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Top 11 Best Nissan Titan LED Headlights Buying Guide & Reviews in 2022

The importance of installing the best Nissan Titan LED headlights may not be appreciated enough until you find yourself in the middle of a dark road.

Especially on rural roads where there is no presence of street lights.

During this period, the driver has to depend solely on their vehicle’s headlights to drive across/navigate their paths.

With top-quality and reliable Nissan Titan LED lights, you are guaranteed an exceptional light output that covers or spreads evenly across the road.

The illumination covers a long distance ahead for improved visibility and safety.

Obstacles, vehicles, traffic signs, and other road users are clearly seen or figured out meters away, enhancing control/handling in the process.

To ensure everyone finds the best Nissan Titan headlights (LED) that suit their driving needs, especially for people who travel a lot at night.

We have selected eleven (11) designs for top consideration.

These brands include AKKON, ACANII, SPEC-D TUNING, ZMAUTOPARTS, Spyder Auto, and DNA MOTORING.

Their compatibility spreads across a wide range of model years.

The Table of Best Nissan Titan LED Headlights

AKKONFits: (04-15 Titan) & (04-07 Armada)
ACANIIFits: (04-15 Nissan Titan) & (04-07 Armada)
Spec-D TuningFits: (04-15 Nissan Titan) & (04-07 Armada)
ACANIIFits: (04-15 Nissan Titan) & (04-07 Armada)
AKKONFits: (04-07 Titan) & (05-07 Armada)
ZMAUTOPARTSFits: (04-12 Nissan Titan) & (04-07 Armada)
ACANIIFits: (04-15 Nissan Titan) & (04-07 Armada)
AKKONFits: (16-19 Nissan Titan)
Spyder AutoFits: (07-15 Nissan Titan & Nissan Armada)
VIPMOTOZFits: (04-15 Nissan Titan) & (05-07 Armada)
DNA MotoringFits: (04-15 Nissan Titan) & (05-07 Armada)

What is The Best Nissan Titan LED Headlights?

In the era of LED headlights, we have seen the introduction of numerous designs to the market as brands move to have a share of the growing/expanding market.

Some names offer great confidence and reliability for someone who has been in the market for so long and understands how the industry works.

We have handpicked the eleven (11) headlights on our list to cater to new and old Nissan Titan owners.

Asides from the efficiency they offer (improved brightness and energy usage) over halogen. They are as well known for their high level of durability.

Nevertheless, we have chosen AKKON [C-Tube Style] to lead our list of exciting products.

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Why AKKON LED Projector is the Best Nissan Titan LED Headlights?

We chose AKKON [C-Tube Style] as our most preferred LED headlights brand because we found it worthy.

Although AKKON headlights are designed to offer similar solutions as other LED headlights. They perform better.

Critical performance areas/parameters such as fitment, light output (brightness and coverage), and durability are impressive, offering better outcomes.

Having said all of that, irrespective of the design, anyone decides to pick up from these options.

One thing is sure/guaranteed. You won’t be set up for disappointment, frustration, or dissatisfaction.

11 Best Nissan Titan LED Headlights Reviews (2022 Updated)

01. AKKON‎ [C-Tube Style] 5-444-NTI04-DRL-BK – Best Nissan Titan Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • 2004-2015 Nissan Titan
  • Complete set (left & right headlights)
  • High & low beams
  • Projector headlights
  • Black housing & clear lens
  • 7 pounds in weight

AKKON is deliberate about its design, which is evident in the upgrade in style and performance that the vehicle experiences after installation.

These headlights are compatible with a series of Nissan Titan models, making them suitable for individuals who drive any old models, extending back to eighteen years ago.

This model is suitable if you need reliable/top-performing 2004 Nissan Titan LED headlights. It is highly rated among vehicle owners for its superior brightness and longevity.

Not only does it outperform the headlights that come with the vehicle from the factory, but it is also one of the leaders in the LED headlights category.

The low and high beam delivers up to a 200% increase in light output without affecting other drivers on the road. The lens is clear, ensuring the light is well spread/illuminated across the street when driving at night.

The packaging quality is also brilliant, ensuring the headlights and the mounting components are securely stored and protected during shipping.

Another impressive feature is the build/construction quality. The material isn’t cheap, ensuring improved appearance and durability for long-lasting performance.


