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What is a H1 Bulb? Benefits & Disadvantages of Car H1 Headlight Bulb in 2022

There are various types of bulbs designed for vehicles headlights.

One of the most popular names is H1.

This article will discuss what is H1 bulb is and some of the properties that differentiate it from other available options.

When the headlight bulb fades out or stops operating at the required/standard intensity, the H1 headlight bulb is a popular replacement option that comes to mind.

One of the questions many vehicle owners have always asked is what differentiates the H1 headlight bulb LED from the H series.

Over the years, we have seen several comparisons such as H1 vs H7, H1 vs H4, and even H1 vs H11, as vehicle owners continue to conduct numerous findings towards the most reliable and compatible replacement option for the money.


A Comparison Table of What is a H1 Bulb {Updated 2022}

ImageBrandWattageLumenColor TemperaturePrice
HIKARI WINGS32W20,0006000K

What is H1 Bulb?

The H1 bulb has a rich history.

It is the first halogen bulb specifically designed to be installed on the vehicle to illuminate the headlight.

Over the years, it has experienced massive upgrades, leading to the development of LED H1 bulbs, spreading across various brands.

A top property or attribute vehicle owners look for in a headlight bulb is the brightness it offers.

This feature is widely considered because of its importance when driving at night.

The H1 is designed to offer the brightest light anyone could want or desire.

Not only does it illuminate a clear and bright light over wide coverage, but the light intensity also travels across a long distance, keeping you meters ahead on the road.

Now, let’s divert a bit to the setup.

The H1 bulb has a single filament, meaning the bulb can only perform or act in a specific form, either as a high or low beam.

H1 Headlight Bulb

For instance, if one side of the headlight is low or becomes inadequate and needs to be replaced, instead of getting a single bulb to function as a high beam and low beam.

You will need to get two (2) H1 bulbs, one for the high beam and the other for the low beam, relying on an independent reflector to deliver the expected performance.

That means a total of four (4) H1 bulbs and reflectors if a complete replacement or upgrade is intended.

When it comes to performance and functionality.

The H1 is undeniably a quality option, especially for adventurers who set out on road trips once in a while or regularly across rural communities or areas without street lights or reliable light sources on the roads.

Overall, the H1 bulbs deliver excellent visibility and clarity on the road, spreading across a long range.

However, the performance may vary from one brand/design to another.

H1 Headlight Bulb Fits What Cars?

Thanks to technological advancement and innovation, the H1 bulbs have transitioned from the traditional halogen design to LED, encouraging a wider adoption among old and new vehicle owners due to the reliability and efficiency the LED H1 offers.

Today, the H1 is highly rated among vehicle owners, making it a major replacement consideration across several models/designs/brands.

Due to its increased popularity, we have seen an increase in brands making/producing the H1 bulbs.

Some of the popular vehicles that make use of the H1 bulbs include Honda Accord (the ninth generation), Volkswagen New Beetle, Subaru Outback (third generation), Honda Civic (eighth generation), and Toyota CR-V (second generation).

H1 Headlight Bulb Features

01. Brightness

H1 (halogen) bulbs can deliver up to 1410 Lumens.

The LED H1 delivers up to 20k Lumens in some cases.

02. Safety

H1 (both halogen and LED) bulbs offer adequate light output for improved visibility on the road.

03. Where/When Used

Installation is compatible with old and new generations of vehicles.

It is a solid/effective replacement option when the old headlight bulb is weak.

04. Power Consumption

The H1 has a power usage rate of around 55W, extending across 6V and 12V.

05. Efficiency

The H1 (halogen) guarantees a lifespan stretching up to 700 hours on average.

The LED designs have an average lifespan of 40K hours.

06. Price

The H1 bulb can be purchased for as low as $4 and as high as $60 per unit and even more, depending on the brand, features, and quality.

Benefits of H1 Bulb

01. Advanced Lighting System

Since its introduction into the market, it has retained its significance, offering reliable light output that is adequate to light up the darkest paths for improved visibility and safety.

02. Durability

The H1 bulbs (from the top brands) are highly-rated for their durability.

For instance, the LED H1 comes with an adequate cooling system that supplies enough air to the bulb to eliminate excessive heat, keeping the temperature in check for long-lasting performance.

03. Lifespan

The H1 (halogen) offers a considerable time of use (up to 1000 hours in some cases).

However, the LED bulbs offer up to 50K hours of continuous light output, provided the condition supports their operation.

Disadvantages of H1 Bulb/Common Problems

01. Extra Cost

Since the H1 bulb can function/work as high and low beam consecutively, you will need to invest in two (2) bulbs to take care of these operations independently.

02. Unsuitable Color Temperature

If you are intentional about aesthetics or style, the color of the light output that some H1 bulbs offer may not be pleasurable or appealing to you.

The yellow light output looks outdated, unattractive, and out of fashion.

03. Filament Issue

This is common with H1 bulbs with no cooling system (halogen bulb).

In extreme weather conditions (if you live in a very hot region), the filament may be affected by excess heat, which greatly affects durability.

The filament may break with time.

