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Top 13 Best Dodge Ram Led Headlights Reviews & Buying Guide in 2022

What is the best Dodge Ram LED Headlight? Well, these Dodge Ram LED Headlights reviews will tell you all about it, and this review can be trusted because we are experienced in this area, and we have done good research about the topic.

Car headlights are very important to drivers. They help drivers to see in unclear conditions and can be the difference between driving safely or getting into a collision. So it makes sense that you need to select the best headlight.

However, it can be confusing, difficult work to find the best headlight for your car (which in this case is a 2001 Dodge Ram).

So this is what we want to help you to do today. We want to help you find the best LED Headlight Bulb for your 2001 Dodge Ram.

The Comparison Table of Dodge Ram Led Headlights Reviews (2022 Updated)

AUTOSAVER88Fits: (02-05 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck)
DNA MotoringFits: (02-05 Ram 1500) & (03-05 Ram 2500/3500)
AmeriLiteFits: (09-18 Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500)
AUTOSAVER88Fits: (94-01 Dodge Ram 1500) & (94-02 Dodge Ram 2500/3500)
Auto DynastyFits: (06-09 Dodge Ram Truck)
DWVOFits: (94-01 Dodge Ram 1500) & (94-02 Dodge Ram 2500/3500)
NilightFits: (02-05 Ram 1500/2500/3500 Truck)
DNA MotoringFits: (94-02 Ram)
ModifyStreetFits: (09-18 Ram 1500) & (10-18 Ram 2500/3500)
OEDROFits: (02-05 Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500)

What Are The Best Dodge Ram LED Headlights?

AUTOSAVER88 DRL Headlight Assembly is the best LED Headlight Bulb for the 2001 Dodge Ram, according to our extensive research.

The DNA MOTORING HL-OH-DR02 Headlight Bulbs is a great alternative if you want another choice.

Why AUTOSAVER88 DRL is The Best Aftermarket Headlights for Dodge Ram?

AUTOSAVER88 DRL Headlight Assembly the best aftermarket headlights for 2001 Dodge Ram.

Its Assembly is the best because it is extremely durable and can last for a long while.

It is also waterproof, sealed tight so that condensation cannot easily enter it, and it is affordable too.

For people who drive in dusty weather a lot, it mostly keeps all the dust away.

It is also gentle in the eyes of other drivers while still being bright enough to illuminate with no problem.

13 Best Dodge Ram Led Headlights Reviews

01. AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly – Best Brightest Headlights For Dodge Ram


Highlighted Features

  • Clear PC Lens, Chrome Design
  • Sealed Design
  • ‎DOT Certified Safety Rating
  • Comes with a one-way vent to remove moisture
  • Relatively lightweight (‎11.97 pounds)

AUTOSAVER 88 is a relatively new player in the car headlight industry, but their products are known for being really good. They always lay an emphasis on durability, so their products last long.

Hence it is no surprise that their A-CTLAHL-3002 DRL Headlight Assembly is so highly referred as a good LED headlight for Dodge Ram 2001.

We also found out that AUTOSAVER88 offers refunds (and even return options) in the event that the headlight a customer bought arrives defective.

It is not too awkward to carry, as its measurement of 20.28 x 8.66 x 18.9 inches makes it very compact.

It has also been adjudged as very safe by the DOT. In the packaging, the box comes with a turn signal light, lamp bowl, lampshade, and a beam adjuster.


  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Extremely durable
  • Protects against damaging particles


  • Not compatible with Sports Ram models

02. DNA MOTORING Headlight – Best Ram 1500 Led Headlights


Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with different Dodge models
  • Comes with ABS plastic housing
  • Uses the 9007 High / Low Beam Bulb
  • Not too heavy (‎11.82 pounds)

DNA MOTORING began in 2007, and they have now spread to a large number of locations.

This is not just because they have a great marketing department, but also because they make really good products.

Their HL-OH-DR02 Headlight Bulbs are an example of this, with their sleek design and powerful bulbs. They are great for Dodge Ram vehicles.