  • Top-quality construction material for improved longevity
  • Guarantees improvement in light output (excellent brightness) and functionality
  • Adequate coverage for increased visibility during night trips
  • Brightness and range across low & high beams is greatly enriched


  • Doesn’t come with an installation manual

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02. ACANII ‎AC-4-NTI04-DRL-BK – Best 2005 Nissan Titan Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • 2004-2015 Nissan Titan
  • Projector headlights
  • High and low beams
  • DOT & SAE Stamped
  • Polycarbonate lens construction
  • ‎23 pounds in weight

Do you need the ideal 2005 Nissan Titan LED headlights? ACANII ‎AC-4-NTI04-DRL-BK is an option that anyone would fall in love with.

Its modern build adds improved style and touch to installed vehicles. In the end, your Nissan Titan will come out attractive.

Also, the installation is somewhat straightforward. Nevertheless, the mounting could prove challenging, especially for someone new to this type of installation.

Installation videos on YouTube can be watched/relied on to have a comprehensive understanding of the concept/process involved since the package doesn’t come with a manual.

The light quality is also impressive. Both the low and high beams are white and clear, providing a significant upgrade in visibility.

Good enough, they can be easily differentiated and do not confuse other drivers on the road.

These headlights are smaller (about an inch difference) than the stock design. Although the gap/space isn’t well-pronounced, some people may not find it attractive.


  • Guarantees visual improvement and safety
  • Well-packaged to guide against defect or damage
  • Installation isn’t complicated


  • They are not as big as the stock headlights

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03. SPEC-D TUNING ‎2LH-TIT08G-RS – Best 2004 Nissan Titan Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Nissan Titan 2004-2015
  • Complete installation (left and right headlights)
  • Lamp assembly
  • Smoke Lens
  • DOT and SAE compliant
  • 34 pounds weight

SPEC-D TUNING ‎2LH-TIT08G-RS is designed to use halogen and LED light sources.

We love the versatility it offers, which allows easy switch between these two types of bulbs according to preference.

If you are interested in 2006 Nissan Titan LED headlights, especially for someone who needs an upgrade over the inefficient light output halogen headlights offer.

This excellent design corrects the challenges/frustrations, eliminating dark spots and dull visual performance while driving on the road at night.

Although these headlights improve vehicle appearance significantly and optimize illumination on the road, their ability to withstand moisture is questionable.

There have been a series of reports from existing users about the headlights’ inability to withstand moisture penetration, which may lower/affect the lifespan.

We recommend that the headlight should be well tightened during installation.

Also, a dust cover can be integrated into the setup to offer extended protection to the bulbs, ensuring they are shielded from moisture and dust penetration.


  • The headlights arrive neatly packed and free from dent/damage
  • Excellent construction material for durability and top-level satisfaction
  • Slots in freely/stress-free on compatible vehicles


  • Moisture penetration is reported by some users

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04. ACANII ‎AC-4-NTI04-HL-SM – Best 2006 Nissan Titan LED Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • 2004-2015 Nissan Titan
  • Polycarbonate lens material
  • Halo smoked lens projector
  • Complete set (2 headlights units)
  • High & low beams
  • 21 pounds in weight

Are you looking for highly-rated and reliable 2007 Nissan Titan LED headlights that do not overstretch the budget? ACANII ‎AC-4-NTI04-HL-SM meets this description.

Considering the reasonable price these headlights are offered, no one would think twice about picking them up once they understand and feel the quality and performance they offer.

Individuals who have been looking at an affordable way to optimize their vehicle’s look and appearance will be fascinated by the modern style and feel these headlights guarantee/offer.

The installation is not challenging. Nevertheless, a bit of wiring will have to come in place during installation.

Since the package doesn’t have splicers or quick connect included. These are extra expenses that would eventually add up to the initial cost of purchase.


  • Inexpensive/affordable design
  • Construction material is solid, minimizing the effect of high impact resistance
  • Gives the vehicle a modern look and feel anyone would appreciate


  • Additional expense (some installation materials are absent)

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Highlighted Features

  • 2004-2007 Nissan Titan
  • Projector Headlights (2 units)
  • High & Low beams
  • SAE & DOT approved
  • 1 pounds in weight

Considering the price and the quality/performance these headlights offer, only a few solid designs can compete at this level.

For individuals considering a top-value replacement for their 2004 to 2007 Nissan Titan, AKKON ‎5-PRO-JH-NTI04-LED-BK is definitely a reliable option.

The light output is so bright, offering improved vision on the road by penetrating through corners & surrounding and focusing on what lies ahead a few meters away.

In essence, anyone will appreciate their appearance and how they work/perform.

The kit is devoid of the installation instructions, which might make the mounting process challenging, especially how to go about the wiring for individuals with little or no previous experience of how this works.

In such a situation/condition, installation videos on YouTube can be consulted or relied on to complete the setup for the best performance.


