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Top 10 Best Aftermarket 350z Headlights Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Light bulbs, no matter where or what, don’t last long, and that’s why every driver wants to find the best aftermarket 350Z headlights in the hopes that, perhaps, the light could last longer.

A car’s headlights often stand between a driver and a gruesome accident in the dark.

They allow everyone on the road to see what they’re heading towards and to see what’s heading towards them, which is why it is vital to find the right headlight out there.

A Comparison Table of Best Aftermarket 350z Headlights 2022

Spec-D TuningFits: 2003-2005
AKKONFits: 2003-2005
Spec-D TuningFits: 2006-2009
LASFIT100W, 10,000LM, 6000K
DMEX35W, 3800LM, 6000K
Sinoparcel35W, 3200LM, 8000K
YikesaiFits: 2004- 2014, 35W/50W
AINTIERFits: 2007- 2014
HandorFits: 2003-2014


What are The Best 350z Aftermarket Headlights?

The Spec-D Tuning ‎LHP-350Z03-RS would, hands down, be the best aftermarket 350Z headlights available.

If you think that it isn’t the case for the vehicle or just looking for an alternative, then the AKKON OE Replacement Chrome Bezel can be a good runner-up.

Why is Spec-D Tuning The Best Brand For Aftermarket 350Z Headlights?

The Spec-D Tuning ‎LHP-350Z03-RS is the clear winner in this list thanks to its fitting design for the Nissan 350Z, guaranteed quality, and competitive capabilities at a relatively low price from a reliable company.

It is certified by the ISO, and materials are able to keep up with the requirements from the OEM.

10 Best Aftermarket 350z Headlights on The Market

01. Spec-D Tuning ‎LHP-350Z03-RS – Best Aftermarket Headlights For 350z


Highlighted Features

  • Nissan 350Z from 2003 to 2005 compatibility
  • Complies with the SAE and DOT
  • Simplistic installation
  • Item comes with guaranteed originality
  • Built with OEM standard materials

This headlight from Spec-D Tuning is equipped with the style and build to complete a Nissan 350Z like it’s brand new and just your own.

The scheme of this headlight was modeled after the racing cars during a night drive.

The clear lens that projects and protects the chrome headlights comes with the best quality of plexiglass.

Its smooth finish and unique design give every other driver on the road a sight of custom lights.

And along this pair is a surface-mounted diode LED light strip for a modern finish.

Included with the set is a wiring harness for straightforward installation.

Unlike the other aftermarket headlights available in the stores, it uses an OEM bulb and already comes with halogen bulbs.

Whether it’s a specialty or replacement headlight that’s needed, the LHP-350Z03-RS from Spec-D Tuning does the job right.


  • Can fit nicely and easily to the compatible vehicle.
  • Instructions are easy to comprehend
  • No reported issues


  • The package may not include the harness.
  • May need some resealing

02. AKKON OE Replacement Chrome Bezel – Best 350z Aftermarket Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • For the 2003 to 2005 HID Type Nissan 350Z
  • Straightforward, bolt-on installation
  • Housing is chrome-colored
  • No further modification is necessary
  • Wiring is not needed

The AKKON headlight for the 2003 to 2005 Nissan 350Z is a model made to be an easy component to install in the vehicle.

It comes as a pair with a promise of its newness and originality.

With a protective lens that’s crystal clear and housing made to be polished chrome, this headlight is given along with a 90-day warranty.

It is made to work with the Xenon high-intensity discharge bulbs.

The lights needed to work this vehicle equipment are an HID-D2S for low beam light and an H9 for the high beam.

However, it must be made aware that the package may not come with these bulbs.

Made to look like the original headlight for the Nissan 350Z, it becomes the right product to make the car look new.

The installation may need the disassembling of the vehicle’s bumper, but the installation remains hassle-free.


  • Signal lights have vivid brightness
  • Price is relatively cheap for its face-value
  • Looks clean and sleek


  • Dismantling is needed to install
  • Defects are often found in the package

03. Spec-D Tuning ‎LHP-350Z06JM-RS – Best 350z Aftermarket Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with the 2006 to 2009 Nissan 350Z
  • The material reaches the OEM requirements
  • Black-colored bezels
  • Compliant with the DOT and SAE
  • Three-color option available

Spec-D Tuning has another headlight ready for the more recent Nissan 350Z, and it’s the LHP-350Z06JM-RS.