DNA MOTORING also seems to consider its customers in their business, as they can give a refund or even accept returns.

A final point the packaging does not come with an installation guide, so many buyers just call a professional to install it for them.

The professional installer does not have to modify the vehicle to install the light though, and he does not need to drill holes either.


  • Made with good quality materials
  • Great for heavy cars
  • Affordable & lasts for a long time


  • The bulbs may melt the reflector
  • The screws do not fit in tight enough

03. AmeriLite Projector Headlights – Best Aftermarket Headlights for Dodge Ram


Highlighted Features

  • Does well in safety tests in the U.S. & Canada
  • DOT and SAE certified
  • Comes with switchback
  • Dual Function LED Bar DRL/Turn Signal

Unlike the previous two brands that came before, AmeriLite is fully focused on car lighting.

Since their attention is not diverted towards other products, they have instead turned all of their focus on making some of the best headlights on the market.

The AmeriLite 1500 Projector Headlights Bulb is one of these great products and is great for Dodge Ram vehicles.

This headlight is so good that it exceeds safety expectations in Canada and the United States of America.

This headlight comes with a high beam, reflector, low beam, a running light, jet-black residence and a lens.

It also does not require any modifications to your car or the headlight itself to install.


  • Fits with a lot of Dodge models
  • Installation doesn’t require modifications
  • Provide proper packaging


  • The bulbs are not as bright as needed
  • The bulbs it comes with do not last long

04. AUTOSAVER88 – Best Aftermarket Headlights for 2001 Dodge Ram


Highlighted Features

  • Clear lens (Lens color)
  • Made with polycarbonate material
  • Very lightweight (8 pounds)
  • Halogen bulb type

An AUTOSAVER88 headlight features in our reviews for the second time, further cementing the brand as one of the best headlight manufacturers in the game.

The AUTOSAVER88 A-CTLAHL-2012 Assembly headlight is an example of that, as it is one of the best aftermarket LED headlights for Dodge cars.

The packaging comes with multiple users’ manuals that give precise directions on how to get the best out of the headlights.

It also comes with an installation guide too to help buyers install the headlights themselves.

However, we will always advise that you call a professional to install your headlights because of their prior experience.

Also, the company offers refunds on the products and even has a return policy for if it arrives defective in any way.

The buyer must first prove that the defect or fault is from the company though, not one that was caused by the buyer.

The headlight is also bright to just the right amount, making it safe for both the user and other drivers using the road with him.

It is an AUTOSAVER88 headlight, so the quality is probably always guaranteed.


  • Good for bad roads & good in twilight
  • Works great in bad weather
  • Good beam brightness and focus


  • Does not properly fit
  • Easily fogs up

05. Auto Dynasty 2009 Headlight Bulbs


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with H1 High / Low Beam Bulbs
  • Clear lens
  • Sequential LED turn signal
  • Black housing
  • Weighs 17 pounds (Heavy)

Auto Dynasty has so many branches in different countries, and it is one of the widest-ranging headlight manufacturing companies.

Considering that the company began operations just over a decade ago is a testament to how trusted they are in the different countries they are based in.

Over the last decade, the automobile industry has gone through some rapid changes, some of them affecting the industry on a fundamental level.

For example, electric cars are becoming increasingly more popular, and driverless cars may become a regular thing in 3-5 years.

Auto Dynasty has been able to adapt to a lot of these changes, making products that suit these new changes. For example, they have made headlights for electric cars.

Apart from adapting to changes, they also make and sell good products, and the Auto Dynasty 2009 Headlight Bulbs is one of them. This is the reason it makes our top ten.

A very important point we will make is that the packaging for this one comes with an extensive guide on how to install the headlight.

This ensures that a user can personally install the headlight without the help of a professional.

To be totally safe though, it is probably a better course of action for the buyer to call a professional to install the headlights on his vehicle. That way, a good installation is almost guaranteed.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Great illumination at night
  • Wider range of visibility


  • The sealer may melt

06. DWVO ‎D-CTLAHL-2018 Headlight Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • Very lightweight (7 pounds)
  • Tightly sealed against weather
  • Shock-proof and heat-proof housing material
  • Comes with one-way vent to expel moisture
  • Uses Halogen bulb type

DWVO products are manufactured in China, like almost every brand we have mentioned before.

