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Popular 7 Best Ford F150 Headlight Upgrade By Yourself + Easy DIY Process

Headlights are a critical component when it comes to the functionality and safety of any vehicle.

A Ford F150 Headlight Upgrade is recommended at any moment and with some simple steps, it can be done with your own hands.

See the road ahead clearly even at night, improve the aesthetics of your Ford and enjoy a comfortable drive while keeping all your loved ones safe.


A Table of Top Best Ford F150 Headlight Upgrades [Updated 2022]

AUTOSAVER88Fits: (97-03 Ford F-150) & (97-02 Ford Expedition Pickup)
DNA MotoringFits: (09-14 F-150)
AKKONFits: (2011-2016 Ford F-250) / (F-350) / (F-450) & (F-550) Super Duty All Model
ModifyStreetFits: (18-20 Ford F150)
ACANIIFits: (2011-2016 Ford F250) & (F350 Super Duty)
DNA MOTORINGFits: (04-08 F-150) & (06-08 Mark LT)

Why Should You Upgrade The Headlights on The Ford F150?

A ford super-duty headlight upgrade is either necessary or preferred. Headlight bulbs must be generally replaced when they are blown out or they become cloudy and yellowish.

Some bulb types dim in time, especially halogen ones, producing less light and an unclear view in the dark.

Another case when a 2007 ford f150 headlight replacement is a must is if the headlight circuit is the one that fails.

If the bulbs seem alright to you, always remember to check the sockets, terminal connections, or other components.

Apart from these, even a 2020 f150 headlight upgrade is recommended, as upgraded headlights kits usually come with better quality Led/ Halogen lights.

With the best headlight assembly, durability, safety, and aesthetics are all assured.

Necessary Tools, Required Time & Approximate Cost For F150 Headlight Upgrade

01. You’ll only need a 5 and a half or 7/32 socket and a screwdriver for the whole operation.

As an example, a mechanic or a professional firm will take on average $80-$100 for a 2016 ford super-duty headlight upgrade.

If you feel up to the challenge and are willing to follow some simple steps, changing the headlight assembly on your own is a wallet-friendly choice.

02. If you are a skilled mechanic and the process is flawless, everything should be ready in 15 minutes maximum.

However, things usually don’t go exactly as planned, and free about one hour and a half from your schedule when planning the headlights upgrade, just in case.

Don’t forget to check your work before placing the structures back in their place.

03. The cost range is $70-$700 on average for an entire headlight assembly if you’re looking for a headlight replacement.

If you want a simple upgrade for the beams, the cost range is $15-$400. Also, you can use factory grommets or custom ones that come with the headlights kit.

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Step By Step Guide For Ford F150 Headlight Upgrade

There isn’t one official way for a ford super-duty headlight upgrade. F150LEDs.com is a YouTube channel that describes one simple, fast option for your upgrade.

You don’t need the advanced skills of a mechanic. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy the results:

Step 1: Clear The Area Behind The Headlights

First, rotate the wheel all the way in so there’s easy access to the headlight system.

You’ll notice a liner and 4 bolts that must be removed. Use a 5 and a half mm or 7.32 socket to remove the bolts and peel the liner back.

For even better access, fold the wheel liner up over the tier, and don’t stand in your way.

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Step 2: Access The Lights

This step is simple. Simply localize the bulbs. The one that’s on the bottom is the high beam bulb, while the low beam bulb is situated on the top of the housing.

Pull the rubber grommets found on the back of the headlights. Start with the high beam bulb.

Then, reach in and turn the bulb counterclockwise and pull it out.

Step 3: Place The New Headlight Ballasts

Next, check the back of the bulb. You’ll notice it connects to the vehicle’s harness. Find a tab next to the connection place and pry on its top to disconnect the bulb.

Take the headlight ballasts from your newly purchased LED headlights kit and connect them where the original headlight bulb was placed.

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Step 4: Connect The LED Headlights

Be careful during this step. Take the LED headlight for the higher beam and line it with the tab.

To connect it, push it all the way in until you can hear a click sound. Don’t push it too hard, and it should enter smoothly.

Step 5: Put Back The Wiring & LED Lights

Wiring is a crucial component of any headlight and you must protect it. Place it back on the right side of the casing.

This step may be a little difficult, as the wiring may not be easily pushed back, so take your time and work with patience.

After the wiring is perfectly fitted, find the opening where the bulb was originally placed and place the LED headlight there. Fix its position with a clockwise turn and you’re done.

Now your new high beam LED is officially installed.

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Step 6: Place Back The Grommets

You can use factory grommets or customized improved ones. For example, CREED Mk6 LED lights found online come with their own grommets. They are deeper, ensuring better airflow and weather-seal.

Step 7: Repeat The Process For The Low Beam Bulb

Check out the steps above and repeat all of them for the low beam bulb found on top of the casing.

Step 8: Test The New Headlights

Before proceeding to finish the job on one side, test your work, first to see if the LED lights are properly connected and functional, but also to compare these lights to the original halogen bulbs.

