Nissan Titan, and others.

However, the most important aspect when buying headlight bulbs is to check whether your car is compatible with the type of bulb you’re interested in.

Another aspect to consider is the conditions in which you often drive. Do you drive a lot at night?

On dark roads where public illumination is not available? Or do you rarely drive at night and mostly stick to city roads?

This will reveal just how much light you can use to stay on the safe side at all times.

9006 vs H11: How Are They Different?

01. Brightness

9006 bulbs have a wattage of 60, while H11 bulbs have only 55 watts.

This is why some may say that H11 bulbs offer rather dim light, while 9006 bulbs offer a white crisp light, suitable for dark roads.

Thus, you need to consider whether you need a bright beam, for driving in complete darkness, or a softer beam, suitable for driving on city roads.

02. Spread

H11 bulbs are made to be used as low beams or fog lights, while 9006 bulbs are more suitable as high beams, due to their bright lights, although they can be used for low beams as well.

9006 bulbs are more appreciated for their intense beam, above everything else.

03. Energy Consumption

As mentioned earlier, the bulbs have different values when it comes to wattage.

The difference may not appear significant, but the light provided by the bulbs is different. 9003 bulbs are brighter, while H11 bulbs are dimmer.

So, the energy consumption of 9003 bulbs is slightly higher than H11 bulbs. But, even so, 9003 bulbs are very durable and have a long lifespan.

04. Efficiency

Both bulbs are effective if they are used as intended.

That’s why you should pay attention to the specifications of each bulb and see whether it can deliver the results you’re seeking.

9003 bulbs are effective as high beams, since they are brighter, and H11 bulbs are effective as city lights because they are dimmer and work best as low beams or fog lights.

05. Structure

The 9003 bulbs and H11 bulbs both feature one single filament and a base that is shaped similarly, resembling the letter “L”.

However, this doesn’t mean the bulbs are the same. The bulbs are different and are not interchangeable.

06. Durability

9003 bulbs are more resilient in time, having a longer lifespan. It is said they can offer up to 50,000 hours of light, which is rather significant.

Because of this reason, and the fact that they offer brighter light, 9003 bulbs are slightly more expensive than H11 bulbs.

Still, the price tag does not deter car owners, who prefer paying more for a brighter and more durable headlight bulb.

07. Legality

Both bulbs are legal and can be used by cars and motorcycles on the public roads of the USA.

Drivers simply need to decide which of these bulbs provide what they need, whether they’re looking for brighter bulbs, suitable for dark roads, or bulbs that work best in the city.

08. Safety

No matter what type of bulb you choose, they are safe for use both for the car owner and other drivers as well.

Even if 9003 bulbs provide a brighter light, it won’t be blinding for the drivers coming on the opposite lane.

9003 bulbs also provide more safety when driving on dark roads outside cities, compared to H11 bulbs, since they allow fast spotting of obstacles and dangers.

09. Price

9003 bulbs are slightly more expensive than H11 bulbs. Still, they are preferred by car owners for their intense beam and crisp bright light.

They are also highly durable bulbs, which allows them to be used for extended periods.

10. Pros

a) 9003 bulbs are great as high beams on dark roads because they offer bright light

b) They are resilient and durable, providing a long lifespan

c) H11 bulbs are recommended for driving on city roads

11. Cons

a) 9003 bulbs can be a bit more expensive

b) H11 bulbs are dimmer and won’t work as high beams

H11 vs 9006: Which Bulb is Better?

The answer to this question lies in how to use your car on a daily basis. Do you need to commute on dark roads, especially after nightfall?

Or do you rarely venture out of the city in the dark? Do you need a bulb for the high beam or low beam?

Thus, the best bulb is the one that manages to suit your needs in the best way possible. Also, the best bulb will be compatible with your car.

So, check to see which bulb fits the car model you’re driving.

Then, consider whether you’re needing a bulb to drive around the city in general or you could use a brighter headlight bulb, suitable for dark country roads.

Because 9003 headlight bulbs provide white bright light and have beams of higher intensity, they make driving at night on dark roads safer.

9002 bulbs may also have a longer lifespan, in comparison with H11 headlight bulbs. This is why it may be worth paying their price tag.

This bulb is a great choice if you need a brighter and more durable high beam, which improves visibility through the darkness.

H11 bulbs are better as low beams and for day-to-day use on city roads.

Their dimmer lights won’t become uncomfortable for other drivers. They are also more affordable.

