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H9 vs H11 – Common Differences Between H9 and H11 Bulbs (2022 Updated)

Sometimes, a car flashes too brightly and obstructs your vision while driving. And you begin to wonder which type of car produces this amount of lightning.

Well, it’s not about the cars, it’s rather about the bulb in the headlight of the cars. To avoid deciding on an unfit bulb for your car headlight.

Follow up on this post and learn about the several varieties of bulbs suitable for cars, their features, and their pros and cons.

A Table of H9 vs H11 Bulb

ImageBrandWattageLumenColor TemperatureLifespanPrice
SEALIGHT40W14,0006000K20 Year
HIKARI WINGS30W12,0006000K50,000Hrs

What is H9 Bulb?

The H9 bulb has just a beam and it produces a considerable lumen than other bulbs.

Therefore, the H9 bulb creates more illumination than H8 and H11 bulbs due to the higher lumen it generates.

Also, the H9 LED bulb creates the preferred white light as opposed to the Halogen bulb which produces a yellowish color.

The major concern with the H9 bulb is its appropriateness for car headlights due to its intense brightness.

However, it has proven to be satisfactory for car headlights over time because its beam is modifiable and thus, the degree of the brightness can be controlled by car drivers.

Drivers can switch between a higher or lower beam residence depending on their present needs.

The H9 bulb is becoming more famous in the present period due to its physical and other valuable outlines.

A very interesting outline of the H9 bulb is that it is waterproof. It also comes through for drivers during the rainy seasons and in moist areas.

H9 bulbs have different types and each one is different in its uses and outlook. Generally, H9 bulbs have a nicer outlook and give cars a nice appearance.

Regrettably, H9 bulbs have a short lifetime. The H9 bulb also generates a lot of heat due to the extent of power it produces.

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What is H11 Bulb?

The H11 LED bulb also has a single beam like the H9 bulb but it produces a much lesser lumen. Hence, the H11 bulb produces a lower brightness.

The H11 LED bulb is the most employed by car owners. The reason is that the H11 bulb has a longer lifespan, it has a lifespan of about seven years or more.

There are various types of H11 bulbs. Typically, an H11 LED bulb produces about 55 watts of power.

Conclusively, the H11 LED bulb may be preferred for car headlights because it doesn’t obstruct the vision of other drivers.

What Car Does H9 Fit?

It is ascertained that H9 Bulb may be adopted for car headlights. However, it doesn’t fit all types of cars.

There are some cars whose features don’t permit the usage of H9 bulbs. The example of cars that are suited for H9 bulbs are:

  • SANTRA 2013 Model
  • CAYMAN 09-12 Model
  • TOUREG 04-10 Model
  • Cooper W/HID 2002 and 2006 Model
  • S60 2004 and 07-09 Model
  • S80
  • Verano
  • CTS
  • Rx-8

Other cars are not mentioned in this post that can also fit the H9 bulb. Car owners need to confirm the appropriateness of the H9 bulbs for their cars before buying them.

H9 vs H11 Bulb: How Are They Different?

01. Brightness

H9 LED produces more brightness than H11 bulb. The H9 bulb produces about 2100 Lumen while the H11 bulb produces about 1300 Lumen.

Because of the high radiance of the H9 bulb, it can be utilized in factories for lighting and other purposes.

02. Spread

The H9 Led bulb produces a larger spread and has wider coverage than the H11 Led bulb.

Also, the H9 LED bulb produces a better whitish light while the H11 LED bulb.

03. Energy Consumption

The energy usage of the H9 and H11 Bulbs varies due to the amount of power they produce.

The H9 bulb produces about 65 watts of power while the H11 produces less than 60 watts.

The H9 LED bulb also generates more heat and produces a higher temperature than the H11.

04. Efficiency

THE H9 LED has lesser efficiency and consumes higher energy and fuel than the H11 LED.

This is the major reason car owners prefer to adopt the H11 LED Bulb for their cars. H9 LED is mostly adopted for luxury cars.

05. Structure

The variations in the physical structure of H9 and H11 bulbs are very glaring. H11 LED bulbs replace Halogen bulbs perfectly with or little no modification.

While the H9 LED bulb is bigger. The H9 bulb also has a cooling system due to the amount of energy it consumes

06. Durability

Due to the differences in the amount of heat generated, the durability of H9 and H11 bulbs differs.

H11 LED bulbs may last for a longer time than H9 LED bulbs. They may last a lifetime of 7 years.

07. Legality

In most countries, Both H9 and H11 bulbs are legal for street use. This is because they run below 6000k.

However, some countries consider LED lights illegal on the road.

So, it is necessary to confirm the legality of LED bulbs for street use in your country before buying them.

08. Safety

H9 and H11 bulbs that produce below 6000k lumen don’t give off blue light and are harmful to humans.

However, some manufacturers make a bulb that produces above 6000K lumen. But most H9 and H11 bulbs are within the safety range.

09. Price

The prices of H9 bulbs vary from the prices of H11 bulbs. The H11 bulb is expensive and costs about $20 – $40.

But H9 is much cheaper and costs about $10 – $20. This is a major reason why some car owners prefer to buy H9.

Benefits H9 LED Bulb

  • Bright and produces a whitish-like light
  • Wider coverage
  • Cheaper
  • Waterproof
  • Gives the car a nice appearance

Benefits of H11 LED Bulb

  • Durable
  • Safer for human health
  • Legal for road use
  • Has higher efficiency
  • They don’t consume much fuel
  • Lower energy consumption

Disadvantages of H9 LED Bulb

Disadvantages H11 LED Bulb

  • Expensive
  • Less bright
  • Lower coverage

H9 and H11 Bulb: Which is Better?