Notice the wider, more powerful beam and excellent focus of LEDs. Moreover, the crystal diamond color offers more clarity and better vision at night.

Also, you can always adjust the lights to your preferences for the best driving experience.

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Step 9: Place Back The Liner and The Bolts

Use the same tools and place back the liner, then fix it with the 4 bolts and continue to change the bulbs on the passenger’s side, following the same steps.

Is it Really Worth Paying For The F150 and Ford Super-Duty Headlight Upgrade?

The short answer is yes. A headlight upgrade consists of mainly changing the High/Low beam bulbs with LED lights.

It’s not time-consuming and it considerably improves the properties of your headlights, so there are only advantages involved.

Even more, it’s a great opportunity for enhancing your mechanical skills and learning something new.

You’ll end up with a wider, more powerful beam of light, better vision, and driving conditions at night.

Moreover, it will enhance the overall aspect of your car, giving it a modern, fresh look.

A 2015 ford f 150 headlight upgrade is as effective as a 2020 f150 headlight upgrade. Just give it a try and be amazed by the results of your work.

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The Buying Considerations of Ford F150 Headlight Replacement

When your ford super duty needs a headlight replacement, the first thing to do is write down all the features that create the perfect headlight assembly for your vehicle. Here are some ideas that will help in your search:

01. Compatibility

Not all headlights are compatible with any Ford F-150 model.

For example, DNA MOTORING  offers the perfect option for a 2007 ford f150 headlight replacement, while brands like MODIFYSTREET concentrate on newer models.

So, for your first step, select the brands that offer products that are compatible with your vehicle’s model year.

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02. Lenses & Reflectors

This includes the building material, type of lenses, and incorporated reflectors. One thing is for sure: clear, polycarbonate lenses are the way to go.

When it comes to reflector types, it’s best to look for both parabolic reflectors and sided micro-prism ones.

While their functions differ, both add extra properties, like a wider beam of light and night visibility.

03. Resistant Housing

After the quality of the actual headlight and the power and range of the beam, the next aspect of searching for is durable housing.

A resistant, quality housing material, combined with proper sealing, will make the headlights durable in time, so you can enjoy them for more years without any troubles.

Check if they are waterproof, so no moisture or condensation will form inside the housing.

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04. Certifications

There are so many tests that need to be passed, so the headlights are considered of superior quality.

Apart from the standard regulations, look for headlights that are certified as resistant to oxidation or corrosion.

This means they can be used on both snowy roads and when traveling to the beach, resisting both salty water and extreme temperatures.

Moreover, they must be protected from dust or other debris that is commonly found on the road.

7 Best Ford F150 Headlight Reviews

01. AUTOSAVER88 ‎A-CTLAHL-2007 – 2007 Ford F150 Headlight Replacement


Highlighted Features 

  • Clear, polycarbonate Lens
  • Compatible with 1997-2004 Ford F-150
  • Halogen bulbs
  • Full silicon sealing
  • Metallic parabolic reflectors
  • Sided micro-prism reflector

AUTOSAVER88 is one of the most popular brands when it comes to designing automotive parts and accessories.

This model is perfect for the 1997-2004 Ford F-150, offering waterproof housing that prevents the formation of moisture and corrosion.

The headlights come with improved lightning for the best night-driving experience.

Metallic parabolic reflectors ensure a broader beam for a better light output, while sided micro-prism reflectors make sure the vehicle is visible to other drivers. Both safety and comfort and provided!


  • Easy installation
  • Impact-resistant
  • Better brightness than stock headlights


  • Not as sturdy as the originals

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02. DNA MOTORING HL-OH-F1509-BK-AM – 2008 F150 Headlight Upgrade


Highlighted Features

  • Plug &Play system
  • Black housing with amber corner
  • Reflector beam type
  • H13High/Low Beam
  • Compatible with 2009-2014 Ford F-150

DNA MOTORING is the next choice when it comes to Ford F-150 headlights.

Compatible with relatively newer models, from 2009 to 2014 ford super duty, these headlights come with both an incredible aspect, giving your car a fresh look, and of course, with quality functions.

A safe drive is ensured during the night, dawn, rainy or snowy weather. Moreover, easy Installation is what defines this brand.

With an easy direct-bolt-on system, no modifications are needed.

The headlights are sold as a pair, and although bulbs are not included, the items are compatible with both Halogen and Led that can be adjusted for the best performance!


  • Great fit
  • Improves the vehicle’s appearance
  • Sealed with silicon


  • They fog easily

03. AKKON 9-P1F2511BK – Best Ford Super Duty Headlight Upgrade


Highlighted Features

  • LED tube
  • Compatible with 2011-2016 Ford F-150
  • Projector headlights
  • Reflective housing
  • Durable, ultra-bright LED chips

The impressive reviews speak for themselves when it comes to this brand.

Offering a new, exciting lighting mechanism with ultra-bright LED chips and quality housing, these headlights are the solution for a relaxing mid-night drive.

While the projector lenses increase visibility at night, the projector parts concentrate the light inside the reflective housing and focus it through the lenses for a sharp, bright beam of light.