What is The Brightest H1 Headlight Bulb?

The ability of the driver to have a clearer view of the road from a far distance at night is a significant/valuable ingredient that promotes improved safety on the road.

You will be able to see what’s ahead from a far distance, making it possible to make the best safety efforts or decisions to prevent collision or accident.

H1 bulbs are available as Halogen, LED, and HID. When it comes to rating these three classes or types of H1 bulbs according to their brightness level, the HID comes first, followed by LED.

The HID H1 bulbs offer up to three times more road coverage than the LED.

Is The H1 Bulb Better Than Other Types?

8 Difference Between H1 vs H4

a) Brightness

The H1 and H4 (halogen) bulbs can deliver up to 1410 and 2000 Lumens, respectively.

On the other hand, the H1 & H4 LED bulbs to offer as high as 20K Lumens.

b) Safety

Both bulbs offer an adequate light output for improved clarity and vision while driving at night.

c) Where/When Used

Since the introduction of the LED design, the H1 has become a top choice among vehicles owner for the improved performance it offers at night.

On the other hand, the H4 is a popular headlight bulb among motorcycle owners who seek improved vision and clarity at night.

d) Power Consumption

The H1 uses 55W, extending across 6V and 12V.

The H4 uses either 55 or 60 watts.

e) Efficiency

The H4 bulb performs the job of both high and low beams.

However, the H1 needs 2 bulbs to perform each of these functions.

f) Price

On average, both H1 & H4 could cost between $4 and $ 60 per unit.

g) Pros

The H1 and H4 offer improved brightness, extended use, and long-lasting performance when handled carefully or with caution.

h) Cons

The fan-less H1 and H4 bulbs could burn out quickly since they can’t regulate the temperature when it’s extremely hot due to the absence of a cooling system.

Differences And Similarities Between H1 vs H7

a) Brightness

The H1 bulbs offer a brighter light output than the H7.

Thanks to its higher Lumen.

For instance, the regular H1 offers 1410 LM, compared to 1350 offered by the H7.

b) Safety

When it comes to night trips, the H1 is better equipped to do the job, especially when driving across roads without any form of light.

The H7 is better suited for regular use since it is designed for low beam.

c) Where/When Used

The H1 is highly-rated for its improved brightness across a long-range, especially when driving across a dark road/path.

The H7 produces a low beam and only illuminates across a shorter distance, making it a suitable option for regular driving at night (across the highways or roads in urban areas)

d) Power Consumption

The H7 operates on twelve (12) volts using a 55 Watts rated bulb.

On the other hand, the H1 operates on six (6) and twelve (12) volts.

Irrespective of the volt, it uses a 55 Watts bulb.

e) Efficiency

The LED H1 and H7 promotes efficient power usage.

These bulbs do not place unnecessary strain/load on the engine, irrespective of the mode of operation.

f) Price

On average, both bulbs can be purchased between $10 and $120 per pack.

g) Pros

The H1 & H7 LED bulbs offer an adequate level of brightness that complements their function.

Also, they are long-lasting.

h) Cons

The cost of the LED H1 & H7 bulbs may be high when the initial investment cost is considered.

The Basics of Differences Between H1 vs H11

a) Brightness

The regular/halogen H1 offers 1410 LM, compared to the about 2000 offered by the H11.

Most LED H1 and H11 bulbs are designed to deliver up to 20K Lumens.

b) Safety

The H1 & H11 offer adequate light output for improved visibility to prevent possible collisions or accidents on the road when driving at night, especially across dark roads.

c) Where/When Used

The H1 and H7 use a single filament.

These bulbs can be installed to deliver reliable high and low beam performance.

d) Power Consumption

The H1 uses 55W, extending across 6V and 12V.

The H11 uses either 55 or 60 watts.

e) Efficiency

The H1 and H11 are designed as suitable options for both low and high beams.

If your car uses two bulbs (one for each beam) per headlight.

The H1 or H11 can slot into these positions, delivering efficient and reliable performance.

f) Price

Both bulbs can be purchased for as low as $4 and as high as $60 or more per unit.

g) Pros

The LED H1 and H11 bulbs are brighter, energy-efficient, and offer a longer life span.

These features justify the high purchase cost.

h) Cons

The halogen H1 & H11 bulbs are not durable, resulting in a shorter life span.

Also, they do not illuminate as bright as the LED design.

Best H1 Headlight Bulb Led Reviews

01. Hikari ‎V55-H1


Highlighted Features

  • ‎2 units in a pack
  • 20K Lumens
  • Color temperature: 6000K
  • Adjustable bulb holder
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • 6 ounces in weight

When it comes to brightness, longevity, and power efficiency.

The Hikari V5-H1 is a highly rated H1 headlight bulb LED that offers a remarkable improvement over the factory/stock installation.

The light output isn’t only bright; it is also very clean, eliminating any form of irregular/dark spots on the road.

It is designed to resist/block moisture or infiltration of other harmful elements.

This great feature extends the lifespan and makes it suitable for regions with extreme rainfall and snow.


