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Top 15 Best H1 LED Bulb Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

Trying to find the best H1 LED bulb is a common pastime for many, and if you are somewhat versed in the subject, you will know just how important finding the right bulb for your car is.

Having a pair of good headlights is not only something that can make life easier; it can improve your safety.

Following on from this point, it makes perfect sense that people want to get the best H1 LED bulbs possible for their vehicles.

Let’s take a look at some of the best H1 bulbs you can find in 2022.

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A Comparison Table of Best H1 LED Bulb

ImageBrandWattageLumenColor TemperaturePrice
SYLVANIA 55W1407LM4500-5000K
HIKARI WINGS32W18,0006000K
Philips Automotive Lighting55WUp TO 60%4600K
CAR WORK BOX120W20,0006000K
CAR ROVER, LED 100 Watts,100W20,0006000K


What is a H1 LED Bulb & Why They Are Used For Projector Headlights?

A H1 LED bulb is similar to the ordinary bulb you’ll already be familiar with.

However, compared to usual bulbs, H1 LED bulbs are incredibly bright and powerful, thus making them perfect for use in vehicles.

In addition to this H1 LED bulbs are also commonly equipped with cooling fans which can give them incredibly long lifespans.

Moreover, when you factor in the numerous important functions that headlight projectors perform such as improving nighttime visibility, illuminating unlit roads, and giving drivers a better view of the road, having good projector headlights becomes essential.

The aforementioned points make H1 LED bulbs the natural choice when it comes to car headlights, and many people cite them as being the best type of bulb for this task.

What is The Best H1 LED Bulb?

 As you will find out later on in this article, there are a ton of amazing options when it comes to incredible H1 bulbs.

The competition in this market is truly fearsome, and a company really has to go above and beyond to make their product stand out.

However, there is one option that we think beats out the rest, and that is the Hikari VisionPlus H1.

Why The Hikari VisionPlus H1’s Are The Best H1 Bulb For Projector Headlights

The Hikari VisionPlus H1’s have everything you’d expect to find on a top-of-the-line bulb, and they manage to push back the usual constraints that most of its competitors find themselves in.

These bulbs just have everything; a long lifespan, a luxurious look, an incredibly bright & far-reaching light – they just have it all.

Whenever we get asked what our favourite H1 bulb is, we always go with the Hikari VisionPlus H1, and we believe they are the best option available.

15 Best H1 LED Bulb Reviews in 2022

In this next section, we are going to be giving you our top recommendations for the best H1 LED bulbs in 2022.

Sure, you may be asking “but you have already told us your top pick, why would you need to tell us any more?”. Well, that is a perfectly valid question.

Just because we believe that the Hikari VisionPlus H1 is the best general H1 bulb that will be suitable for most, that doesn’t mean that it is the best bulb for everyone.

Everyone has their own individual circumstances and preferences, and in order to help the most people, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a few more options.

Let’s dive straight into it.

01. Hikari VisionPlus – Best H1 Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • Has a wide beam pattern
  • Built to be energy efficient
  • Usable in all-terrain
  • +500% lifespan compared to stock

The Hikari VisionPlus H1’s are phenomenal by anyone’s standards, and in our opinion, they are easily the best H1 LED bulbs on the market right now.

These bulbs provide you with everything you want without fail.

Do you want a set of bulbs that are bright yet still long-lasting?

Well, Hikari has got you covered.

Want a set of headlights that have a wide beam pattern but still manage not to dazzle other road users?

The VisonPlus H1’s will more than suffice.

These bulbs truly excel in every area, and the one weak point they have is one that can be easily remedied by visiting your local garage or DIY friend.

The weakness in question is that they can be a little difficult to install compared to other bulbs, but for the product you are getting, we believe it is more than worth the extra effort.


  • Provide exceptional lighting
  • Doesn’t overheat
  • Gives an elegant look


  • Can be hard to install

02. Fahren H1 – Best LED Headlight Bulbs H1


Highlighted Features

  • 3X brighter than stock bulbs
  • Fits 90% of vehicles
  • 50000-hour lifespan
  • Has a 12000RPM turbo cooling fan

The Fahren H1 LED Headlight Kit is an incredible all-around option for those of you who just want a little bit of everything, and there are very few things it manages to get wrong.

