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10 Best Pocket Camcorder 2022 Buying Guide (Top Rated)

It is a fact that smartphone cameras have developed a lot over the years, but this fact cannot blind people from seeing the glaring difference between the best pocket camcorders and smartphones.

As time goes, more people realize that smartphones cannot always be relied upon to capture their important moments or for commercial purposes.

While more smartphones have been built with high-definition video capacity, many people still prefer pocket camcorders since they’re more portable, lightweight, and can be taken anywhere.

These small video recorders capture lovely moments. They’re also easy to operate and are quite affordable.

Though there are numerous options on the market, some great ones are DJI Osmo Pocket, Flip Video Ultra Series, etc. Read on to learn more about the best pocket camcorder!

[Updated 2022] Comparison Table of Best Pocket Camcorder

DJI Pocket 2
GoPro CHDHX-502
YELIN A8-Silver
Samsung FBA_HMX-W190RN

What is the Best Pocket Camcorder?

YELIN Action Camera is the best pocket camcorder based on research.

Alternatively, DJI Osmo Pocket can be used if the former is not readily available or cannot meet the requirements.

Why YELIN Action Camera is The Best Pocket Camcorder?

We chose YELIN Action Camera as the winner due to exclusive features like full HD resolution, waterproof nature, excellent battery life, and large storage capacity.

Reviews of The Top 10 Best Pocket Camcorder 2022

Pocket camcorders have various advantages; some of the benefits include:

  • Very affordable and user-friendly.
  • It is as mobile as smartphones can get.
  • The user interface is straightforward for everybody.

Below is a comprehensive review of the best pocket camcorder in the market.

01. DJI Osmo Pocket – Best Quality Pocket Camcorder


A top company specializing in civilian drones, aerial imaging technology, and creative camera technology, DJI creates products used in film making, building, agriculture, and others.

Featuring 3-axis supported camera, Osmo pocket captures beautiful moments and converts them into movies.

It has a sandstone handle that is slip-resistant and makes for easy handling.

Having a versatile extensive interface that works with smartphones and accessories, the Osmo pocket allows you to film in any direction and position.

Compatible with Apple and Android devices, this camcorder possesses 1/2. 3-Inch sensor, 80° FOV, and F/2. 0 aperture, which enables one to take lovely pictures.

To control the Osmo Pocket on a mobile device, you’ll need to download The DJI Mimo app.

The multifaceted product can shoot 1080p 30 fps video non-stop for 140 minutes.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight (116g) and portable
  • Clear-cut image (4K60fps)
  • Amplified shooting
  • Multipurpose accessories
  • One-hand design
  • Smart shooting styles


  • Good camera for smart and quality shots
  • Super compact and easy to use
  • Good tracking and follow mode
  • Sharp video footage and good detection range


  • No digital zoom
  • No option to choose to use follow mode in 4K/60FPS

02. GoPro Hero5 Black – Best Performance Camcorder


When you talk of effectiveness and convenience, Hero5 Black offers it.

With its voice prompt, 4K video, simple interface, and water-repellent build, GoPro rank among the best pocket camcorders.

Equipped with Quikstories, the device uploads footage to the phone, and it’s converted to amazing, edited video clips.

Narrate your story using exceptional images and optimized visuals.

With the 2-inch touch screen, users can have a sneak peek of their shots, modify settings and adjust footage.

Switch on the camera by holding on to the shutter button and begin recording.

Regardless of how it’s handled, whether attached to gear or held in hand, you can take footage of beautiful sceneries.

Subscribe to GoPro Plus to automatically upload media to the internet for convenience, making them accessible for others.

The camcorder is quite durable and water-resistant, up to about 33 feet.

Capture moments and pictures in 12MP resolution and 4K with time lapses in between them.

Highlighted Features

  • 4K video and 12 MP photo
  • Strong and water-resistant
  • 2-inch touch panel
  • Equipped with Quikstories
  • Portable voice prompt
  • 4K and stabilized video


  • General versatility
  • Sturdy design
  • Have great time-lapses
  • Facilitate Android connectivity


  • The waterproof feature is poorly constructed.

03. Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder



A suitable and affordable option, Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder enables one to share great experiences with loved ones.

The pre-installed software offers an easy way to relive moments, send videos, create films, take pictures, and share videos to sites like AOL video and YouTube.

The sleek design provides a new technique for shooting videos.

Fully packed with a carrier, instructional manual, wrist strap, and TV connector cable, Flip Video Camcorder enables the publishing and sharing of videos online.

Just press four buttons and make memories by recording every moment, zoom, and get rid of videos.

Having a 2GB storage capacity, a good microphone, and a non-reflective screen, you can create awesome videos.

It comes pre-installed with a new video-sharing solution, FlipShare, which allows you to stamp dates and arrange your videos.

