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H11 Headlight Bulb | Advantage & Disadvantages of H11 Car Headlight in 2022

A car’s headlights have both aesthetic and practical functions.

The car should look good when the headlights are on, while the driver should enjoy sufficient light to drive safely during nighttime.

H11 headlight bulbs are rather appreciated and used by car owners, although they may not be the best solution in all cases.

Learn more about these headlight bulbs and make an informed decision.

A Comparison Table of H11 Headlight Bulb 2022

ImageBrandWattageLumenColor TemperaturePrice
SEALIGHT 40W14,0006000K
Cougar Motor‎50W10,0006500K

What is H11 Headlight Bulb?

H11 headlight bulbs are probably the most used light bulbs for headlights and fog lights.

This type of headlights is halogen or LED bulbs, which feature a single filament.

Another distinct feature is the socket of the bulb, which is shaped like an “L”.

Even though these headlights are popular and widely used, it is recommended to see whether your vehicle is compatible with the product.

Before choosing between an H11 halogen headlight or an LED version, do know that halogen bulbs are less resilient, won’t last for too long and the light provided may not be too bright, although they are the cheapest version.

H11 LED headlights will be pricier, but the light of the headlights will be brighter, the bulbs will last for longer periods, and are more economical regarding energy consumption.

If you’re interested in buying H11 headlight bulbs, it is worth mentioning this type of bulb will provide one single beam of light.

So, if you’re better off with a dual-beam, you will need to use two H11 headlight bulbs per headlight to get such results.

This kind of headlight bulb is suitable to be used as a replacement for fog lights and high and low beams alike.

H11 Headlights Features

01. H11 LED headlights to provide countless hours of bright white light, with minimum energy consumption

02. Good quality LED headlights are made similar to halogen bulbs, which makes their installation fast and easy (always check your car’s compatibility with H11 headlight bulbs)

03. Top-notch LED headlights are made out of high-quality materials, allowing effective heat dissipation and high performance on the road at all times

04. The computers of most cars can recognize and work with H11 headlights, although errors may occur in rare instances. Contact the seller/manufacturer if this happens

05. “Plug and play” design that allows fast headlight bulb replacement at home, without any tools involved

H11 Headlight Bulb Fits What Cars?

High-quality H11 headlight bulbs can be used with 98% of the cars existing on the market.

Thus, they are designed to fit easily and can be replaced by car owners themselves, without the need for tools or specialized assistance.

However, it is always recommended to check the car’s compatibility with the headlight bulbs you are about to purchase since some car models come with more sensitive computers.

Is The H11 Headlight Bulb Better Than Other Types?

This means that they may need additional connectors for the bulbs or, in the worst-case scenario, won’t be compatible with the bulb at all.

The Difference Between H11 vs H7

There are quite a few differences when it comes to these two types of headlight bulbs.

The H11 features enclosed connector plugs, which hold the wires together, while the H7 is similar to electric plugs, featuring exposed connectors.

The H11 bulbs are suitable for regular use and as fog lights, while H7 bulbs work best if used as low beams.

Installation is also different. H11 bulbs mainly plug and play, while H7 bulbs require a twisting movement to get the bulb into the socket right.

Most car models can use H11 headlight bulbs without a problem, which makes this type of bulb preferred by the majority of manufacturers.

However, H7 headlight bulbs are mostly found in German cars, such as Audi and BMW.

That’s why it is worth checking which bulb works best for your car before purchasing it, to avoid issues.

Differences and Similarities Between H11 vs H4

H11 headlight bulbs feature one single filament, while H4 headlight bulbs feature dual filaments.

When you have a bulb with a single filament, you’ll need a bulb for each purpose.

More precisely, you will need an H11 bulb for the main beam and another H11 bulb for the dipped beam.

Dual-beam headlights like the H4 serve both purposes, which means you only need one bulb to cover both.

Are you wondering about the nominal power of the headlight bulbs?

While most bulbs will provide the same level of light, their volts and watts are different.

Because it can sometimes be dangerous to swap light bulbs and use different types on your car, their fittings are made differently, so it is harder to mix them up and use the wrong kind.

Would you like to upgrade your car’s bulbs? That should not be a problem, regarding wattage and voltage, as long as you buy a high-quality product.

Also, always check to see what kind of bulbs are compatible with your car model, since problems may occur if you use the wrong type of fitting.

The Basics of Differences Between H11 vs H1

H1 headlight bulbs are used as high-beam lights, so they are not suitable to be turned on at all times.

Because these bulbs emit a high beam, they are used when driving on darker roads, with no lights, or highways, since they increase visibility over longer distances.

H11 headlight bulbs are mostly used as fog lights since they provide a brighter and wider beam of light.