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9005 vs 9006 Headlight Bulb: Are They Any Similarities?

9006 are used as low beam bulbs, while 9005 are used as high beam bulbs. So, they are different types of headlight bulbs.

The only similarity is that you need both headlight bulbs to properly equip a car since you need low and high beams functional when driving on public roads.

Their power differs as well since 9005 bulbs have 65 watts and 9006 bulbs have 55-60 watts.

Other differences reside in the way they are mounted. 9006 bulbs will not fit in a 9005 socket.

However, 9005 bulbs can be made to fit 9006 sockets, if a special kit is used for the operation.

9005 bulbs provide light beams that extend much further than 9006 bulbs.

This makes them useful on dark country roads, but could also bedazzle other drivers if used on busy roads.

9005 bulbs also have a brighter beam, although their lifespan is not that great.

9006 bulbs have a much better lifespan, but provide a beam that is not that bright and not that long. Still, it is safe for other drivers, as there’s no risk of blinding them.

Is H11 The Same as 9006 and Are They Interchangeable?

H11 bulbs are not the same as 9006 bulbs. We are talking here about two different types of bulbs with different purposes.

So, even if they look similar, they are not interchangeable and one cannot be used to replace the other. Each bulb offers certain features that are meant to serve certain purposes.

Check each bulb closely and decide which one can help you improve your driving and increase safety behind the wheel.

H11 bulb vs 9006: How To Know Which One Do You Need?

First and foremost you need to make sure your car is compatible with the bulb you wish to buy.

Check the car’s manual and, even better, check the back of the headlight, by removing the old bulb. The socket will tell you what type of bulb can be best used for your car.

Also, you have to decide whether you need a bulb with a brighter light, a bulb for the low or high beam, or a bulb for fog lights.

The way you want to use the bulb (and the car) counts a lot when selecting a headlight bulb.

Best 9006 & H11 Headlight Bulb Reviews

01. Fahren 9006/HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs – Best 9006 Headlight Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • The bulb is six times brighter than regular halogen bulbs
  • Focused beam pattern that effectively lights the road
  • Quick installation due to design similar to halogen lights
  • Most cars will be able to use this bulb without computer errors

Extremely bright LED headlight bulbs, this product can represent a great replacement for traditional halogen bulbs.

Switching halogen bulbs with this bulb is done easily since the design of the bulbs is made to be similar to halogen bulbs.

In rare cases, an adapter may be needed, especially if the car’s computer is highly sensitive and detects the change in bulbs.

Other features are an adjustable beam and an effective cooling system, for countless hours of light.


  • Mounting the bulb takes only a few minutes
  • The provided light is clear and white


  • Cold weather might affect the functioning of the bulb

02. Marsauto 9006 LED Bulbs 8000LM 6000K – Is H11 The Same as 9006


Highlighted Features

  • Bright, daylight-like light is provided by this product
  • Three times brighter than halogen bulbs, this product is a welcome upgrade
  • A focused beam, improves visibility on the road while being safe for other drivers
  • Plug and play design, which allows easy installation without modification to the housing

With this product installed in the headlights, visibility during night time will improve considerably. The beam will go as far as 300 feet.

The provided light is of a bright white that allows obstacle noticing to take place faster.

The design of the bulb allows easy and fast mounting, the bulb can be used right away and it is resistant to a variety of driving conditions.

Water, dust, dirt, and snow will not affect the functioning and integrity of the bulb.


  • A bright, white light that works great for years in a row, without dimming
  • Accessible LED headlights that can be installed and used quickly


  • Might cause radio issues to some car models

03. Philips 9006 Crystal Vision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • A bright light that visibly improves driving safety on the road
  • Blue cap on the bulb for a cool look of the headlight during daytime
  • Set of two headlight bulbs are available in one single package

At night, especially on dark roads, this product will provide bright white light and a long, focused beam.

During the daytime, the bulbs are made to make the headlights and the car look good, by providing light with a bluish hue. This is due to the blue cap present on the bulb.

Available at a rather affordable price, the bulbs in the set should be easy to mount. And with one single package, it is possible to replace bulbs in both headlights.



  • The bulbs won’t be that bright on some cars

04. BEAMTECH 9006 LED Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • The bulb is made to be installed and used immediately, without the need for additional wires
  • Design with no fans makes the bulb run quietly, increasing comfort of driver and passengers
  • White light and wider beam on the road
  • The shell is made out of aviation-grade aluminum, for effective heat dissipation

A fanless design that is almost as small as regular halogen bulbs, makes installation easy and without complications.