With the software, anyone can send videos, greeting cards, and personalized messages to loved ones.

Flip Video Camcorder also works well with Windows XP SP2, Vista, and others.

Highlighted Features

  • Incorporated FlipShare software
  • Additional accessories
  • High-quality and non-reflective LCD
  • Includes cable for easy viewing
  • Premium microphone


  • Compact and easy to operate
  • Highly portable
  • Sturdy construction


  • No extensive SD card for storage

04. YELIN Action Camera 1080P


Ideal for sports fans, YELIN Action Camera 1080P is portable and makes for easy carriage from place to place.

Whether on a beach vacation or on adventures, this makes a good companion.

Take this waterproof camera along when you go snorkeling, surfing, biking, etc.

Having various accessories, beginners can improve their photography skills.

It has two rechargeable batteries for constant operation.

Featuring multiple accessories, this camcorder can be easily installed and taken on a trip.

Its versatility makes it used as a helmet camera or motorcycle camera.

YELIN camera makes an excellent gift for children as it makes them more creative.

The kids can capture beautiful memories and experiences.

The 2-inch LCD screen, which is located behind, allows you to view your settings, videos, and pictures that are being shot.

With the micro SD card, you can record all your adventures.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact size
  • Micro SD card
  • Long shelf life
  • Includes water-repellent case
  • High definition visuals


  • High-quality pictures and videos
  • Reliable services
  • Low-priced


  • Short battery life

05. Veho VCC-005


Featuring a water-resistant case that can be immersed in water (60 meters) for an hour, Veho VCC-055 allows various mounting options.

It has a helmet front mount which enables one to make a POV angle while filming.

Due to its flexibility, the camcorder is modified to a higher version for improved recording at 960p/30fps and 720p/60and 30fps.

For sharp videos, Veho VCC is adjusted to 16mbit/s in 1080p mode.

It comes equipped with a 1400 mAh battery, the most extended battery life with three hours of recording time.

Store 80 minutes of recording at a full high definition of 1080p on an 8 GB micro SD card.

Having features like exposure control, time-lapse media files, and others, Veho VCC has all a standard camcorder will have.

The device can also be used alongside headband mount, duo pod, and harness mount.

Highlighted Features

  • Time-lapse image and videos
  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • 5-Inch LCD
  • Various mounting choices
  • Watertight case


  • Durable and affordable
  • Lots of accessories
  • Date and time-stamp help documentation


  • Poor video quality

06. Kodak PlaySport (Zx5) HD



If you’re not restricted in any way, you may consider a pocket camcorder that produces quality pictures and videos in full 1080p HD.

Created to adapt to various challenging situations, Kodak PlaySport is made to be sturdy, airtight, and water repellent.

Ideal for mountain biking and skateboarding, this device works well with any form of sport. Share your exceptional images and visuals with your circle.

The waterproof feature makes it able to stay 10 feet underwater for like 2 hours. Kodak absorbs shock quite well, even when dropped at 5 feet.

Its robust design makes the video camera adapt to any condition. Share your media files with a 3-step process.

In the review mode, press the share button, select the most preferred sharing platforms, email address, or Kodak Pulse Display.

Sync camera to a laptop or embedded memory card, so media files become automatically uploaded to the sharing destinations.

With Kodak cameras, one can concurrently upload videos and pictures to many social platforms, including emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

From 1080p to WVGA, there are resolutions to choose from. For outstanding playback, 1080P is recommended. 720p at 60 fps works well for the quick action and extremely slow-motion playback.

For general high definition recording, use 720p at 30 fps. Ideal for space efficiency, WVGA seems a better choice for smaller file sizes.

The extensive SD card, which holds up to 32GB, allows one to record up to 10 hours of high-quality videos.

Highlighted Features

  • Multicamera editing
  • Sturdy, airtight, and waterproof
  • Various sharing destinations
  • 1080p, 5MP high definition
  • Digital image performance


  • Fine sound quality
  • Large storage capacity
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Super easy to use


  • No flash for good lighting

07. Veho Muvi Micro Camcorder ( (VCC-003-MUVI-BLK)


Measuring 2.17 inches in length, Veho Muvi Micro Camcorder is considered among the smallest high-resolution camcorders available globally.

Having a 2 Mega Pixel capacity, you’re assured of high quality. This design is used in circumstances where regular camcorders can’t record media.

Equipped with the extreme sports mounting kit, the small camcorder enables the shooting of high-definition visuals.

The Veho Muvi is enclosed in a big metal alloy case which helps to hold the device.

It has a 2GB micro SD card that can store 2 hours of video recordings.

The camcorder also possesses an in-built rechargeable battery which can last 2-3 hours.

With the micro USB port, you can charge the device and connect it to your computer for easy upload within seconds.

If you want to take great pictures and shoot lovely videos on the go, this is ideal.