  • Modern design and feel
  • Solid construction, using the best materials around
  • Improved brightness and light pattern than what halogen offers


  • Instructions to guide the integration process are not provided

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06. ZMAUTOPARTS‎ PRO-YD-NTI04-HL-BK – Best 2008 Nissan Titan Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • 2004-2012 Nissan Titan
  • Polycarbonate lens material
  • Black exterior
  • SAE & DOT approved
  • High & low beams
  • 20 pounds in weight

If you are interested in the best value, 2008 Nissan Titan led headlights that fit correctly and provide optimum satisfaction for enhanced visibility on the road.

The ZMAUTOPARTS‎ PRO-YD-NTI04-HL-BK is one of the top designs that should come to mind.

It offers compatible Nissan Titans exceptional fit, improving its look/appearance.

There is always a great interest in performing essential upgrades that can improve the vehicle’s attractiveness (by adding modern style and feel) among individuals who drive any old model.

The desired transformation can be achieved by replacing old/traditional headlights with ZMAUTOPARTS‎, giving the Nissan Titan a new identity.

The headlights deliver significantly on promised performance expectations at a great price.

The light output is excellent, keeping you informed and ahead of activities happening on the road.

Installation may not be as smooth as some people would have wanted or expected, especially beginners.

Nevertheless, everything will fall in place by watching a few videos on YouTube and understanding what’s required.


  • Authorized for use in the United States of America & Canada
  • Affordable headlights
  • Solid construction material for better performance
  • The lens color is clear, ensuring better visibility


  • Installation could be a bit difficult, especially for first-time installers

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Highlighted Features

  • 2004-2015 Nissan Titan
  • Amber reflectors
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Low and high beams
  • DOT and SAE standards
  • 22 pounds in weight

Anyone could desire better/improved headlights for their Nissan Titan at any point in time.

Nevertheless, the inability to identify the ideal design (for increased quality and performance) could jeopardize this plan.

Here is the good news. With ACANII AC-4-NTI04-CCFL-BK, individuals without a concrete/specific design of interest in mind can eventually get reliable and satisfying headlights to invest in or install on their vehicle.

Gone are the days of an endless search for top-rated 2010 Nissan Titan LED headlights that ensure a bang for the money spent.

Besides optimizing the vehicle appearance and illuminating bright/clear light at night.

The installation is also specific. The unavailability of instructions shouldn’t put anyone off the purchase. If the features/attributes look attractive or fascinating enough to consider, go ahead with it.

Several installation videos on the internet would guide you through integrating the headlights successfully into the vehicle.


  • Shine brighter, spreading across a long range for exceptional vision improvement at night
  • The lens is protected from possible impact/effect of ultraviolet ray
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Designed to meet the regulation standards in USA and Canada


  • Instructions are not present

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08. AKKON ‎9-P1NTI16BK


Highlighted Features

  • 2016-2019 Nissan Titan
  • Black housing assembly
  • Ultra-Bright SMD LED chips
  • Low and high beams
  • 22 pounds in weight

AKKON ‎9-P1NTI16BK is another exciting model from the AKKON brand.

Just as the previously highlighted/discussed designs, these headlights transform the vehicle’s identity by offering a fascinating/improved appearance.

If you are looking at replacing/upgrading the halogen headlights that come with the vehicle from the factory with an improved design that accommodates the integration/use of LED bulbs.

Here is one of the worthy options that anyone could settle for. These LED headlights for 2012 Nissan Titan offers improved visibility and safety at night.

Not only that, they facilitate a well-pronounced/complete change to the vehicle’s face.

The projector lens is clear, delivering fantastic performance at all times by optimizing the light pattern.


  • The illumination and light pattern are exceptionally optimized
  • Construction quality is very impressive
  • Offers a better performance and efficiency than traditional/halogen headlights
  • Installation is pretty effortless


  • A bit expensive

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09. Spyder Auto ‎5030207


Highlighted Features

  • LED Projector Headlight
  • Comes in two (2) units
  • High and low beams
  • Direct bolt-on integration
  • 22 pounds in weight

Spyder Auto ‎5030207 is adequately equipped to solve most of the issues and challenges a lot of Nissan Titan owners face or experience with several aftermarkets LED headlights.

There are instances/situations where a particular LED headlight design offers impressive light performance and satisfaction only to be restricted by its inability to prevent or control moisture penetration.

These headlights are adequately built/equipped to prevent moisture from coming in while still delivering a clean and strong light on the road.

The quality is impressive. Also, the new look it offers the vehicle is pretty remarkable. If you do not have previous knowledge of headlights integration.

We recommend that an expert be hired to perform the job, especially for individuals who do not have much time to spare for independent research on how to get it done.

The compatible Nissan Titans are not discussed/included in the description.