They will not blind other drivers, even when driving on dark roads, which makes them suitable to be used at all times, compared to H1 bulbs that cannot be left on when passing by another car.

Although H11, H1, H4, and H7 are bulbs belonging to the same group of headlights (Group 1, according to the available standardization), the bulbs cannot be interchanged.

This is because each type of headlight bulb serves a certain purpose and should be used accordingly.

The Advantages of Using H11 Headlight Bulb

a) The low beam provided by an H11 headlight bulb is ideal for driving on city roads, which makes this bulb a good choice for day-to-day driving;

b) Although H11 bulbs are recommended to be used as fog lights, you can easily use the same bulb as headlamps as well. The provided light is suitable for both uses;

c) When in use, the H11 headlight bulbs will not cause any discomfort to other drivers, nor risk blinding them. The intensity of the beam is low and, therefore, comfortable for drivers;

d) An H11 headlight bulb is a sturdy option, offering a long lifespan due to its ability to dissipate heat fast and effective;

e) In terms of compatibility, the H11 bulbs are compatible with H9, H16, and H8;

f) Regarding energy consumption, an H11 bulb is energy-effective, consuming only 55 watts, which is a low value.

The Disadvantages of An H11 Headlight Bulb

a) An H11 headlight bulb can offer rather dim light unless you choose a high-quality LED version, which is much brighter;

b) It cannot be used as a long-range beam, so another bulb, more suitable for this purpose, is required in case you want to upgrade this feature;

c) You will need two H11 headlight bulbs if you want to cover the main beam and dipped beam as well.

Because this bulb has only one filament, it can be used for one type of beam at once.

Are There Different Types of H11 Headlight Bulbs?

If you look for H11 headlight bulbs, you’ll notice there are two types on the market: H11A and H11B.

The difference between these two bulbs resides in the way each is mounted.

More precisely, it is all about how the three little tabs around the bulb’s circumference are oriented.

How to tell which bulb you need? You will have to look at the back of the headlight to determine the position of the widest tab. Remove the stock bulb to do this.

When inserting the new H11 bulb in the projector, make sure the return wire is located at the bottom. This rule applies regardless of bulb type.

01. H11A

The return wire can be found next to the widest tab.

02. H11B

The return wire is positioned in opposition to the widest tab.

Thus, the widest tab can be seen on the opposite side.

What Happens If You Mount The Wrong Type of H11 Bulb?

If the bulb has the widest tab in the wrong position, the tab will appear in the way of the light beam when the bulb is on.

This will create a shadow in the beam, affecting the quality of the emitted light.

Are H8, H9, and H11 The Same?

If you’re looking to get an LED headlight bulb for your car (which is a much better option due to the brightness of the beam and resilience in time), you have three different options: you can choose between H8, H9, and H11 bulbs.

These bulbs are similar, but they are not the same. They provide different features, so it is worth knowing the differences.

H11 bulbs are the most popular, being used by most car owners.

The bulb produces one beam of light only, compared to others that produce dual beams, so it is easy to spot when mounted on a car.

A disadvantage would be the fact that you need two bulbs if you want to replace the high and low beams alike. Two H11 bulbs will have a wattage of 55.

H8 bulbs are used as a replacement for H11 bulbs. However, the wattage is lower in this case, of 35 only. Still, the differences are small.

And since they have similar sockets, the H8 and H11 can be interchangeable. Just like H11 bulbs, it is possible to use H8 bulbs for both high and low beams.

Are you interested in the brightest bulb? Then it must be the H9 bulb.

Since it is more powerful than the previously mentioned bulbs, the provided light is brighter as well.

And even if it provides one single beam of light, it can be bright enough to increase visibility considerably.

What is The Brightest LED H11 Headlight Bulb?

None of the H11 LED headlight bulbs currently on the market are brighter than 20000 lumens.

In the list presented below, containing the best LED H11 headlight bulb reviews, the brightest LED H11 bulb is from Sealight.

Providing 14000 lumens, it is the closest to the maximum provided by today’s available products.

It is four times brighter than halogen bulbs, so it will certainly make a difference.

Best Car LED H11 Headlight Bulb Reviews

01. Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs – Best H11 Headlight Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • Three times brighter than halogen bulbs, this product will increase visibility on the road
  • Effective cooling ability extends the lifespan of the bulb
  • Design similar to halogen bulbs, for an easy installation
  • Can be used with most car models

Very bright headlight bulbs, the product provides three times more light than regular halogen bulbs.

Thus, visibility is considerably improved, especially on dark roads.

Installation won’t pose challenges for most car owners and can be done at home, in about 10 minutes.

This is due to the “plug and play” design of the bulb.

The beam is adjustable, so it can be made to fit the driver’s needs and car.

Switching the locker ring of the bulb will provide the ideal light beam.