The hands-free mode allows users to activate the voice prompt using the start/stop function.

Packed alongside the product are helmets which are quite used in skateboarding, mountain biking, and others.

Highlighted Features

  • 4GB micro SD storage
  • High resolution of 640×480
  • Voice-enabled on/off function
  • 2 Megapixel lens


  • Ultra-clear videos
  • Small-sized and easy to operate
  • Affordable


  • Poor sound quality

08. Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera



Compatible with Apple, PC, and Mac, Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera provides enough room for 10 hours of recording. Capture beautiful moments on the move.

With an in-built stabilized image, you can shoot crisp videos. To upload and share media files, just extend the USB arm.

With this pocket camcorder, you can relive every moment. Having 5MP digital image resolution, large HD still pictures can be taken.

Images captured are usually detailed with low light. Using the external microphone, make a great audio recording.

The complementary HDMI cable facilitates out-of-the-box thinking. There’s a remote control for recording long videos and playbacks.

Compact design, great looks, and various colors best describe this option.

Highlighted Features

  • HDMI and AV cable
  • 5-inch color LCD
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Wrist strap


  • Enhanced image stabilization
  • Good sound quality
  • Great video resolution


  • Some users have complained about overheating

09. Creative Labs Vado HD 720p



Fitting well in the pocket or wallet, Creative’s Vado HD Pocket Video Cam enables you to shoot video in 720P high-definition clarity by pressing a button.

With in-built software, one can easily upload videos online to video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Photobucket, etc.

Featuring HDMI connectivity and HDMI cable, Vado HD is one pocket camcorder that enhances and optimizes the viewing experience for high-definition television.

Take sharp and clear-cut pictures with a wide-angle glass lens.

For the best video quality, there are four recording modes to choose from.

With pre-installed software, you can create and fine-tune videos or take pictures using the still and burst function.

Utilizing the most recent H.264 video compression technique, Vado HD produces exceptional video quality at effective file sizes for great viewing sessions.

Powered by the Lithium-ion battery, the camcorder permits two hours of recording. The battery is easily detachable for easy replacement.

Highlighted Features

  • 8GB media storage capacity
  • 720p high-definition quality
  • Lightweight
  • 2-inch display
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Improved video quality
  • Portability
  • Improved recording capacity
  • Easy to use


  • The included software is relatively slow

10. Samsung W190


This digital camcorder is suitable for all conditions and can be taken anywhere. Having a 2.3 inches LCD, one can view images well without any hassle.

With the HD resolution and CMOS sensor, you can shoot high-definition videos applying color and elements.

Due to its water-resistant, dust-proof, and shockproof features, one can capture beautiful sceneries such as the mountains, beach, vegetation, and the likes.

With the One-touch sharing option, you can upload images to a computer, social networks and send videos and pictures to loved ones.

Highlighted Features

  • LCD
  • Full high-definition 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 4GB memory card
  • CMOS sensor


  • Good replacement
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Awesome battery life


  • Low storage capacity

Buying Consideration to Choose The Best Pocket Camcorder

Camcorders are one of the appliances you need to be careful in getting due to numerous camcorders brands with different market features.

One important thing is to make up your mind about the type of camcorder you need before.

Some of the factors that you should not overlook when looking for pocket camcorders are here. Read on!


For many people, the camera’s design is essential, but others do not care about the design. So first, you need to know what you want.

If you are the type who cares so much for the aesthetics, you should be careful, so it does not cloud your judgment on other camcorders’ features.

You have to go for a portable pocket camcorder with good handling.


Another critical factor is to study different camcorders’ features and check for those that go along with your needs.

Some of the features that you cannot ignore are internal memory, memory focus and image stabilization, intelligent auto mode, backside illumination, size of the sensor, menu settings, flash, and audio quality.

You might have to prioritize some features over others. You need to choose a pocket camcorder with the most features for its price. Your choice of camcorder should represent good value for money.

Video and image quality

Video quality is a significant factor in settling for the right camcorder because it is the camcorder’s primary use.

To be sure of the video and image quality, you should not overlook the frame rate and resolution.

The higher the frame rate and resolution, the better the video and image quality, so it’s better to go for the ones with a better frame rate and resolution.


The price range rests on the type of camcorder you want and the features you want on it.

Simultaneously, checking other factors like the video quality and all, you have to watch that the price does not go beyond your budget.

Although the camcorder can be like an investment whereby you use it for business and need the highest features on the camcorder, you have to buy it, not minding the price because it is business.

The better the pocket camcorder, the faster you would make your money back.


Accessories are also a significant factor to keep in mind. When shopping for camcorders, you should ask yourself if the model you prefer has the right accessories and if the accessories are easy to find.

Some camcorders come with a few accessories, but it is hard to find other accessories.

When shopping for accessories, you should know that some essential accessories like the lens and mount have versions that can work for more than one brand of a camcorder, and it is better to go for those other than the ones that only work for a brand.

