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Top 5 9008 Headlight Bulb of 2022 | High Quality Automotive 9008 LED Headlight Bulb

A 9008 Headlight Bulb is known to produce a shinny white light while driving.

It is often the ideal choice for people who desire to drive stylishly without being reckless.

Headlight bulbs themselves give off less light over time. An old bulb can’t provide enough visibility as a new one.

A new pair of bulbs give off the light required for optimum driving safety while in the vehicle with your family.

Good headlight bulbs have superior performance with regard to automobile lighting.

The Comparison Table of 9008 Headlight Bulb(2022 Updated)

ImageBrandWattageLumenColor TemperaturePrice
BEAMTECH 60W10,0006500K
HIKARI WINGS32W20,0006000K


What is 9008 Headlight Bulb?

9008 Headlight bulbs can be used by light trucks, off-highway and commercial, passenger cars, marine, agriculture, and industrial applications offer extensive coverage.

For superior visibility and performance while driving, replace the 9008 headlights in pairs.

As a result of this gadget’s high quality, it does provide reliable performance.

The weight – Each of the 9008 Headlight Bulb is 0.1 Gross Pounds with a Weight – Case of 0.75 Gross Pounds, a Height – Each of 2.0 Inch, a Height Case of 4.5 Inch, a Length – Each of 4.0 Inch, a Length – Case of 4.5 Inch, a Width – Each of 2.0 Inch, and a Width – Case of 6.5 Inch.

The bulb is often clear. No harmful material is used to produce the material.

The product has an original equipment quality seal that delivers highly dependable performance and has been undergoing automotive lighting innovations for more than 100 years now.

For instance, a Philips Headlight Bulb weighs 0.32 ounces having a dimension of 1.59 by 0.92 by 0.6 inches. The outer part of the Headlight bulb is painted.

It has a halogen bulb type, an automotive-exterior-headlight-bulb, and an automotive-exterior-fog-light-bulb mirror lighting type.

You get remarkable value from every use the headlight bulb is subjected to.

If you are lucky to buy the original equipment, its capability will meet or supersede that of the initial lamp of your vehicle.

Select headlight lamps come in 55 or 65 watts, 12.8 volts, an amperage of 4.3 or 5.08, and Life Hours of 150/500. The 9008 Led Headlight Lamp has 0.63 inches as its diameter.

Basics of 9008 Headlight Bulb Fits What Cars

A 9008 Led Headlight Bulb Fits different cars such as Camaro 10+, Aspen 07+, Challenger 09+, Escape 09+, Explorer 06+, Flex 09+, Mustang 05+, F250 – F550 05+, Expedition 07+, Ford E150 – E450, Nitro 07+, Caliber 06-up, and HHR 06+.

This equipment also fits Dakota/Durango 04-10, Cruze 11+, Excursion 05+, F150 04+, Freestar 04+, Transit Connect 10+, Explorer Sport Trac 07+, Grand Caravan 09-up, Town & Country 05-08, Freestyle 06+, H3 05+, Explorer 06-10, 09-up, Wrangler 07+, Grand Marquis 07+ among others.

Apart from cars, this headlight bulb also fits on motorcycles, trucks, and buses.

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Is 9008 & H13 Bulb Same Bulb?

Yes, a 9008 bulb is the same as an h13 bulb, only that an h13 bulb may be relatively brighter as well as use a different plug. H13 (Dual-Beam) bulbs use Halogen, HID, and LED Lighting technology.

Both are dual filament bulbs used as a headlight in most cases and likely fit an existing hole.

We can refer to H13 to be the latest version of the 9007. On a few vehicles, you will find the h13 bulb noted as 9008.

Several manufacturers can work with varying numbers but have the same connotation or probably have a mildly different output that wouldn’t affect the HID.

Highlighted Features of 9008 Headlight Bulb

The 9008 Headlight Bulb Features indicate the elements, characteristics, or makeup of a 9008 Headlight Bulb.

01. Brightness

9008 Headlight Bulbs illuminate your commute, and these bulbs are fashioned with a reliable design that puts out shiny and clear light.

They also provide OEM quality and enhanced visibility in the dark and comprehensive safety driving in bad climate conditions with less lighting.