Individuals looking for 2021 Nissan Titan LED headlights can reach out to the vendor to find out about possible compatibility.


  • Available in different colors and styles
  • Upgrades the truck’s appearance
  • They can be adjusted with ease for best performance


  • Compatible Nissan Titan models are not mentioned

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Highlighted Features

  • 2004-2015 Nissan Titan
  • Black housing projector headlight
  • Complete set (2 units)
  • Glass lens material
  • 15 pounds in weight

With over a decade of presence in the market, VIPMOTOZ has continued to impress vehicle owners with the quality of headlight designs introduced to the market.

VIPMOTOZ ‎AZN-SOH-NTI04-HL-BK is built from some of the finest materials around, ensuring improved durability and performance that guarantees long-lasting satisfaction and confidence.

If you drive/own the 2004-2015 Nissan Titan and desire a recommendation. Here is a design that should be considered or added to your list of top options.

This is especially true for individuals who desire different looks from what their existing/factory headlights offer.


  • Meets all the required standards guiding street use/operation
  • Maximize visibility at night for uncompromised safety and performance
  • Guarantees a better performance than stock/factory design


  • Wiring materials are not included

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Highlighted Features

  • 2004-2015 Nissan Titan
  • High and low beams
  • Amber reflector
  • Direct fitment/attachment (2 unit)
  • Pre-wired load resistors
  • 56 pounds in weight

Over the years, DNA MOTORING has continued to produce some attractive and top-performing LED headlights that can be found anywhere on the market.

The DNA MOTORING ‎HL-HPL-NARN04-BK-AM retains this attribute, ensuring excellent purchase satisfaction is attained for the price.

Installing these headlights on compatible vehicles is not complex/complicated.

Anyone with a great interest in DIY would find the process easy.

On average, the attachment would last for about an hour. If you have any issue installing the LED H1 bulbs, a slight adjustment to the bracket will solve the issue in little or no time.

Although the headlights’ impressive quality and performance can’t be denied or overlooked.

There is still a bit of work to be done for quality enhancement.

For instance, the quantity of silicone applied across the housing could be increased, extensively enhancing protection against moisture penetration.


  • Eliminates/restricts hyper-flashing
  • Improves vehicle’s appearance
  • Exceptional quality for the price


  • Large/big OEM trim holes
  • The weatherproof ability could be improved/optimized

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The Buying Considerations of Best Nissan Titan LED Headlights

01. Price

With hundreds of LED headlights out there. Finding a design that offers impressive performance and quality at a price that you can afford shouldn’t be hard to get, especially with reliance on our comprehensive purchase guide.

Our list of headlights cut across various prices, ensuring everyone has a pick or two that fits their budget.

Impressively, these headlights are built to optimize visibility and increase performance on the road.

Nevertheless, the expensive ones may offer additional benefits or features.

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02. The Type of LED Headlights

LED headlights are available in two types: single and dual beam. The single beam uses two (2) bulbs, providing low and high illumination.

On the other hand, dual-beam uses a single bulb that switches between the two beams (low and high).

The light intensity/output can be controlled to deliver the desired illumination level from time to time.

For single-beam LED headlights, the cost of maintenance could be higher, considering the number of bulbs and the cost implication if a replacement is required.

While a single beam headlight would require two (2) bulbs per headlight for a complete replacement, a dual-beam headlight would require one (1).

That is four and two respectively for both the passenger’s and driver’s headlights.

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03. Brightness

Although LED headlights offer improved efficiency and performance over halogen designs.

It is also essential to state that all LED headlights are built differently and do not offer the same level of performance.

The brightness level differs from one LED headlight to another, ensuring every vehicle owner gets an option that meets their requirements.

According to reports and findings, it is evident that not every driver finds excessive headlight brightness fascinating.

Especially individuals who do not travel at night and return early from work.

The goal is to consider your driving preference (style and pattern) and choose a design that fits greatly.

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04. Weatherproof

Quality must be highly preserved to ensure enhanced durability and longevity. Go for a brand/design that is excellently/solidly built to restrict moisture penetration.

When water gets into the headlights, this could affect the bulb’s performance, leading to premature fade or wear.

Not only that, it could affect visibility at night (interfere with distribution and coverage due to moisture obstruction) in a situation where the bulbs are still illuminating or working.


Considering critical attributes/features such as improved illumination and brightness, extended compatibility, and durability/longevity.

Arguably, the best Nissan Titan LED headlights are unbeatable when it comes to improved safety and driving experience on the road at night. Thanks to the greater light output and visibility they offer.

Check through the designs on our list and choose a design that delivers better performance according to your driving needs.

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