The materials that compose the body of the bulb remove excess heat effectively.

The provided light is white and bright, improving driving experiences on dark roads.


  • Using the bulb will not produce any unpleasant noise in the car
  • Much better visibility on the road at night


  • Some cars may come across fitting problems with the product

05. SYLVANIA – 9006 Silver Star Ultra-High-Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • Two halogen headlight bulbs pack
  • Brighter light for improved visibility when driving at night
  • Crisp and clear white light output
  • Should be replaced in pairs, since they gradually dim in time

The product is a set of two halogen headlight bulbs, which offer light that is brighter than regular stock bulbs.

Instead of dim yellow light, these bulbs provide a crisp white light. Thus, visibility on the roads at night will be significantly improved.

However, it is a good idea to replace bulbs in both headlights at once, since halogen bulbs will dim over time.


  • Easy mounting and replacement of stock bulbs
  • Improved vision on the road due to brighter light


  • They don’t last as long as LED bulbs

06. SEALIGHT 9006 LED Bulbs 14000 Lumens


Highlighted Features

  • LED headlight bulbs that are four times brighter than halogen bulbs
  • A focused pattern of the beam, allowing clear visibility while not blinding other drivers
  • Long lifespan, of up to 50,000 hours of light
  • Small heatsink and design makes installation easy

When driving at night, it is important to have a focused beam and a wider visibility angle. This product offers both of these benefits.

The beam goes further down the road, without the bulb requiring any kind of warm-up before reaching its full potential.

Top-notch design and materials allow the bulb to dissipate heat throughout its entire body, making the cooling process an effective one.



  • The bulbs are not suitable for projector housing

07. AUXITO 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs


Highlighted Features

  • LED bulbs with double-sized chips, for light that is three times brighter than halogen bulbs
  • High-end beam pattern technology, for a beam, focused on the driving lane
  • Long lifespan that provides up to 30,000 hours of light
  • The bulbs are compatible with almost any car model on the market

LED bulbs with a plug-and-play design that can be quickly installed and used right away.

The product is compatible with most cars, without radio interference.

The bulb is waterproof and ready to withstand any kind of weather.

The cooling fan keeps the bulb at lower temperatures without making an unpleasant noise.


  • Extremely bright light and great beam pattern
  • Cooling fans are effective and quiet


  • The installation of the bulbs might require some adjustments

The General FAQ’s About 9006 vs H11

01. Are H11 Bulbs and 9006 Bulbs The Same?

H11 and 9006 are not the same. There are some similarities between the two, but they are not interchangeable.

Also, each type of bulb serves a different purpose, so it is worth knowing the differences, as they will help you make an informed decision.

In terms of similarity, H11 bulbs are more similar to H8, with which they can be replaced.

02. Are 9006 Bulbs Suitable For High or Low Beams?

9006 bulbs can be recommended, by some, to be used as low beams, while 9005 (a brighter bulb) to be used as high beams.

However, it is possible to find recommendations regarding the use of 9006 bulbs as high beams as well.

These bulbs can provide light that is bright enough and beams that are long enough to considerably improve visibility on the road at night.

So, it is up to you and your car when it comes to choosing the best headlight bulbs.

Check compatibility and decide upon the most important features you want to find in a headlight bulb.

03. What Bulbs Are Similar To 9006 Bulbs?

In case you’re having a hard time finding 9006 bulbs (and you’re certain they are a fit for your car), it is worth knowing that similar bulbs are the HB4 and 9012.

These headlight bulbs are the same in terms of plugs, wiring, and locking tabs. Thus, they are worthy alternatives.

However, finding a suitable 9006 headlight bulb is not an impossible task. You can find affordable and bright 9006 bulbs without looking too hard.

04. Are H11 Bulbs All The Same?

Although they all bear the name H11, these bulbs are not all the same.

In case you’re looking to buy an H11 bulb, do take a look at the specifications and provided features.

As you will notice, price tags may also differ, so it is worth knowing what causes prices to fluctuate when it comes to the same type of product.

In conclusion, always check the characteristics of a product before making a final decision.


Just as it happens with most headlight bulbs, 9006 and H11 bulbs may look the same but offer different advantages.

To choose correctly, it is important to know what headlight bulbs are compatible with your car and what kind of characteristics you would like to find in a headlight bulb.

Maybe you need brighter light or a more focused beam. No matter what you’re looking to get, paying attention to details is key when purchasing headlight bulbs.

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