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What is H4 Bulb | Benefits of Using H4 LED Headlight Bulb in 2022

This article comprehensively answers the popular/common question, “what is H4 bulb” explaining its uniqueness in use and performance.

If you have heard about H4 headlight bulbs but without precise knowledge of what it does and what will you differentiates them from other bulbs.

The information we are about to share will provide enough clarity, ensuring all concerns and questions are rightly answered.

In addition to illustrating the attributes and uniqueness the H4 bulb offers, we will also compare it with other bulb types.

For instance, H4 vs H7 and H4 vs H1 to determine how it rates alongside these options/designs.

Also, the question, “what is the brightest H4 headlight bulb” is of great interest to you.

A dedicated section in the article gives a precise overview of what every vehicle owner needs to know.

The Comparison Table of Best H4 Headlight Bulb Led (2022 Updated)

ImageBrandWattageLumenColor TemperaturePrice

In Details of What is H4 Bulb?

Vehicle bulbs are placed/positioned in different categories, highlighting their functions and the parts they fit into.

For instance, some bulbs are designed/built mainly for headlights. In contrast, others work well with brake lights, signaling lights, and a few others.

The H4 bulb is designed to work with vehicle headlights. Thanks to its bright illumination and wider coverage while driving on the road at night, over an extended period.

These bulbs come in dual/double filament, ensuring a single bulb operates and low and high beams, lighting up accordingly depending on need/preference.

These bulbs are designed or sold on the market as either LED or halogen.

H4 Headlight Bulbs Fit What Cars?

The H4 bulb was at first built/designed for race cars. Over the years, the number of vehicles that use the H4 bulbs has grown significantly, making it a top headlight bulb option.

Top vehicle manufacturers/brands such as Skoda, Audi, Ford, Daewoo, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Daihatsu, Lexus, Honda, Fiat, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Citroen, Mercedes, Land Rover, Hyundai, Lotus, Isuzu, Mini, Jaguar, Nissan, Porsche, Rover, Peugeot, Renault, Suzuki, Volkswagen, Proton, Saab, Toyota, Volvo, Reliant, Vauxhall, Subaru, and Seat have the H4 headlight installed on some of their models.

If you drive/own a vehicle from any of the above-listed manufacturers, check the owner’s manual to know the type of bulb compatible with it.

Common H4 Headlight Features

01. Brightness

LED H4 bulbs are popular for their very cool color temperature. The light output is very bright, spreading across a wider area.

LED design can be six times brighter than the halogen H4 bulbs.

02. Where/When Used

The H4 bulbs (LED design) are illegal for headlight installation and use on United States of America roads, leaving the halogen as the authorized/approved option.

For individuals who desire a long-lasting, brighter, and stylish bulb for off-road adventures, the LED H4 bulbs make the cut.

03. Power Consumption

On average, the LED H4 bulbs consume about fifty (50) watts. However, the modern H4 halogen bulbs use 55 to 60 watts (standard).

04. Efficiency

The modern halogen design can last up to a thousand (1000) hours on average. LED bulb’s lifespan is between 20K hours to 50K hours.

05. Price

LED bulbs are not as budget-friendly as halogens. On average, H4 halogen bulbs cost between $7 and $15.

On the other hand, H4 LED may cost as high as $100 on average, depending on the brand.

Benefits of Using H4 Headlight

  • Outstanding light output (extraordinarily bright and clearer) to promote adequate sight/vision for a safe drive on the road at night
  • Double filament bulb, functioning as both low and high beams. This eliminates the need for two different bulbs (additional expenses).
  • The LED H4 headlights are long-lasting, cutting down the need for a regular replacement drastically.
  • They are top options for the road (H4 halogen) and off-road (H4 LED) use/performance in the USA.
  • In a situation where there is H4 scarcity, unavailability, or restriction. The HB2 or 9003 can be used as a replacement or alternative.
  • The installation is not complicated.

What is The Brightest H4 Headlight Bulb?

There are hundreds of H4 headlight bulbs on the market. We are aware that many of these designs possess impressive qualities/attributes that support outstanding performance and efficiency.

Nevertheless, we find the Fahren TYH4FT a more practical design that’s worth the money.

Thanks to its several features, delivering the brightest light output compared to several other designs in its category.

The 20K lumens produce six times the brightness level that the standard H4 halogen could deliver/give.

Also, this LED headlight bulb offers about 6500K of clean light (white) to aid a better (more precise and more effective) view of the road and its surrounding at night to promote the driver’s safety and other road users.

Overall, Fahren TYH4FT offers an impressive/outstanding light output, consuming less energy.

Is H4 Bulb Better Than Other Types?

It is no news that there are different bulb designs/types on the market. Like the H4, each bulb is built/made to work with specific vehicle models, allowing vehicle owners to customize or upgrade their headlights.

The H4 bulbs are better than some of these designs in efficiency and performance.

