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3 Fast & Easy Ways of How To Connect Canon Rebel T6 To Computer

The canon rebel t6 is a well-specified camera system for beginners moving up from the compact camera or smartphone looking for a high-quality image and changing the lenses.

The t6 has an 18-megapixel APC-S format sensor which provides decent image quality in this entry-level camera.

The optical viewfinder gives a peaceful natural view of the world in front of the lenses. The NF-C connection and Wi-Fi are reliable, it allows easy and quick photo sharing to your family and friends.

The canon t6 creates very high-quality JPEG images, it’s a great value for the price and also a good option for anyone looking for a more capable camera without any huge investment.

Canon Rebel T6 Features

18.0 Megapixel (APS-C) Sensor

The Canon T6 has an 18.0 Megapixel APS-C sensor that is perfectly good for any photography form.

The APS-C sensor is for an effective 1.6x field of view (compared to 35mm format), so the 35mm on a crop sensor camera gives a lot of versatility to shoot headshots and portraits that show a lot more brilliance scenes.

DIGIC 4+ Image Processor

The most advanced DIGIC 4+ processor yet, the digit 4+ offers several crucial improvements.

  • Fast camera operation
  • Outstanding noise reduction
  • Richer, more detailed images

Its accelerated processing speed gives high-quality blur-free images with fast continuous shooting at high ISO.

Getting a great, faster, better and more wonderful shot with DIGIC 4+ is easier than ever.

ISO 100-6400 (expanding to H: 12800)

The T6 capture from ISO 100–6400 expanding the 12,800. The EOS Rebel T6 camera can take a usable image at ISO 6400. It records video clips at up to 1080p30 high-quality format. It can capture a wonderful photo in any situation without needing a flash.

9-point AF system

The canon rebel T6 has a 9-point AF device with a high-precision, high-speed autofocus. The autofocus system makes sure that images are sharp.

Optical Viewfinder

The optical viewfinder on the Canon T6 is wide and high-resolution. When looking through it, You see exactly out the end of the lens.

It provides with a crystal-clear, razor-sharp view of the scene. There is no way to make the picture blurry.

Large, 3.0-inch LCD monitor

The 3.0-inch LCD on the EOS Rebel T6 camera is large and bright; The huge display has a high resolution with 920000 dots and a large viewing angle of 170°it functions wonderfully for a live view.

Creative filter mode

The T6 produces sharp color photos and makes it easier to craft the image you want with the creative filter mode, including Toy Camera Effect Fisheye Effect and Miniature Effect.

Each filter changed the mood and allowing you to create photos with a unique style.

Auto mode

Auto mode means that no matter where you go, no matter what you want to share camera can adapt and change the setting as you need.

This automatic feature helps examine the photo, representing faces, colors, brightness, relocating objects, whether the camera is portable or on a tripod. Auto mode enhances the beauty in any scene or situation.

Canon EF and EF-S Lenses

T6 has manual flexibility and complete compatibility with Canon EF and EF-S lenses.

White priority feature

The canon new white priority feature allows auto-white balancing to better compensate for warm and cool light sources making it easier to capture accurate photos and full HD videos.

Built-in Wi-Fi* and NF-C

The T6 has some new features that combine traditional DSLR quality with the wireless capability that make shooting and sharing your photo easier than ever.

The rebel T6 has Wi-Fi, and an NF-C connection allows you to transfer your photos wirelessly to a smartphone or o social media.

Why is it popular?

Canon rebel T6 is popular because of its great compromise regarding price, features, and image quality.

Canon rebel series is known for creating wonderful images and videos. It was designed by canon with specifications so it is ideal for newbies.

T6 creates sharp and colorful photos with an amazing sharing option.

The last but not least wonderful fact regarding T6 is that it is very affordable for everyone. These are the amazing things that make it popular.

How To Connect Canon Rebel T6 To Computer

Here are the easy methods to connect Canon Camera to PC.

  1.  Through a USB drive,
  2.  Through SD card,
  3.  Wirelessly.

1. Connect the Canon Camera using a USB

A USB cable is one of the easiest ways to connect a Canon camera to your device.

  • Turn on your camera
  • Disable Wi-Fi from setting
  • Plug the USB cable into the camera and computer
  • To upload the photographs into photography viewing software, open my computer on the Desktop and open the canon EOS icon.

2. Connecting the Canon with an SD Card

  • Turn off the camera
  • Insert the SD card into the device after removing it from the camera.
  • SD file folder will appear on the computer screen
  • Save the photo from SD card to computer

3. Connecting the Canon wirelessly.

The fast and easiest method to connect a camera with a computer is by doing it wirelessly

  • Turn on the camera and wireless canon camera transmission
  • Connect the computer with a reliable Wi-Fi connection
  • Install the canon driver application on the computer by following the Canon camera’s wireless manual.
  • Wait until the computer recognize the Wi-Fi signals from the camera and open the folder of photos
  • Now transfer the photos from folder to the computer.