DWVO merits its addition to our extensively researched Dodge Ram LED Headlights review because it is a good product.

The package comes with black housing, an amber reflector, and a clear lens.

It does not come with bulbs though, so a buyer still has to buy the required bulbs before the one can be installed.

This may put off several buyers from purchasing the headlights. It is also really lightweight, so it is not awkward to handle.


  • Good beam pattern
  • Glowing illumination
  • Comfortable & fits snugly


  • Very hard to adjust
  • The light diffuser comes apart quickly

07. Nilight NA211 Headlight Assembly


Highlighted Features

  • Well sealed
  • Black/Amber color
  • Micro-prism reflectors
  • Uses the 9007 bulb for high / low beam
  • Uses the 4157A bulb for turn signal

When you check out Nilight, they strike you as a company that dwells on the tiny details. It shows on their website and when you call their customer service.

Also, they specialize in the sole production of the product, and we know they bring in the obsession with the finer details when building them.

This is one of the strengths of the Nilight NA211 Headlight Assembly and could be its problem too.

It also does not come with bulbs like the ones we reviewed before this, so a buyer still has to find a way to get bulbs before installation.

A final point, the headlights have been approved after extensive tests by DOT and SAE, making them safe for use.


  • Comes in great packaging
  • Can be fixed without drilling
  • Works well on trucks


  • Poor light pattern
  • Doesn’t come with bulbs

08. DNA MOTORING HL-OEM-DR94-4P-SM Headlight Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a complete set of lights
  • Very lightweight (7.25) pounds
  • Bulbs not included
  • Smoked lens / amber corner colors
  • Uses the 9007 bulb for high / low beam

DNA MOTORING appears in this review for a second time, showing how great they are in what they do.

The DNA MOTORING HL-OEM-DR94-4P-SM Headlight Bulb is a good product for Dodge Ram cars.

In our research, we found out that the headlights are intensely scrutinized by engineers and technicians hired by the company before they are finally released into the market.

This extensive inspection checks for fittings, compatibility with cars, the longevity of the products, and other outlines to confirm its appropriateness for users.

Also, this headlight uses smoked lenses. Because most of the ones used in Dodge Ram vehicles use clear lenses, using this headlight gives your Dodge Ram a different, unique look.

If that is something a buyer is into, then this headlight should be a strong consideration.

It does not come with bulbs though, so a buyer must also buy the bulbs required before installing the headlight.


  • Immediate bolting
  • Easily modifiable
  • Good value & great when used in the dark


  • Poor packaging
  • Not durable

09. Modify Street ‎HD Headlight Assembly


Highlighted Features

  • Polished black color
  • Very heavy (20 pounds)
  • Good illumination
  • Comes with a pair of headlights for the driver’s and passenger’s sides

The Modify Street HD-MS-DRO9-LB-A Headlight Assembly comes out at number 9 on the list of our Dodge Ram LED Headlights review.

It is a safe headlight, as it meets the safety regulations of the DOT and SAE.

Though it comes with a detailed product description in the package, which provides useful information to a user about the product.

You need to get a professional who can easily install the headlight, as it isn’t easy to install.

Note though, that to install this one, the professional must take out the stock bumper and rewire the product.

The package does not also come with bulbs too so the buyer needs to get bulbs before installation can go on.

This product made this list for some great reasons, and some other things reduced its rating in our review.


  • Great beam pattern
  • Comes with user’s guide
  • Comes in good packaging


  • Hard to adjust
  • Hard to fit

10. OEDRO Model 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Headlight Assembly


Highlighted Features

  • Very heavy (23 pounds)
  • Equipped with a projector
  • High intensity LED running light
  • Chrome exterior
  • Uses High/Low Beam lights
  • Yellow turn signal light

The OEDRO services big, powerful vehicles such as the Jeep Wrangler, Chevy Silverado and the Ford F-Series.

it is not surprising that their products made for the Dodge Ram vehicles made it to the top ten list of headlights. After all, the Dodge Ram is also a big, powerful vehicle.