Unlike the previous model, this comes with a stylish black bezel without an LED strip.

As always expected from Spec-D Tuning, its built is certified and approved by the right safety regulating authorities to ensure the quality and safety of the item.

It replaces the old headlights with a distinct look for a better and safer choice.

This set includes the halogen bulbs, but it doesn’t have the compatible D2S for high and low beam lighting.

Still, the bulbs will be protected by the clearest and best plexiglass in the market.

Further wiring is needed to create the “angel eyes” that many customizing drivers may be looking for.


  • Better appearance compared to the factory headlights
  • The product is at good value
  • Installation is as simple as promised


  • Product issues are found, especially with the wiring

04. LASFIT Pro-In-D2 LED Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • Is able to fit multiple types of vehicles
  • Simple plug for installation
  • The wattage of 100 watts
  • Great dissipation for heat
  • Comes in a pack of 2

Instead of an entire headlight component, LASFIT offers an alternative to achieve better lighting with less effort and less frustration.

Their Pro-In-D2 LED Bulb gives a driver a chance to replace their broken headlight bible with a stronger and better light.

It will better ensure the safety of the vehicle’s passengers during the nighttime.

With the ultra-brightness of 6000k light and 100-watt and 11000lm for every set, it can produce a more optimal light pattern.

This brightness and its reach will definitely help everyone see what’s ahead with no need for a warm-up.

As the supposedly first kit for LED custom conversion globally, it becomes a preferred item compared to the everyday universal LED lights in the aftermarket.

Though the typical type of change requires some wire-fixing, this conversion kit allows every driver to simply plug the bulb in and let it work.


  • Incomparable brightness to other LED bulbs
  • Good product longevity
  • Low beams are able to light at long distances


  • Only replaces the bulbs, not the entire headlight

05. DMEX D2R HID Bulbs


Highlighted Features

  • Anti-UV glass of 100% quartz
  • 3,800 lumens of brightness
  • Cold white color with a 6000K
  • Has a wattage of 35w
  • Only works for HID headlights stock that’s D2R

This powerful bulb from DMEX is an HID replacement that boasts a 3,800Lm brightness and powers 35W per bulb for each headlight’s front high and low beam.

The light can reach an increased distance for the irradiation at up to 50 meters, along with a gained 4.5-second reaction time for the vehicle’s breaks.

Equipped with anti-ultraviolet quartz glass, this item makes for a high-quality replacement comparable to the original.

It features a grade xenon gas within a tungsten electrode.

Different sizes are available so the driver can find the right one for their car, but its use still remains limited.

It is not meant to replace HID bulbs, not the originally manufactured headlights with its wiring for halogen lightbulbs.

DMEX made the HID bulb with a structure that allows easy installation— simply plug the device in, and it will start to operate.

Overall, it’s able to endure temperatures between -40 degrees celsius and 105 degrees celsius.


  • Superb brightness
  • Better than factory bulbs at a fraction of the price
  • Color is vivid and very visible


  • Poor longevity

06. Sinoparcel D2R HID Headlight


Highlighted Features

  • Completely built with alloy seat
  • Same luminescence as the OEM bulb
  • 3x brighter than halogen bulbs
  • Can live 5 times longer than halogen bulbs
  • Comes in all sizes

The two Xenon HID lightbulbs in this pack from Sinoparcel are a snazzy replacement for low beam lights that comes with a two-year warranty.

In comparison with the alternative bulb, such as the halogen, these HID bulbs are brighter and better.

It has a luminescence of 3,200 and a visibility of up to 150 meters, while the halogen bulbs can only go for 800Lm and 30-meter visibility.

The quartz glass blocks the ultraviolet rays, and the Xenon light promises a good product lifespan.

It stands against the temperature of -40 to 105 degrees celsius while maintaining faster dissipation for the heat.

Sinoparcel promises that the driver won’t need any tools or tricks to install their bulbs.