Each bulb is suited for various uses. This is due to the versatility of car features and other factors. None has a full edge over the other.

H9 bulbs are good for luxury cars because they give a nicer outlook. H11 cars are more suitable on the road because they don’t obstruct the vision of other drivers.

Conclusively, H9 LED Bulbs may be better for car headlights because they provide better radiance and are less expensive than H11 LED bulbs.

What is The Difference Between H9 and H11 Bulbs?

Although, H9 and H11 bulbs are comparable in terms of use. However, there are many disparities between them.

H9 and H11 bulbs have varied physical appearances, efficiencies, prices, energy and fuel consumption, brightness, and more.

However, the most apparent difference between H9 and H11 bulbs is the brightness and pricing.

The H9 LED bulb produces a much brighter luminance and a whiter light than its counterpart.

So the difference in the brightness is very glaring! Also, the H11 LED bulb is more expensive than the H9 bulb.

Are They Interchangeable?

The answer to this question is Yes and No. Ordinarily, H9 LED bulbs cannot be used with H11 LED bulb flux.

This is majoring due to the differences in structure and wiring.

However, with minor adjustments in these features, you can use H9 and H11 interchangeably with each other.

The service of a professional mechanic may be needed to adjust an H9 LED bulb to fit an H11 LED bulb purpose and vice versa.

Interestingly, some H9 bulbs have the same features as H11 bulbs and versa. You can get an H9 bulb with an H11 bulb feature instead of using them interchangeably.

H11 vs H9: How To Know Which One You Need?

To know which bulb you need for your car, here are the things you should check;

01. Your Car Model

The model of your car is a great determinant of the type of bulb you’ll choose. The flux available for cars’ headlights is different.

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02. Your Financial Capacity

This point is also very crucial and will help you decide which bulb to buy.

H11 bulbs are more expensive. Therefore, if the money you have at hand is not enough to buy an H11 bulb.

03. Your Country’s Law on LED Bulbs

Some countries have laws that regulate the utility of LED bulbs for car headlights.

Some countries that permit the use of H11 Bulb may not permit the usage of the H9 bulb because if its brightness

04. Weather

The weather condition of your area may also infer the type of bulb you’ll buy as a car owner.

In a place where rainfall is regular, it may be advisable to buy an H9 bulb.

This is because H9 bulbs are waterproof. In dusty or desert areas, a SEALIGHT 9005 H9 LED bulb is preferable because it is dustproof.

Best H9 LED Bulb Reviews

Reviews on LED bulbs have shown that LED bulbs generally produce greater luminance and have a wider spread than Halogen bulbs.

The Best H9 Bulbs Are:

  • Fahren H9 LED Bulbs
  • SEALIGHT 9005 H9 LED Bulbs
  • BAMTECH 9006
  • AUXITO H9 LED Bulbs
  • HIKIRI H9 LED Bulbs


This LED bulb has no fan and it’s easy to use. It has good thermal conductivity and reaches a long distance.

But customers complain of the poor customer service of the company.


Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use
  • White light
  • Reaches a rather distance
  • Better outlook
  • Good thermal conductivity


  • Very bright
  • It has an even distribution of light
  • Suitable for night driving
  • Easy to fix
  • Gives cars an aesthetic appearance
  • Has a good quality


  • Poor customer service

02. SEALIGHT 9005 H9 LED Bulbs

It is one of the best bulbs to use in places with bad weather. It’s dustproof and waterproof.

It is also easy to fix. However, it may interfere with the other features of cars like the sound system.


Highlighted Features

  • Has a cooling system
  • Waterproof
  • Good sockets



  • May interfere with other car functions

03. HIKIRI H9 LED Bulbs

These bulbs have good quality and have a good customer review.

They are suitable for projector headlights and give cars a good appearance. But they are not easy to install.


Highlighted Features

  • Lasts longer
  • Reaches a rather distance
  • Better outlook
  • Good quality



  • Difficult to fix

04. AUXITO H9 LED Bulbs

Auxito H9 LED bulb is compatible with many models of cars.

The most interesting thing about this LED bulb is that it doesn’t obstruct the vision of other drivers.


Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with many vehicles
  • White light
  • Continuous lightning
  • It has a Cooling fan


  • Doesn’t obstruct other drivers’ vision
  • Suitable for night driving
  • Versatile
  • Fits an H8 and H11 socket


  • Does not work well with projector headlights

05. Fahren H9 LED Bulbs

This is among the best H9 bulbs, it lasts longer.

It’s made of an aviation aluminum body and has a good aesthetic appearance. However, they are quite expensive.


Highlighted Features

  • Has a cooling system
  • It is water-resistant
  • Made of aluminum
  • Adjustable beam



  • Expensive

The Common FAQ’s About H9 VS H11 Bulb

01. Is The H9 Asked Bulb Brighter Than The H11 LED Bulb?

Yes, the H9 LED bulb is brighter than the H11 bulb.

02. Are H9 LED Bulbs Interchangeable With H11 LED Bulbs?

Yes and No. Ordinarily, H9 bulbs can not be interchanged with H11 bulbs.

But with few changes in the features, H9 LED bulbs can be interchanged with H11 bulbs.

03. Which One is Suitable For My Car?

To determine the one that best fits your car.

The four important factors that should be examined are; The Car model, financial status, weather, and the law of your country.

You may seek the advice of your car mechanic for a proper guide.


In conclusion, H9 and H11 LED bulbs have many similarities.

But they also have varied features such as brightness, efficiency, energy usage, durability, price, coverage, and structure.

Furthermore, there are numerous types of H9 and H11 LED bulbs and each has different characteristics,  merits, and demerits.

Before buying an H9 or H11 LED bulb, it is necessary to examine its suitability for the intended use.

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