This kit is 3x brighter than regular bulbs, widely compatible, has a 50,000-hour lifespan, and even has a 12000RPM turbo cooling fan that ensures no overheating will ever take place.

The only potential issue we could see that would put buyers off is the fact that these bulbs have a tendency to give off a yellowish hue instead of the crisp white that most people want when buying a new bulb.

This negative is purely cosmetic. However, if this is something you do not want, then do not hesitate to look elsewhere.


  • Long-lasting
  • Much brighter than regular bulbs
  • Unlikely to overheat


  • Has a “yellowish” tint

03. Hikari 2022 HyperStar – Best H1 Bulbs For Projector Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • Gets updated every year
  • Provides great visibility
  • Shines twice as far as regular bulbs
  • Gives a luxurious look

The Hikari 2022 HyperStar H1 ‘s are perfect for those of you who like to make the most of your capital, and they also have a unique twist that sets them apart from every other entry on this list.

Hikari automatically enrols anyone who buys their newest line of H1 bulbs into their free upgrades program, meaning that if/when there is an improvement on the current formula, users get a free/heavily discounted upgrade.

This is incredibly efficient, and it can save you a ton of effort trying to find the newest best bulb on the market every few years.

Although, this could all mean nothing to some if their current model isn’t error-free – which it isn’t.

These bulbs have a design flaw that allows the installation ring to come off while driving, and not only is this incredibly irritating, but it can also be dangerous if it puts your bulb at risk of falling out.


  • Has a classy look
  • Receives constant updates
  • Has a wide beam pattern


  • Design flaw allows installation ring to come off



Highlighted Features

  • Emits a crisp white light
  • Relatively bright for a halogen bulb
  • Better illumination for night driving
  • Very easy to swap

If you are someone who puts an emphasis on looks, then the SYLVANIA H1 zXe may be the right choice for you.

These bulbs are known for producing a crystal-clear white beam that just oozes luxury, and they are without a doubt one of the best-looking bulbs on this list.

Apart from their good looks, the zXe’s also gives a noticeable upgrade over the usual halogen bulb, with all aspects of performance being moderately increased.

However, it is important to remember that this is still a halogen bulb.

This means that it is to be expected for the light to dim over time, and compared to other bulb types, they do suffer somewhat when it comes to overall visibility.

Although, for people who want to use halogen bulbs while still enjoying good visibility, this would be a perfect choice.


  • Has a “jewel-like” shimmer
  • Looks great
  • An upgrade for people who still want a halogen bulb


  • Light dims over time

05. Hikari UltraFocus H1


Highlighted Features

  • Provides superb visibility
  • Has a 6000K colour temperature
  • low power draw of less than 32 watts
  • 500% brighter than stock bulbs

When the discussion of what H1 bulb is best comes up, the Hikari UltraFocus H1 is always a common name that gets brought up.

These bulbs are exceptional in all aspects, and when it comes to efficiency and visibility, there are few out there that can match the statistics of the UltraFocus H1’s.

This entry states to be 500% brighter than stock bulbs, and while this may not be fully accurate, it’s certainly not far off.

Moreover, when you pair this with the fact that they have a low power draw of 32 watts, you can begin to see why this option is so popular.

The only negative for Hikari’s H1’s is that they are not as compatible as most other bulbs, so make sure you double-check if your car can house these.


  • Has an incredibly long lifespan
  • Very bright
  • Great for night driving


  • Not as compatible as most bulbs

06. Philips Automotive Lighting H1 VisionPlus


Highlighted Features

  • 60% more vision over stock
  • Has a wide light drop-off range
  • DOT compliant
  • Have a crisp white look

The Philips Automotive Lighting H1 VisionPlus set is one of the more well-rounded entries on our list, with them being able to do everything reasonably well.

These H1 bulbs allow drivers to have 60% more vision when compared to stock, have a luxurious look, are DOT compliant, and are incredibly reliable.

For this one, there are no real downsides.