But, for the convenience of all of its users, they give in a set that comes with a user manual for their street-legal package.


  • Takes only minutes to install
  • Has a normal pattern for its beams
  • Just the right color temperature


  • It isn’t true to its “long-lasting” promise



Highlighted Features

  • Can replace the OEM Xenon headlight bulb
  • Expected to last up to 3,500 hours
  • No need for any further modification
  • Wiring is not necessary
  • Has a lesser power consumption rate

For drivers who don’t want more or less than what they already have, this HID Xenon bulb from SOCAL-LED LIGHTING is the right product to buy.

The D2R6K is a vehicle headlight bulb that doesn’t need additional hassle, making installation a breeze.

Built with German technological advancement, this item has a promising quality.

The UV tube made of glass serves to preserve the product’s lifespan for as long as it can while preventing any damage directly towards the lampshade.

In order for the bulb to reach its maximum potential for brightness, its lamp gas has great purity filling and contains 13PA helium.

To maintain that high level of brightness long-term and reduce the chances of light decay, it has the APL pills to do the job.

It should be noted that this particular product won’t be able to fit in all headlights as it is only a direct replacement for the AC HID ones.


  • Easily replaces the damaged/defective OEM bulbs
  • No pressing problem with the installation
  • Can compete with other brands


  • Short service life

08. Yikes NZMNS111LANA


Highlighted Features

  • Quality is comparable with the OEM
  • Built to easily fit and install
  • Tested before sold
  • Can be installed on either headlight
  • A lifespan of more than 2,000 hours

This headlight ballast from Yikesai comes with a D2S igniter that’s just right for the Nissan Altima and more.

It’s suitable for the 305Z and 307 from 2003 to 2014, as well as the other models for the Nissan Maxima, Murano, and Rogue.

What allows this item to stand out from the items listed before this number is that it comes with a ballast headlight control unit and not just the bulb.

In fact, it is the main attraction.

The HCU gives the necessary voltage for the light’s run and regulates its electrical current when it begins to operate.

It’s more of a replacement for the HID ballast than the headlight unit itself.

Ballast themselves are integral to the entire unit. However, environmental factors can cause damage, such as heat and moisture.

A sign of a failing ballast is a dimmed, buzzed, or rapidly flickering headlight.

Once a ballast dies, the bulb will be sure to follow.

What this can do for your vehicle is prevent a failed ballast from burning the headlight’s bulb.

This product from Yikesai is engineered to strongly compete with the OEM ballast.

They’ve packaged this set to ensure that it comes with a DS bulb, an electrical connector, and factory mounting points.


  • Better priced than locally purchased products
  • Doesn’t have difficulty with professional installation
  • Operates without complications or complaints


  • Installation is more complicated

09. ENTER ‎109179-5228-1835485111


Highlighted Features

  • Built for Nissan 350Z (2009 to 2014)
  • Quality controlled and tested prior to selling
  • Made of premium aluminum
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Assuredly unused

AINTIER has developed a ballast that comes with an ignitor to prevent any upcoming or continuing problem in a vehicle’s headlight.

The 109179-5228-1835485111 model is made to be placed within a Nissan 350Z.

Still, it can also perfectly work with the selected models from Infinity and Mazda.

With a Xenon light source, this set is easily able to adapt to the original settings of a car.

There is no modification or complicated rewiring necessary.

Furthermore, due to its structure made to easily fit the compatible vehicles, installation is a lot more straightforward.

However, as this is a ballast replacement, it won’t be as easy as changing the lightbulb.

Still, it’s best to have a component that needs as little fuss as possible.


  • Product is economically efficient
  • Operated as promised
  • Is able to be used immediately upon installation


  • May not be guaranteed to work

10. Handor HID Ballast Headlight Control Unit


Highlighted Features

  • An improvement from the original
  • Maximum durability from premium quality
  • Can be a direct replacement for the OEM
  • Light is sourced from Xenon
  • Can be installed without professional help

Handor has made a headlight that can be used for the Nissan 350Z from 2003 to 2009.

Other models from Nissan are also able to utilize this product, though the year of the model may vary.