02. Safety

A 9008 Led Headlight Bulb is DOT Complaint.

To ensure your safety, make sure that you replace these bulbs in pairs, so they create a symmetric light beam while driving.

Bear in mind that the bulb dims with use. During installation (of a new bulb), don’t touch the glass by any means.

Use either a paper towel or gloves when working on the bulb.

03. Where/When Used

9008 Headlight Bulbs are fixed or designed onto the front, left, or right part of cars (Chevy cars, Toyota, Ford, Kia), buses, and other vehicles, e.g., Jeep.

A 9008 Led Headlight Bulb is best used at an operating temperature ranging between -40 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees Celsius and when a High/Low Beam headlight is needed.

04. Power Consumption

9008 Headlight Bulbs consume less power compared to a halogen bulb.

They are also energy savers and offer low voltage protection.

These led bulbs can last up to 50,000 hrs and are shake-proof.

05. Efficiency

Its in-built fans and ballasts mean the equipment needs no other Fans and Ballasts.

For quick heat dissipation, the equipment’s Smart Efficient Cooling System can come to play.

06. Price

A 9008 Headlight Bulb is available for sale at different prices. Each manufacturer or automobile store with its prices.

You can find 9008 headlight bulbs within range price of $10 to $100.

The pricing depends on a lot of factors, such as the quality of the product, brand name, warranty, features, and specs.

Benefits of 9008 Headlight Bulb

9008 Headlight Bulbs are 200% brighter than their halogen counterparts.

They increase visibility, offer a larger field of view, improve lighting patterns without disturbing oncoming motorists, and work well in the projector headlight or reflector.

Its hydraulic high-speed cooling fan also ensures that the equipment lasts longer.

It doesn’t generate much noise providing a relaxing driving experience.

The headlight bulb features a solid 6063 Aviation aluminum with multi-directional heat evacuation and a matte processed surface.

To use the equipment, you simply plug and play. It probably has a similar size as halogen bulbs and is more put together compared to other headlight bulbs you’ll find for sale.

Common Problems of 9008 Headlight Bulb

When it comes to 9008 Headlight Bulbs, common problems they face that are often difficult to solve include radiation, clear cut-off, and light pattern.

Let me break it down. A Led Headlight releases light in a straight direction from every diode.

The light from this bulb is much deeper than that generated by a regular halogen lamp, but that doesn’t mean more lighting while driving.

Except the Headlight bulbs are well-directed, the headlights won’t offer much vision of the road.

Also, Led Headlights release heat capable of melting ice snow and draining rain out the lenses of such headlights.

The equipment is known to generate little heat close to the rear end of its fixtures, although, during usage, the bulbs emit very mild heat.

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What is The Brightest Car 9008 Headlight Bulb?

So far, the brightest 9008 Headlight Bulb has been found to be Philips 9008 Headlight Bulb. The SANSI 27W A21 Headlight Bulb generates 3500 lumens.

It is whitish in color and gives off a shiny soothing illumination. The cost of acquiring the Bulb is within means.

Philips Headlight provides brightness and is built to offer the best performance and quality under any situation.

Drivers get about 30% more illumination, and the Headlight kit comes with UV protection.

As an end-user, you can get superb results without using any power tool. Its restoration kit eliminates the haze formed on the surface to look like new.

Another contender on the list is the Alla Lighting Lumens Led Bulb.

Is 9008 Headlight Bulb Better Than Other Types?

Yes, the 9008 Headlight Bulb is better than other bulb types since it is a led bulb. Led Bulbs operate at a lower temperature, so they are eco-friendlier and provide that they work for very long periods.

When it comes to size, A 9008 Headlight Bulb is often more put together than their HID counterparts which tend to be a bit bulkier.

They can last for long (working for as much as 20,000 hours) and are durable.

You will hardly find a series of small or moving parts on them which can predispose the equipment to breakage, thus enhancing their overall durability.

5 Best 9008 LED Headlight Bulb Reviews

01. Nilight H13/9008 LED Headlight Bulb

The headlight bulb is 500% brighter than the regular halogen bulb to allow you to see clearer and further.

Another amazing thing about the Nilight headlight bulb is that it offers a balance between lifespan and performance.