The only thing to note is that they are only compatible with specific vehicles, so before you buy, make sure you check whether or not your vehicle makes the cut.


  • Reliable
  • Easy to change
  • Look amazing


  • Only compatible with specific vehicles

07. SYLVANIA H1 SilverStar Ultra


Highlighted Features

  • Built with night visibility in mind
  • Improves sign & street visibility due to contrast
  • Bright enough to improve visibility without dazzling other road users
  • Gives a good look

If you are someone who happens to do a lot of nighttime driving, then SYLVANIA’s H1 SilverStar Ultra’s will be a perfect fit.

These headlights were designed specifically with night riding in mind, and they have a variety of features that make them better suited than most for this task.

To list a few of the ways how they achieve this, they created the optimum brightness that is more than enough to light up roads while still not dazzling other road users, they perfected the contrast to perfectly illuminate any signs or street markings, and they put a focus on increased drop distance to allow drivers to see incredibly far into the distance.

Although, these headlights do come with one big drawback; their lifespan.

These bulbs are known for not being particularly long-lasting, and if you don’t want to have to swap them out every couple of months, then it may be best to go with another option.


  • Makes driving at night safer
  • Allows you to see far down the road on unlit roads
  • Moderately bright


  • Has a short lifespan

08. Car Work Box H1


Highlighted Features

  • 40% cooler than most other bulbs
  • Has a long lifespan
  • Provides wider and farther illumination
  • 300% brighter than standard H1 halogen bulbs

The Car Work Box H1’s biggest weakness can also be considered their biggest strength, and depending on who you ask, these bulbs are either one of the best or one to outright avoid.

This divisive nature is mainly down to their brightness, with them being incredibly bright.

So much so, that they have been known to dazzle other road users to a severe extent.

It comes down to individual preference whether or not this is something you want, and it is important to note that the Car Work Box H1’s are completely legal and abide by all regulations.


  • Incredibly efficient
  • Has a consistent beam pattern
  • Gives off an obscene amount of light


  • Can dazzle other road users



Highlighted Features

  • High-power 100W bulbs
  • 6000K colour temperature
  • 360-degree adjustable mounting bracket
  • work in extreme conditions

When CAR ROVER first came out with their rendition of H1’s they were perhaps the best option in the market.

However, with time, other alternatives have come along and surpassed the CAR ROVER H1’s and they now find themselves amongst the middle of the pack.

However, that’s not to say that these headlights are not worth your time.

On the contrary; they are very good.

These bulbs shine in every way, and whether it be longevity, build-quality, or brightness, the CAR ROVER H1’s more than delivers.

The only real gripe we have with this entry is that they state to fit a wide range of vehicles, however, we have found this not to be the case.

If you are planning on getting this one, may sure you check if your car is eligible.


  • Has a built-in EMC system (reduces radio interference)
  • Long-lasting
  • Fits 95% of vehicles


  • Doesn’t fit as many vehicles as it claims

10. KaTur H1


Highlighted Features

  • Lifespan of up to 30,000 hours
  • 360-degree adjustable buckle
  • Reduced glare to other drivers
  • Not prone to overheating

The KaTur H1’s are pretty solid in all areas.

They have an impressive lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, they have systems in place to stop them from overheating, they have a 360-degree adjustable buckle to allow users to easily get the best lighting coverage, and they also are not too bright as to dazzle other road users.

In addition to this, they are also known for giving off an incredibly luxurious xenon white light, and they will be perfect for those of you who looking for that classy feel.

As is the case with many of the other high-quality H1 bulbs on this list, the KaTur H1’s also have been reported to have quite a few issues within their installation.

Many people cite that they needed to go out and get additional components in order to make these bulbs fit their vehicle, and while this may be a minor issue for some, it will be a deal-breaker for others.


  • Extremely bright
  • Widely compatible
  • Gives off xenon white light


  • Some cars will need additional components to install

11. Aukee H1


Highlighted Features

  • 55W per bulb
  • Strong heat dissipation
  • Designed to optimise light coverage
  • Adjustable mounting collar

Aukee H1 bulbs have a plethora of incredible positives going for them.