Regardless, this replacement ballast can directly be used as an easy substitution for the damaged OEM.

Included with an igniter, it is built with anti-rust, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosion materials.

This is to combat the main enemies of the HID ballast.

The installation is said to be convenient, but all ballast replacements will still require a lot of disassembling and reassembling.


  • Performance is able to meet good standards
  • Runs as well as expected
  • Is able to last long at a cheap price


  • The connector may be different despite the model compatibility

Buying Considerations of The Best Aftermarket 350z Headlights

Acquiring the best aftermarket headlights for the 350Z can be a little difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

01. Reason For Damage

While most drivers have been taught the basic skill set needed to address simple car problems, some still don’t even know what to do when their headlight acts up.

This is so, despite the fact that headlight problems can be easily fixed, even with the less experienced drivers.

It all depends on why. Some thinking is needed: what’s wrong with the headlight?

To know what to buy, know what’s happening first. A broken or defective headlight can come to be for many reasons.

Perhaps there was internal damage in the unit, or maybe it’s due to old age?

Either way, it’s good to assess before prescribing a solution. Once done and set, then comes the decision on what to buy.

If what’s wrong is only the bulbs of the headlights, then the search for the right lightbulb must start.

If it’s only the ballast, professional help is going to be needed, but at least you can reduce cost by buying the product yourself.

If it’s the entire unit itself, then there are plenty that will be just right for your vehicle.

02. Compatibility

Of course, you need to know if the headlight component you’re about to buy is the right one for the vehicle.

This can become surprisingly tricky for some consumers.

A lot of bad Amazon reviews have come from people who picked the wrong model themselves, to no fault of the manufacturer.

It’s not just about what’s the right model. It’s also about what type of bulb the vehicle is ready for, as well as the size.

As mentioned in the list, there’s more than one kind of bulb, and there are different types of light sources.

Only a specific type of headlights, bulbs, or ballast is gonna fit the vehicle.

To buy the best 350Z aftermarket headlight yourself is necessary to save a lot of money, but not choosing the right one is only gonna waste more.

A careful study of the vehicle manual is needed prior to purchase.

03. Quality

This aspect is sure to be expected when buying an item to replace an important safety unit of a vehicle.

Being cheap isn’t gonna do anyone any favors when an accident comes.

Buying the best aftermarket headlight out there isn’t gonna be the cheapest, but it will be the safest.

A “quality” aftermarket headlight can’t exactly be easy to tell.

To know what standard to set, check the following aspects: material, longevity, and reliability.

Material pertains to exactly what the headlight is made of. Is the material adhering to the strict codes of the ISO?

Where is the product manufactured from? And, what type of material was used to create the headlight?

Try looking for materials less prone to wear, rust, and corrosion to avoid having the same problem every month.

This also comes to longevity. Sometimes, it’s not just the product’s material that needs looking after.

Also, think about how it was built and manufactured.

Some companies try to cut costs by using cheap labor and refusing to test before shipment.

This puts into question how long a headlight can last. Questioning what a company does to sell their products then relates to reliability.

Ensure that the headlight you bought is from a generally well-liked company. Not all manufacturers of car parts are easy to trust.

When you’ve come across a product that you think looks good, try to do some double-checking with the company that produced it.

It’s best to do research on the internet before buying a headlight. Reviews and forums are a step in the right direction, but also reading from trusted articles can do a good job.

04. Brightness

This aspect is important for drivers that may have more difficulty in seeing the road at night.

And, even if you call yourself a reliable driver by then, it’s best to take the extra step to be careful.

For this, check what everyone’s saying about the brightness of the headlight and how long that brightness lasts.

It’s good to find a headlight with a better luminescence than the light your car already had before.

This way, it feels more like a worthy upgrade than just a simple replacement.


There are a lot of headlights available for your 350z, so why not buy the best one?

Get the headlight with the right brightness, the greatest quality, and at the best price to allow maximum safety when driving, even during the darkest nights.

Otherwise, the driver and the passengers from both in and out of the car are putting themselves at great risk.

Even when streetlights are there to guide everyone’s way, their reach is limited, and power isn’t permanent.

Get the best headlight out there to avoid settling for less.

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