The packaging includes an LED Daytime Running Light, LED Turn Signal, Amber Reflector on the driver passenger side, and smoked Housing.

It is also safe to use this product, as it meets the safety standards set by the DOT and the SAE.

The customer service of the company also seems helpful, which is always a great plus for any company.

Some of the pros that endeared us to the OEDRO Model 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Headlight Assembly are below, as well as some cons that reduced its position.


  • Replaces OEM perfectly
  • Good light intensity
  • Great fit on cars


  • Parts are not durable
  • Poor light distribution

11. DWVO ‎D-CTLAHL-1002


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with high/low beam adjuster
  • Uses H13 bulb type for high / low beam
  • Doesn’t come with bulbs
  • Polished exterior

DWVO makes the list for the second time, showing that they are focused on making multiple good products, not just one.

This particular ‎DWVO ‎D-CTLAHL-1002 Headlight Assembly model has good lights, and they are a good fix when used particularly with 06-09 models with dual bulbs.

The bulbs themselves must be purchased separately by the buyer though, as the packaging does not include bulbs.

It was designed as a direct replacement for the factory-designed OE lights, which makes installation a breeze.


  • Conducive for other drivers’ vision
  • Incorporates wider lighting
  • Fits into the car perfectly


  • The product is not durable
  • Not dustproof or waterproof

12. AKKON 5-444-DR02V2-LB-C Headlight Bulbs


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with customized packaging
  • Very heavy (24 pounds)
  • No extra wiring for installation
  • Chrome Plated

Akkon began in 2015, but they are ambitious and want to get as many customers as they can by making good products.

AKKON Headlight Bulbs provide a great substitute for projector headlight bulbs.

This product meets the safety guidelines and regulations set out by the DOT and the SAE, so in terms of road safety, these headlights are covered.

Though it comes with an installation manual, it can be difficult to install personally, so it is best to engage the services of a professional to help you install the headlights.

Adjusting this one may also be a bit of unnecessary hard work, as it requires loosening and tightening different screws. Many buyers may not have that kind of patience.


  • Lights are very bright & Enhance car appearance
  • Made of sturdy materials
  • Does not accumulate moisture


  • No Plug and Play option so hard to test
  • Not well-assembled

13. Torchbeam 03HADG0013TU1 Headlight Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • Chrome / black finish
  • Comes with black housing
  • Repels dust
  • Comes with a high/low beam reflector bowl

Torchbeam began operations in 2019. So it is such a good thing for them that they are able to produce a product that makes this list.

Perhaps if we do this review in three years, Torchbeam would have climbed up higher on the list.

It comes with a chrome housing, amber reflector, clear lens, and Black housing for its clear reflector clear lens.

They also offer refunds in the event that the package delivered is defective.

The package comes with a user’s manual which includes an installation manual, and the installation is actually not that complicated, so a buyer can install the headlights with little hassle.

But it is always recommended that your headlights be installed by a professional.

The sealing is not that great though, and condensation and dust can get into it.

Also, the packaging does not come with bulbs, so the buyer would have to get bulbs differently before beginning installation.


  • Helpful user’s manual
  • Very bright & Wider radiance
  • Vent space to repel dust


  • May not last long
  • Coating peels off easily

Buying Considerations of Dodge Ram Led Headlights Reviews

Headlights are absolutely integral to your safety when driving, especially when driving a hulking vehicle like the Dodge Ram.

If something is wrong with your headlights, it can have severe consequences for you, your vehicle, and other road owners.

For example, lack of good headlights in foggy conditions causes poor visibility and can result in an accident or a collision with another vehicle.

When you buy a new Dodge Ram, it comes with its own factory-issued headlights. But over time, those headlights start to wear off and fade.

Anytime this happens, you’ll need to invest in replacement headlights.

We have listed some of the best replacement headlights you can buy for your Dodge Ram vehicle in the product reviews above.