Not only are they one of the more powerful bulbs on this list, but they also feature several features that are not seen on most other H1 bulbs.

For example, they have a unique design that allows them to reflect off certain surfaces to produce more light and illuminate a wider area – something which is incredibly innovative.

On top of this, they also have an adjustable mounting collar that allows users to find the perfect spot to provide the most coverage, and they also have powerful systems in place that causes them to have a strong heat dissipation element.

The only area that the Aukee H1’s falter in is with their installation.

There are many complaints from people who state that they actually had to rewire and resolder connections inside of the bulbs because it was done incorrectly the first time.

If the aforementioned statement sounds like a nightmare to you, it may be best to stay clear.


  • Has reduced radio Interference
  • Works well even in bad weather
  • Give off an incredible white hue


  • Reports of people having to resolder and rewire connections



Highlighted Features

  • last over 30,000 hours
  • 3 times brighter than normal bulbs
  • Easy to adjust
  • 60W per bulb

The EASY EAGLE H1’s have one distinguishing feature that sets them apart from the rest.

Unlike most of the other H1 bulbs on this list that are more than impressive in their own right, the EASY EAGLE H1’s are incredibly bright. In fact, many would say too much so.

Perhaps the biggest positive for this set ends up being their only negative, being that they are just too bright and can dazzle other road users.

For some, this level of brightness may be terrific news, and this might be exactly what you are looking for.

While for others, this may just be too over the top.


  • Makes it easy to get maximum light coverage
  • Incredibly bright
  • Not prone to overheating


  • Too bright (can dazzle other road users)

13. LRTER H1


Highlighted Features

  • 300% brighter than halogen bulbs
  • Doesn’t dazzle other road users
  • Works well in all conditions
  • Features a 10,000RPM powerful turbo cooling fan

LRTER offers an incredible choice of H1’s that have a near-endless list of positives matched with very few negatives.

These bulbs boast an absurd 300% increase in brightness when compared to the regular halogen bulbs, and while this may sound impressive, this number really doesn’t do it justice.

This pair of headlights are shocking bright – and that’s without even mentioning their 10,000RPM cooling fan that keeps that working at maximum capacity for years.

Although, there is one portion of the LRTER H1’s design that are somewhat questionable, and that is that it seems as though the fitting ring is too large for the bulbs.

In turn, this can lead to the bulbs rattling from time to time, especially over rocky surfaces.


  • Widely-compatible
  • Great for driving at night
  • Long-lasting


  • Bulbs can rattle around due to loose fitting ring



Highlighted Features

  • Produces a luxurious white light
  • Long lifespan
  • Incredibly compatible
  • Very bright

AUXITO’s H1 set is a fantastic option for those of you that are handy with a nail and hammer, and with just a little bit of work, you could have an amazing pair of headlights at your disposal.

There is good reason why we say this; there has been more than just a few people that stated they had to alter their car in some way in order to complete the installation process correctly.

If you are willing to go through a rigorous trial and error process, you will get access to a set of headlights that are astronomically bright, long-lasting, and luxurious.

However, if you are not willing to go through the trouble, it may be best to stay clear.


  • Not likely to overheat
  • Looks fantastic
  • Has a 6500 Kelvin colour temperature


  • Some cars may require additional components to get them to work

15. A-1ux H1


Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable 360-degree rotary buckle
  • Widely-compatible
  • 30000-hour lifespan
  • 200% brighter than normal headlights

Throw away the fact that the A-1ux H1 is so far down on this list.

If you do so, you’ll have a good set of bulbs on your hands.

These bulbs have everything you’d expect to find on an entry much higher than its original spot; they are widely compatible, incredibly bright, have a long lifespan, and they also have great heat dissipation – making it unlikely that users will run into any issues.

However, despite its many positives, there is one aspect that brings the whole product down.

The aspect in question is its need to be modified on certain vehicles.

There are a ton of reports from people stating that they were unable to install these lights on their car, and because of this, we cannot recommend this to all but the most DIY-savvy among us.