Here are 2 shorts videos that can help you while connecting Rebel T6 to the computer or laptop. These videos clearly explain all the connecting processes and the problems anyone can face while connecting.

This video explains connection of Canon Camera to PC with USB Cable.

This video explains connecting of Canon Camera to PC using Wi-Fi.

Tips and Tricks Of Canon Rebel T6

Ø Tip 1

In the back of the camera, there is a button marked cue. Cue for quick access allows a user to access some of the camera features without going into the main menu system.

Ø Tip 2

In the camera, when you press the shutter button to focus, the camera Beeps. The beep is the camera indicating that he has successfully focus.

Some people don’t like the beep. They find it annoying there is an option to turn it off. It can be turned off simply by:

  1. Pressing the menu button
  2. Going to the main camera setting
  3. Selecting beep and going it to disable

Now the beep is turned off, but of course, when the beep is turned off.

How do you know that camera successfully focused?

There is a visual sign to look out for when you are looking through the viewfinder, taking a picture, and press the shutter button halfway down in the camera.

You will see in the bottom right-hand corner of the viewfinder there is a dot that appears. That dot is the visual equivalent of the beep.

Ø Tip 3

Suppose you have trouble trying to get the camera to focus. There are several reasons this might occur, but one of them is that you are capturing the picture too closely.

When you capture the picture closely, you will hear the weird whirring sound that the lens is hunting.it is trying to focus, but it can’t, but when you pour the camera back a bit, you hear the beep

The beep tells the camera is focused. Every lens has its limitations, and often, it is printed on the lens. If you get inside of those numbers, the lens will not be focused.

Ø Tip 4

For making the picture more HD, you need to look white balancing feature in your camera. Through this feature, the camera will set the color according to the scene.

This is usually appropriate, but selecting the right option according to the situation may provide you a more wonderful color to the image

  • To find the white balance in setting
  • Look into the main menu
  • Find the white balance feature and turn it on
  • This feature will make your photos wonder.

Ø Tip 5

When taking photos in the evening or at night time, there is a little bit of delay to see your photo.

Long exposure when the shutter is open for an extended amount of time can cause the camera sensor to overheat, and this can result in grainy-looking images, which is called digital noise.

This feature is present in most of the cameras called long exposure noise reduction. For example, 10-second exposure, you. ‘ll have to wait another 10 seconds to see the image.

In these 10 seconds, the noise reduction is working. This can be a very useful feature and can be quite frustrating when you have to wait for 20 30 seconds.

This can be turned off:

  • Press the button.
  • Go the main menu button and scroll through to the custom setting, and scroll down to custom functions.
  • Pressing the set button will give you some options.
  • Scroll right until you see Long exposure noise reduction.
  • Press the set button to select off.
  • Press the set button again, and it’s done.

FAQ’s of How To Connect Canon Rebel T6 To Computer

Should I get the T6 or T5?

They are the same camera. The only difference is that the T6 has wi-fi and has a Digic 4+ processor, whereas the T5 has just the basic Digic 4 and no wi-fi. To me, the wi-fi was not a feature that I would use at all.

I take so many photos that transferring them over wi-fi would be a joke. However, the fact that the Digic 4+ is faster and better prompted me to go with the T6.

Plus, the screen in the back has a better resolution. However, if these features are not a big deal to you, the T5 does present huge savings, and it’s the same camera.

Does T6 come with software?

Yes. But for some reason, they didn’t include it in the box, nor do they mention it prominently in the instruction book that comes with it.

The software is Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP), which is a raw image processor. It comes with a bunch of other software as well, and they’re pretty powerful/useful. You have to go to Canon’s website to download all this.

Does T6 come with a manual?

Answer is an obvious “yes,” but actually, no. It comes with a quick start guide that tells how to use most of the automatic features and get started.

The guide is great for beginners as it breaks things down to basics. But you do not get the full camera manual. You have to download that from Canon’s website.

When I’m ready to upgrade, what is the next step?

Next step is to get the 50mm 1.8 lenses. This will enable you to work with lower available light and give some awesome background blur. And it’s probably the most affordable lens anyone can buy.

Is the Canon Rebel T6 good for YouTube?

I have downvoted this question because the OP knows perfectly well that smartphones are used for YouTube videos and that a DSLR is a better camera than any smartphone.

Is the Canon T6 good for recording?

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is more of a starter camera for photography. If you’re a beginner and looking to record great quality video, I’d suggest starting with the Canon rebel T6.

It offers 1080p 30fps, high-quality images and is a very good choice if you’re starting.

Of course, there are more cameras you can look into, but the T6 is a great choice for recording video as far as Canon goes.


Canon Rebel T6 is the first DSLR entry-level camera. It is a lightweight camera that is excellent for shooting and filming.

If you are interested in buying the 1st camera, this is perfect for you with its excellent features.

The NF-C connection and Wi-Fi allow easy and quick photo sharing to your family and friends.

The canon t6 creates very high-quality JPEG images; it’s a great value for the price and a good option for anyone looking for a more capable camera without any huge investment.


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