  • Exceptional light output, offering a wider and longer coverage
  • Designed for adequate performance across all weather conditions
  • Clearly written instructions for timely and problem-free installation


  • A bit pricey

02. Fahren ‎ZEEPVGSGGLH1


Highlighted Features

  • ‎2 units
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • 10K Lumens
  • 5000 hours lifespan
  • Power consumption: 60Watts at 12 volts
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • 9 ounces in weight

Fahren ‎ZEEPVGSGGLH1 is designed with a wider compatibility rate in mind.

According to the information supplied by the manufacturer, the bulbs can be installed on about 98% of vehicles on the road.

When it comes to the light output, asides from being stylish, it offers a top brightness level to enhance visibility for adequate derivability and safety on the road at night.

The bulbs are suitable for trips across rural areas, illuminating the roads as you drive across the dark areas.


  • Affordable design
  • Easy to install on compatible vehicles
  • Efficient cooling system for adequate temperature regulation
  • Impressive lifespan


  • Installation may require an adapter in some vehicles

03. AUXITO-USM3H1-0417


Highlighted Features

  • 2 units
  • 12000 Lumens
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Lifespan: 30K hours
  • 1 ounce in weight

AUXITO is one of the top LED bulb manufacturers in the industry.

The AUXITO-USM3H1-0417, a notable H1 LED bulb from its numerous models, is one of the most reliable options that can be picked up at a price that doesn’t disorganize your financial commitments or plans.

If the headlight bulb goes off unexpectedly, especially when a vehicle owner does not have much money to spare on a replacement.

This design comes in handy, offering impressive performance and quality at an affordable cost.


  • Budget-friendly design
  • Extended use and performance
  • Clearly written instructions to support easy integration
  • The light output is very bright


  • Tight installation in some vehicles housings

04. Firehawk ‎V49-H1


Highlighted Features

  • ‎Two (2) units
  • Color temperature: 6000K
  • 15K Lumens
  • 50K hours of use
  • 9 ounces in weight

When it comes to LED headlight bulbs purchase, value is only attained when your choice of design offers impressive brightness that can last for an extended number of hours.

Usually, LED H1 bulbs are popular for their exceptional light output, especially the clarity and visibility they offer on the road when driving at night.

Only a few can boast of a longer lifespan, irrespective of what is stated in the product description.

The Firehawk ‎V49-H1 is entirely different.

The efficient cooling fan ensures the bulbs operate within the normal temperature for improved durability and longevity, irrespective of how long the bright light stays on.


  • Lightweight design
  • Inexpensive replacement option
  • Installation doesn’t take time
  • Offers improved brightness and visibility


  • The base is larger than standard

05. KATUR ‎AMCL-1274-H1


Highlighted Features

  • 2 units
  • 12K Lumens
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Power consumption: 55 Watts at 12 Volts
  • Lifespan: 30K hours
  • ‎4.2 ounces in weight

KATUR may not sound like your regular brand.

Nevertheless, the KATUR ‎AMCL-1274-H1 is designed to deliver a similar or corresponding performance to what the household or popular names offer.

Impressively, its solid features, most notably, the unbelievable brightness and the extended time of use, are offered at a very affordable price.

By investing in this design, vehicle owners will save between three to five times what they would have invested in any of the expensive or popular options.


  • Lightweight LED H1 bulb
  • Excellent performance in all conditions
  • Offered at a reasonable price


  • The compatibility rate is lower compared to other brands/designs on our list

The Common FAQ’s of What is H1 Bulb

01. How Does The H1 Work As a High Beam And Low Beam?

As discussed earlier, the H1 headlight bulb is designed with a single filament.

A single bulb can’t perform the function of high and low beams; hence you need to install two (2) bulbs, one for each function.

The lens and reflector for high beams are designed to project the light intensity directly on the road, extending across a long range.

For low beams, the light intensity is controlled to focus on short-range, without getting in the way of upcoming vehicles or other road users.

02. What is The Color Temperature of An H1 Bulb?

The regular H1 bulb has a color temperature ranging between 3400K and 3600K, producing a yellow light output in the process.

Most modern H1 (LED) have an average color temperature of 5000K, which is sufficient enough to offer a white light output for a modern and very attractive feel.

03. How Do I Correct Or Avoid The Issue of Unappealing H1 Color Temperature?

Choose a compatible modern design that offers an improved color temperature that guarantees white and clear light across your paths.

04. How Does The Dual-Beam Bulb Operate/Function?

The bulb is designed to function efficiently as high and low beams by relying on the reflective pattern.

For instance, the high beam reflective pattern is altered to activate the low beam and vice versa.

05. How Effective Are The H1 And H7 Bulbs Combination?

If you have a headlight that uses two different bulbs (one for high beam and the other for low beam).

The H1 and H7 can be installed respectively to deliver the reliable performance you need during each operation.


To wrap it up, we hope we have provided reasonable answers to clarify the request asking to know “what is H1 bulb.”

Ensure the correct bulb replacement option or type is considered at all times for best performance.

Follow the replacement tips/recommendations as stated in the owner’s manual.

This is the only way the ideal bulb fitment can be achieved on your vehicle.

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