  • Extremely easy to install
  • Bright beams of light, excellent for night driving
  • Great customer service


  • Adjustments during installation may be needed in some cases, based on car model

02. SEALIGHT H11/H8/H9 LED Bulbs – Best LED H11 Headlight Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • Provides white xenon-like light, which is four times brighter than halogen bulbs
  • Easy installation and direct bulb replacement with no tools required
  • The lifespan of the bulbs can go as much as 20 years
  • No adapter required and no radio interference in 99% of the cases

Promoted to work for two decades, this product features an anodized aluminum heatsink, which is highly effective in removing heat from the bulb.

Thus, premature wear is prevented.

The light beam is extremely bright, installation is done with ease and the overall design is made to withstand all driving conditions.


  • Resilient in all water, as the bulbs are water-proof and dust-resistant
  • Extended lifespan is due to smart built of the body and use of top-notch materials
  • Sound systems will not be affected by the use of the product


  • Customer service and support is not that great

03. AUXITO H11 LED Headlight Bulbs


Highlighted Features

  • The product is compatible with H8, H9, and H11 sockets
  • Beam pattern similar to halogen bulbs, but the light is much brighter
  • Body made out of aviation aluminum, for better heat dissipation and resilience to wear
  • Compatible with most cars, errors will not occur, unless it is a rare and isolated case

The product offers high brightness light and a beam that covers a 360 degrees angle.

This way, the driver can spot everything on the road, with no dark spots.

Just plug and play, as the bulb can be used right away.


  • Super white light that immediately increases visibility at nighttime
  • Plug and play product that can be used right after installation
  • The bulbs look great on the car while driving at night becomes safer


  • Although installation should be easy, patience is needed in some cases, as it may be tricker to make the bulbs fit

04. BEAMTECH h11 led headlight bulb


Highlighted Features

  • This H11 headlight bulb can be inserted in the socket as is
  • Silent fanless design that makes usage convenient
  • The light beam is similar to halogen bulbs but much brighter
  • Effective heat dissipation and prolonged lifespan

Some headlight bulbs with cooling fans may make annoying noises when in use.

This is not applicable in the case of this product, as the cooling system features a silent, fanless design.

The light beam is uniform, due to very small gaps between light beans. Convenient plug-in and immediate use.


Silent headlight bulbs that provide an even beam of light

Great quality-price ratio

Installation is a fast and convenient process


The fitting of the bulbs is not ideal in some cases

05. Cougar Motor H11 | H8 | H9 LED Bulb


Highlighted Features

  • Design similar to original headlight bulbs, which makes replacement easier
  • Three times brighter than halogen bulbs, due to high-brightness chips
  • No noises when the headlights are on, for improved comfort during driving
  • Waterproof and dustproof aluminum body

Noticeable improvements when driving in the dark will happen once these bulbs are installed.

The provided light beam is longer and wider, allowing the driver to see the sides of the road as well.

Safety and comfort are improved while driving, even if it’s nighttime.

Also, drivers will appreciate the bulb’s quick installation and silent functioning.


  • Fast plug-in, takes about 5 minutes
  • Wider and longer beams of light on the road
  • Brilliant white light each time the headlights are on


  • Some cars, in particular European cars, may require modifications to use the product

The Common FAQ’s of H11 Headlight Bulb

01. The H11 Headlight Bulb Will Offer a High or Low Beam?

The H11 headlight bulb will offer a low beam, making it suitable for driving on city roads and for everyday use.

It is worth remembering that the H11 bulb offers one single beam of light.

02. What Kind of Bulb Will The H11 Headlight Bulb Replace?

The H11 headlight bulb can be a great replacement for your old halogen bulb if it fits the socket since it offers a brighter light.

It can also replace H8 bulbs, which have a lower wattage and may not be as bright as you’d wish.

03. How Long Do H11 Headlight Bulbs Last?

Manufacturers claim that LED H11 headlight bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, which is quite impressive.

Maybe the LED bulbs won’t last that long, but they will certainly go beyond the regular lifespan of halogen bulbs.

So, if you don’t want to replace headlight bulbs anytime soon, an LED bulb is a better option.

04. Are H11 Headlight Bulbs of Different Kinds? How Can I Choose The Correct Type?

Yes, H11 headlight bulbs are of two types: H11A and H11B. The differences are in the way each type mounts.

To find out which type you need, you will have to remove the old headlight bulb and look at the back of the headlight.

It may be a tricky operation, but it will save you from buying the wrong type or having black spots on the headlight.


H11 headlight bulbs are a great replacement for your car’s regular headlight bulbs because they are brighter and have a longer lifespan.

Suitable for everyday use, including use on city streets, due to the low beam they generate, H11 headlight bulbs will work flawlessly for hours in a row, day after day.

Their design made for effective cooling will allow them to work for longer until they will need replacement.

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