Also, it is fair enough to say or mention that some bulb types can stand side by side with the H4 or even offer better outputs in some critical areas when comparisons are made.

In the next paragraph, the H4 will be placed side-by-side with other bulb types, comparing some critical attributes or parameters to see which one goes higher.

The Difference Between H4 vs H7

01. Brightness

When it comes to the light output quality these two bulbs produce, they both deliver outstanding performance.

However, since the low beam will still be active or in use when the high beam is turned on in H7 headlights, the light output may be higher considering that four (bulbs) will interact at such time (two per headlight) compared to two bulbs (one per headlight) in the H4 headlights.

02. Where/When Used

Both bulbs are primarily installed or integrated into vehicle headlights for optimum visibility.

While the H7 is designed solely for road use, H4 can be used on the USA’s roads (halogen) and off-road adventures (LED).

03. Power Consumption

Both bulbs share similar power usage or consumption pattern. On average, the LED bulbs consume about fifty (50) watts of power, while the halogen bulbs use 55 to 60 watts (standard).

04. Efficiency

H4 bulbs are double/dual filament. A single bulb can efficiently perform the function of low and high beams by switching accordingly. As a result, two (2) bulbs are needed for the two headlamps.

The H7 is a single filament. Two bulbs are required per headlamp to independently operate/turn on the low and high beams.

05. Price

The H4 and H7 bulbs are available within a similar price range. On average, halogen bulbs cost between $7 and $15 on average. LEDs cost between $20 and $100 on average.

06. Pros

These bulbs provide a better/clearer view of the objects and activities on the road while driving at night.

07. Cons

The H7 is a more expensive investment considering the number of bulbs required for every replacement.

Differences and Similarities Between H4 vs H1

01. Brightness

Since the H1 has the two low beam bulbs in operation when the high beams are activated (four bulbs in total)

It is likely to offer superior brightness than H4, which operates two (2) bulbs during use.

02. Where/When Used

The H4 and H1 bulbs are compatible with several vehicle light accessories/ systems.

Although these bulbs can be used as tail lights and many more applications, they are mainly installed or integrated into the headlights for cleaner and clearer light output on the road.

03. Power Consumption

On average, LED bulbs consume about fifty (50) watts of power. The halogen bulbs use between 55 to 60 watts (standard).

04. Efficiency

H4 is easier for most vehicle owners to operate since a single bulb performs both duties (producing both the main and dipped light outputs).

H1 bulbs are designed to perform one duty simultaneously, requiring two bulbs to activate/operate the main (high beam) and dipped (low beam) lights.

05. Price

The H4 and H1 are similar in price, irrespective of the type (LED or halogen). However, LED bulbs are costlier than halogen.

06. Pros

The H1 and H4 are bright bulbs, offering improved visibility and safety on the road.

07. Cons

Although the H4 and H1 belong to a similar bulb specification/category, they can’t be switched or interchanged.

The Basics of Differences Between H4 vs H11

01. Brightness

Considering the number of bulbs in use during operation (two and four for H4 and H11, respectively). We can only agree that the H11 will deliver the highest brightness level.

02. Where/When Used

These two bulbs perform a similar function (to illuminate dark roads for improved clarity). This says a lot about the intensity of light output they produce.

03. Power Consumption

Power consumption is relatively similar. The LED bulbs use about 50 watts on average, while the halogen consumes 55 to 60 watts as the standard.

04. Efficiency

The H4 bulbs operate/use a double filament, relying on a single bulb to function as high and low beams. The H11 uses a bulb each for both light needs.

Hence, the H4 is easier to operate and maintain, requiring two bulbs during replacement against four (4) when it comes to H11.

05. Price

Since these bulbs belong to a similar category, the price is relatively similar. The halogen bulbs (for H4 & H11) costs as low as $5 on average.

LED bulbs cost about $15 (average price) and as high as $100 or more.

06. Pros

These bulbs are easy to install and made from solid materials. Also, they light up the road excellently.

07. Cons

The H4 can’t be replaced with an H11 bulb. Also, LED bulbs are expensive.

Best Led H4 Headlight Bulbs Reviews

01. Fahren TYH4FT


Highlighted Features

  • 9003/H4 LED bulb (2)
  • More than 50K hours of use
  • 20K lumen
  • Adjustable beam (360°)
  • 6500K color temperature
  • 120 watts

Fahren 9003/H4 offers a high level of brightness, spreading a few meters ahead and across the surrounding for enhanced vision while driving across dark roads.

Compared to halogen, these bulbs offer more than six hundred percent improvement in brightness (for outstanding efficiency and performance).

The durable construction material and the efficient cooling system combine significantly to facilitate a stress-free operation over a long period (up to 50K hours).

Installation is not complicated. The two bulbs can be integrated into the headlights between ten and fifteen minutes.