The LED tube is made of multiple rows of LEDs covered by an opaque shield.

The LED lights last longer than other models and provide a safe environment in any kind of weather.


  • Clear view at all times
  • Long-lasting
  • Maximum light transmission


  • Comes with atypical bulb

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04. MODIFYSTREET ‎HD-MS-FF18-PPT-LB-A – 2020 F150 Headlight Upgrade


Highlighted Features

  • H7 Low/High Beam
  • Polished black
  • Switchback DRL
  • LED light tube
  • Compatible with 2018-2020 Ford F-150
  • Amber reflector

These polished black, modern headlights will make your Ford F-150 look like the newest model out there.

The brand offers superior quality, passing all tests and regulations and earning the trust of its customers.

What makes these headlights stand out is their switch-back DRL function.

Apart from this, they come with a LED light tube, providing a large beam of light and better brightness, so you can clearly see the road ahead even in total darkness.


  • Original halogen bulbs can be upgraded to LED
  • Gloss black finish
  • Increased brightness


  • Doesn’t fit stock LEDs

05. ACANII AC-4-FS11V2-LB-BK – 2016 Ford Super Duty Headlight Upgrade


Highlighted Features

  • Onyx black color
  • Plasma tube
  • Superior UV protection
  • Butyl sealant
  • High Impact resistance

ACANII is a brand that makes sure your Ford F-150 is visible to all drivers at night.

Not only do these headlights have an incredible design, enhancing the aspect of your car, but they also come with a plasma tube that ensures a powerful lightning accent at night.

While the DRL compatible plasma tube makes sure you’re easily spotted by other drivers, the highly reflective amber reflectors combined with polycarbonate lens add improved brightness, UV protection, and resistance to impact.


  • Everything is Plug &Play
  • Factory bulbs can be used
  • No moisture inside the housing


  • May degrade with time

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06. ANZO 111357 – 2015 Ford Super Duty Headlight Upgrade


Highlighted Features 

  • Halogen lamp
  • No modifications are required for installation
  • Running light/Turn signal
  • Resistant to oxidation caused by snow/salty water
  • Sealed against debris and dust
  • Withstands a wide temperature range

These ANZO headlights truly deserve a place on the top for the best headlights for Ford F150.

Moreover, they can easily support a 2015 ford super duty headlight upgrade and can even fit newer models.

The high-intensity LEDs, as well smart functions, like the running light and turn signal, make these headlights worth every effort.

To add to all these, the headlights passed multiple tests guaranteeing both your safety and your comfort.

They are resistant to salt oxidation and can be used in winter conditions without worries.

Even more, they are protected from dust and debris, temperature resistant, and sealed so you won’t have to deal with moisture or condensation.


  • Effective lightening
  • The switchback feature works flawlessly
  • OEM-like quality but better properties


  • Not fitted for Factory HIDs or LEDs

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07. DNA MOTORING ‎HL-OH-F1504-CH-AM – 2005 F150 Headlight Upgrade


Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with 2004-2008 Ford F-150
  • Chrome housing
  • Water-resistant lenses
  • H13 High/Low Beam
  • Quality construction

As a brand that promotes safety and quality manufacturing, DNA MOTORING manages to occupy another place at this top.

The water-resistant, air-tight lenses and easy installation are just a few reasons why these headlights are perfect for your Ford F150.

With this advanced LED lighting design, the safety of your family is guaranteed. Enjoy a relaxing drive at any moment and in any weather conditions!


  • The package comes with side-marker bulbs
  • Turn signal installed
  • Excellent optics


  • A narrow beam of light
  • Condensation may appear

The Common FAQ’s of Ford F150 Headlight Upgrade

01. Why Choose LED Lights For Your Ford F-150?

LED lights are superior to HID and Halogen bulbs for multiple reasons. They last longer and have improved durability in time.

Also, they are resistant to oxidation because the production of heat is substantially reduced.

Overall, you don’t have to replace them as often as other bulb types, and they offer better lighting.

If you are confused between HID and LED then this article is all you need to read.

02. What Are The Common Types of Bulbs For Ford F-150?

There are three popular types of headlights that fit the Ford F-150: Halogen is the most common one, followed by LED and Xenon HID.

While HID lights are demonstrated to last longer than the classic Halogen units, LED ones exceed them both.

03. What is The Difference Between Halogen/HID/LED?

The difference stands in the high temperature produced by halogen headlights in their filament.

As HID ones have evolved and don’t require a filament, the improvement stands in less heat production.

However, the one downside of the HID lights is the intense lightning that can blind and confuse other drivers. This problem was solved by using LEDs.

As the most effective type of headlights, LEDs reduce glare by smartly focusing the light, so its main priority is the road, not the other vehicles.

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While Ford F-150 is a vehicle of exceptional quality, a Ford F-150 headlight update is incredibly useful in any scenario and it can be done with your own hands.

On the other side, for older models, a headlight replacement may be a better option.

With so many impressive brands out there, the only thing that’s left to do is choose what’s best for you!

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