A single Nilight LED headlight bulb is equivalent to 60 regular halogen bulb changes.


Highlighted Features

  • Ultra-long irradiation distance
  • 500% brighter than halogen
  • 2 times wider vision
  • Long lifespan



  • A few users have complained that the bulbs seem to be wired backward

02. BEAMTECH H13 LED Bulbs

This is another high-power led bulb with 4 CSP chips for improved brightness and performance.

The bulb is also brighter than the regular halogen bulbs, and it’s designed with high lighting technology.

BEAMTECH H13 led bulb assures safety even when driving at night.


Highlighted Features

  • Supercooling features
  • Easy installation
  • High lighting technology
  • Made from durable materials


  • The bulb has a long lifespan, which an operating life of more than 30,000 hours
  • It has an all-in-one design which makes it an ideal replacement for the factory fitted halogen bulbs


  • The fan gives off a low hum and may not be ideal for electric vehicles

03. Hikari HyperStar H13/9008 Wireless Led Bulbs

This is also an amazing automotive H13/9008 led bulb, but it’s designed for use mainly as a supplementary light bulb. It’s an ideal choice for use in fog.

The key thing about this bulb is its unique LED technology which allows it to outperform a lot of other products available on the market.

Hikari-led bulbs also feature a lot of awesome features.


Highlighted Features

  • Designed for night driving
  • Unmatched visibility brightness and beam pattern
  • Upgraded program
  • Made from durable materials


  • Hikari wireless led bulbs offers a crisper color match, which is why it’s perfect for use at night
  • It shines brighter and farther away for increased safety and security


  • The bulbs are expensive

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04. SEALIGHT H13/9008 Led Bulbs

The SEALIGHT H13/9008 led bulbs stand out for many reasons, from the unmatched brightness it offers to the 100% wider angle view and a lot of other awesome qualities.

One of the unique features of the led bulbs is its robust design, with is also waterproof and provides excellent performance in different weather conditions.


Highlighted Features

  • Better visibility
  • Extended lifespan, which is over 50,000 hours
  • Compact fanless design
  • 1:1 halogen focus beam
  • Intelligent cooling system


  • The bulbs have a robust design with excellent dustproof and waterproof performance
  • Fits 99% of all vehicles


  • No significant difference between the high and low beams

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05. FAHREN 9008/H13 Led Headlight Bulbs

Fahren led headlight bulb is an easy to install H13 bulb with an effective cooling system.

The bulb also has a unique waterproof design, which makes it a suitable option for different weather conditions.

It offers better brightness than regular halogen bulbs, which will broaden your driving vision.


Highlighted Features

  • Perfect beam pattern
  • More than 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 600% brighter than halogens



  • The bulb tends to flicker a lot.

The General FAQ’s of 9008 Headlight Bulb

01. Is 9008 Bulb High and Low-Beam?

Yes, a 9008 Headlight Bulb is a High and Low Beam Headlight that comes in a pack of two.

It gives out a 50ft Longer Beam for improved reaction time and enhanced safety while driving at night.

02. What is The Brightest Led Bulb For Cars?

After valid confirmation, the brightest Led Bulb for Cars is the GTR Lighting Ultra 2 bulbs that offer 2,590, Max Lux.

Next up are the F3 bulbs that are comprised of 2,070 Max Lux. Finally, we have the S-V.4 Led bulbs that feature a 1,920 Max Lux.

03. Which is Brighter 6000k or 8000k?

In this case, the more the Kelvin rating, the more color in the light rather than visibility.

Thus, 6000k will be a bit brighter than 8000k and on, just that as the Kelvin rate increases, so the color.

04. How Many Lumens Are Legal For Headlights?

The light put out by a single lamp should not be more than 2513 lumens.

You can choose to equip your car with a pulsing device to notify deceleration, whereby an amber light will be center-mounted at the back of your car.

9008 Headlight Bulbs offer a remarkable vision for safe driving at night to cap it up.

They give a good field of vision when on the highway at night or taking sharp turns.


Ensure that anytime you purchase a 9008 Headlight Bulb for use, you install it properly so that the light does not affect other motorists.

Even if you think it does not affect you, it can affect the safety of those on the road.

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