After-Sales Support

This support is crucial when buying an appliance because it is weighty to buy from stores that give a warranty over a reasonable period and stores with good online customer support where you can report a problem.

They would help you solve the problem. We all know the best part of any business is customer support, and it is best to patronize a store with good after-sales support where you can read online manuals or enquire about their other products.

  • Check the LCD. Some camcorders have small LCD, while some have larger ones. If you are going for a camcorder with a larger LCD, it is imperative to check the camcorder at the store because some of them have too much glare when used indoors even though they are still from model to model.
  • Like the display, camcorders’ lighting also varies from model to model, and they bring different qualities when shooting in dim light. Most pocket camcorders capture at least good quality videos in low light, but some better ones deliver fantastic attributes regardless of the lighting. But to make it better, you can get a lighting ring to improve the lighting outcome. Nonetheless, most still have settings that can improve performances but may not be easy to use.
  • Audio Quality. Some camcorders have noise cancellations, which means the microphone can separate the audio quality and bring out the better quality. Some advanced models have an additional jack where you can use an external microphone to improve the sound quality.
  • Recording Format. Another thing you should know is the recording format that suits you best. The recording format determines how much recording time you would get. Most models offer several resolution options and some recording configurations but having better-recording structures and resolution is the best.

Type of camcorders

Like I said earlier, you have to decide the type of camcorder you want. For a pocket camcorder, it is better to go for an action camcorder.

You should know that the newer models of camcorders are different from previous ones. Some of the new camcorders have features like waterproof, shockproof, and also dustproof.

This feature makes it fun to use to your satisfaction when you can rinse it off with water whenever it gets stained.

Also, features like night view and availability of LED lights in cases of low light capture.

Full-sized camcorders

Digital camcorders allow you to do more than do a video and playback on TV.

It allows connection with other engaging platforms like using email recordings of uploading video clips on YouTube or editing and adding music with a computer or on DVD.

Most full-sized camcorders have at least 10x optical zoom. At full zoom, the videos become jittery because of shaky hands, and that’s why they have image stabilizers.

Action Cams

If you want a more compact camcorder, you should consider action cams because they are minimal and lightweight and often have rugged bodies.

They are best for people who want to capture hands-free videos of their enjoyable moments like biking, surfing, or snowboarding.

Also, they have removable cases and mounting brackets to attach them to other objects like helmets.

They also have waterproof housing, but they do not have features like viewfinders or LCDs because of their size.

Common FAQ’s of Best Pocket Camcorder

Below, we have answered some useful and frequently asked questions related to camcorders.

Is the camcorder worth buying?

One distinguishing feature of a camcorder is the lens. Many do not seem to give this a thought, but camcorders’ lens is one of the best in any device.

It has a powerful zoom lens, unlike mirrorless cameras. Camcorders can also take pictures or videos for a longer time than smartphones.

Camcorders do not have a limit to their recording time. You can charge camcorders while it’s in use if the battery goes down.

All these features make the camcorder a valuable device.

Can GoPro replace camcorders?

The answer is NO because of the features that put a camcorder over any action cam.

A camcorder is more suited for professional shoots because of the extra options.

It has additional buttons for additional options other than the other setting, the GoPro cameras’ unique feature.

The long zoom on the camcorder makes it more deserving of the trophy.

Can camcorders do filmmaking?

A camcorder is a perfect device used for filmmaking. It is one of the best options for high-quality shots.

Some people believe that only low-budget filmmakers or students use camcorders, but it’s a wrong assumption.

Many filmmakers have given their testimonies in support of camcorders for filmmaking.

Are camcorders not outdated?

Some people only think of camcorders as the ones they see in old pictures or movies from the last century.

Camcorders, like every other device, have evolved with time, and on the better side, camcorders still keep all the useful features from the old times in addition to new exciting features.

Is a camcorder better than a video camera?

YES! Camcorders have superior internal microphones that video cameras do not have.

Many camcorders can zoom to the sound source and filter the audio to bring out better audio quality.

Coupled with the long zoom lens the camcorder possesses, it is on no par with video recorders.

Can camcorders take pictures?

Most camcorders can take pictures. You can also take shots from videos.

A camcorder is a very flexible device, and it can also perform the function of a digital camera conveniently.

Do camcorders have long battery life?

A Camcorder’s average battery life is longer than a camera’s average span.

Strong and lasting batteries are a vital component of camcorders which makes them a unique device and suitable for vacations.


The benefits of pocket camcorders are numerous and outweigh their demerits.

You have to carefully weigh between the benefits and the impediments to choose what’s best for you.

We have reviewed some of the best pocket camcorders in the market and we hope it helps you make your decision-making easier.

Which is the best pocket camcorder? Let’s hear your view in the comment section below.

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