  • Incredibly bright
  • Great heat dissipation
  • Reduced glaring


The Buying Consideration of Best H1 LED Bulb

There is a near-endless list of potential factors you need to look out for when trying to buy H1 LED bulbs, and in more than just a few cases, these factors end up being the aspects that make or break a purchase.

Of course, at first glance, choosing the right bulb for your vehicle might not sound all that difficult. Well, you’re right; it’s not.

In reality, you could get any old bulb and be okay for the most part.

However, since you’re here, it shows that you are interested in getting a little more.

Pay close attention to the upcoming factors we are about to mention, and when it comes to the time of making a decision, you will know precisely what you need to look out for.

01. Brightness

For the vast majority of people that are in the market to get some new bulbs, the primary reason why they decided to do so is for brightness.

Of course, having bright bulbs is advantageous for a plethora of reasons, and on top of just giving users improved visibility and more comfort, they can actually make your car safer.

This makes brightness astronomically important when looking to choose a set of bulbs, and for most people, this is something that needs to be right at the top of your list.

Alternatively, if you happen to be getting a new set of bulbs primarily for one or more of the other factors we are going to mention, brightness may be of little to no concern.

If this does happen to be the case, we would still recommend going with an option that is still relatively bright.

It’s not only your safety and the safety of any passengers on the line; it’s also other road users.

02. Compatibility

If you neglect to pay attention to the compatibility of a set of bulbs, you could end up outright wasting your money.

Not all bulbs will fit all vehicles, and even if a set claims to fit a high percentage of all vehicles, that doesn’t mean your vehicle is included.

You should always triple check whether or not a bulb is compatible with your car before you buy.

Out of all the factors on this list, this is the one that usually causes people the most problems.

Luckily, it’s also one that’s incredibly easy to avoid.

03. Beam Pattern

For those of you who are unaware, beam pattern is just a fancy way of saying how the light from a bulb spreads.

In practical terms, this could mean that a bulb illuminates a vast area ahead of you and your car, or in the opposite case, it could only light up your immediate area.

Getting a set of bulbs with a good beam pattern is essential if you are primarily getting new bulbs for improved visibility and illumination.

Even if a bulb claims to be incredibly bright, if said brightness only extends one or two meters from your car, it’s not going to improve your general visibility.

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04. Longevity

Getting a set of bulbs that have a long lifespan is always a good idea.

Nobody wants to have to change out their new bulbs just a few months after purchasing, and not only is this an annoyance, but it can also be a huge cash sink too.

In the long run, it’s always better to go for a high-quality set of bulbs that are going to stand the test of time instead of going for an inexpensive option that is going to only last a few months.

05. Build Quality

Similar to longevity, build quality also dictates how long a set of bulbs are going to last.

However, unlike longevity which focuses mainly on the expected run-time, build quality affects how likely a bulb is to fail unexpectedly.

This could be due to a variety of reasons, all of which would not be good.

However, it is integral that you go for a bulb that is made from good materials and made in a reliable fashion, and this way, you should be able to avoid any incidents from occurring due to bad build quality.

06. Aesthetics

Aesthetics is also an incredibly popular reason as to why people would like to get a new set of bulbs, and the luxurious “crisp white” look that is seen on expensive cars is highly sought after.

Most bulbs that are not stock will usually take this into consideration, and in reality, even if you were to choose a bulb at random, it would likely give your car a better look than the stock option.

However, as with all things, there is a spectrum to aesthetics, with some bulbs going all out to give themselves the most luxurious feel possible, while others, may not make any attempt at all.

Depending on whether or not you are after the luxurious look, this factor could either be of great importance or of very little concern.

Either way; you should always make sure you are going to be happy with the look that a set of bulbs gives, even if it is only a slight upgrade over the stock option.

In addition, even if you aren’t too concerned with the looks now, there’s nothing saying you won’t be in the future.


So, were you able to make a decision as to which bulb you would like to go with?

We sure hope so.

Make sure you take your time and go through each of the options carefully in order to guarantee you get something you’ll be happy with in the long term, and remember, it’s not only your safety that is on the line; it’s other road users too. Good luck.

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