But what are the things you need to consider as a car owner who would like to invest in headlights?

01. Compatibility

The first thing is to consider whether the one you want to purchase is compatible with the precise Dodge Ram model you have.

If the product you buy is not compatible with your vehicle, it would be almost impossible to install and will just be a waste of time and money.

Dodge Ram owners can find out if the headlights they plan on buying are compatible with their vehicles by searching online.

Another reason to always research compatibility before buying your vehicle is that once it does not fit, most companies do not have a refund or return policy, and so the buyer is left with a vehicle that is useless for all intents and purposes.

02. Brightness

This is the most important factor a vehicle owner should consider when buying headlights.

Headlights are supposed to increase your safety by illuminating the road when you are driving.

So you need one that does that job well. In considering brightness, you have to consider some other factors too.

For example, you must consider what kind of environment and conditions you mostly drive-in.

If you drive mostly at night in foggy conditions, you need lights that can cut through the fog.

You must also consider how gentle the lights are to the eyes of other drivers.

Your headlights must not be so bright that it practically blinds upcoming drivers. If it is really bright, then the product must be adjustable.

03. Safety

As we have said before, headlights can be dangerous to other drivers if they are too bright.

So you must consider the safety of the product when choosing one for your Dodge Ram.

Headlights that have too much lumen in the bulb (i.e. the ones that are too bright) are even illegal in a reasonable number of countries.

To be absolutely sure of the safety of the headlight you want to buy, check that it has been approved by the DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) if you live in the United States, the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) which has global coverage, or the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

04. Warranty

The warranty period given by the company is also an important factor to consider. The longer it is, the longer that product will probably last.

It also gives you a wide window with which to ask for a refund or a return if it proves defective.

Another point, a longer warranty period also indicates that the manufacturers have confidence in the durability of their product. This is always a good sign.

05. Quality

Buying a high-quality headlight is probably the second most important consideration after brightness.

A high-quality headlight is one that is bright enough, can last long, is made with durable material, is tightly sealed so that condensation and dust cannot get in, and is well-designed.

We know that many buyers consider price when buying headlights, but a buyer should never pass on quality because of price because that costs more money in the long run.

How to Install a Headlight Bulb?

A good, compatible headlight should be easy to install, whether it is done by a professional or by the buyer themselves.

It should not involve cutting holes in the car and the headlight should fit snugly when installed.

Some companies include an installation guide in the package, allowing the buyer to try installing the product himself.

Some do not, however, so the buyer needs to call a professional to help install the headlights.

However the installation happens, it must follow safety precautions when installing the headlight, otherwise, they risk severe electrocution.

Whether the installation is done by a buyer or a professional, these steps are the standard procedures to follow when installing a headlight bulb.

  • Unbox the product carefully and check the product for damages or defects. Failure to check the product well may lead to some difficulties while installing them. If the headlight is defective, immediately contact the company’s customer service and ask for a replacement or a refund.
  • If the headlight is not defective, you can begin the installation.
  • Open the lid of your old headlights, disconnect the wires around it, and remove the old headlight bulbs. Disconnecting the wire helps to prevent electric shocks that may be severe. When disconnecting the wires, avoid direct contact with them.
  • Transfer necessary things like wires from the old to the new headlight bulbs
  • Fix necessary sockets on the new product.
  • Fix in the new one carefully. Ensure they fit in the headlight space as snugly as possible.
  • Close the lid back and ensure that the lid is tightly secured, otherwise, the headlights can fall apart when driving.
  • Activate “Plug and play” to test how effective the bulb is.
  • Repeat this method for the other sides of the vehicle such as the passenger’s side.
  • When you have fixed it everywhere it needs to be fixed, installation is done!


In conclusion, everything we have told you in this product review/buyer’s guide is a result of extensive research, but perhaps you might not have found what you are looking for as you are considering replacing the headlights of your Dodge Ram vehicle.

You can find out some information for yourself also by going online and looking up information about the particular product you want to buy.

You can also call the company’s customer service to find out more.

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