  • Bright light and broader coverage
  • Not affected by moisture/water
  • Long-lasting performance


  • Not the most affordable design



Highlighted Features

  • ‎H4/9003/HB2 LED bulb (2)
  • 6000K color temperature
  • Advanced heat sink integration
  • 50K of active use/operation
  • Dustproof/waterproof design
  • 80 watts

SEALIGHT ‎AHDX1H4-E is an excellent upgrade choice for individuals looking for an affordable and efficient H4 LED bulb to replace their factory/halogen or dying bulbs.

These bulbs offer a significant upgrade/improvement in light output, ensuring you experience a brighter illumination and improved beam pattern on the road for optimum visibility and safety.

The heat control system is super-efficient. It works to regulate the bulb’s operating temperature for improved and long-lasting performance while ensuring noise-less performance.


  • Impressive beam pattern
  • Superior vision/visibility
  • Noise-free performance
  • Eliminates dark spots on the road


  • No manual

03. Hikari ‎V55-H4


Highlighted Features

  • ‎H4/9003/HB2 LED bulb (2)
  • Adjustable bulb holder (360°)
  • 150 watts
  • 20k lumen & 50K hours lifespan
  • 6000K color temperature
  • User manual

If anyone thinks they have used the brightest H4 bulb, they could get on the market for their vehicle, and it is possible they haven’t heard of Hikari ‎V55-H4.

Considering the impressive power output and overall performance these bulbs offer, you wouldn’t be happier with the price (although a bit higher than many other options).

The compact design aids perfect fitment during installation, ensuring the bulbs slot into place quickly and tightly to avoid flickering during use.


  • Better visibility for a safer drive at night
  • Doesn’t flicker
  • Extended use and performance


  • A bit expensive
  • Manual could be improved



Highlighted Features

  • H4/9003 LED bulbs (2)
  • Up to 6 times more brightness than halogen
  • 100 watts
  • 6000K color temperature
  • 20K lumen
  • 50K hours lifespan

If you are one of those vehicle owners who are dissatisfied with the yellow and dull light output they get from their headlights.

AUXITO-USQ16H4 is a reliable and performance-enhancing option anyone (for compatible vehicles) can consider for brighter illumination (both low and high beams) and excellent coverage across the road.

The packaging is impressive, ensuring the bulbs, instructions, and gloves remain intact during shipping.

Installation is not time-consuming, and nor is the process stressful or complicated. The integration can be done without necessary/excessive reliance on the manual to achieve a tight/perfect fit.


  • Powerful and efficient cooling system
  • Effortless integration
  • The beam pattern is outstanding
  • Clear visibility while driving at night


  • Pricey

05. BEAMTECH ‎H4 (9003 Hi/Lo)


Highlighted Features

  • ‎H4/9003 LED bulbs (2)
  • 8K lumen
  • 30k hours lifespan
  • 6500K color temperature
  • 50 watts

Are you tired of the factory/halogen bulbs, especially the unappealing yellow light?

If anyone desires to have a cleaner and white light to light up the road for improved safety at a reasonable price and over a prolonged lifespan. BEAMTECH ‎H4 (9003 Hi/Lo) is a top choice.

These bulbs keep delivering adequate light output on the road at night for thirty thousand hours. Thanks to the efficient heat control system.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Excellent upgrade for halogen bulbs
  • Low power usage/consumption
  • Heat production is efficiently regulated


  • Not as bright as the other four options on our list

The General FAQ’s of What is an H4 Bulb

01. Who Should Use/Install an H4 Bulb?

The LED H4 should only be installed on compatible vehicles.

Since each bulb type has specific fittings, it is impossible to switch to another bulb type that is not designed for your vehicle.

02. How Do I Find Out/Identify The Type of Bulb That is Compatible With My Headlight?

To avoid unnecessary confusion, anyone who does not know the type of bulb compatible with their vehicle (the appropriate fitting) should consult the owner’s manual to get this information.

03. Why is H4 LED Not Roadworthy in The USA?

According to regulatory agencies, these bright and double filament bulbs do not meet the beam pattern requirements for headlamps.

H4 LEDs are believed to affect the sight of drivers incoming vehicles when pointing/facing upwards.

04. What Differentiates The H4 and HB2?

HB2 (9003) was introduced to counter the ban/restriction on the H4 LED on USA roads. This development is unknown to most drivers, resulting in unnecessary confusion.

The HB2 (9003) is an alternative to the H4. Vehicles designed to work with the H4 bulb can install the HB2/9003 LED bulb instead of any modern halogen designs for optimum brightness on the road.

05. How Do I Identify an HB2 Bulb?

The HB2 bulbs are available across various brands and are appropriately labeled.

In most cases, these bulbs have the descriptions (H4/HB2/9003) written/labeled on them to eliminate any form of confusion.


We hope the information in each section has provided adequate insight into queries and questions that individuals whose vehicle uses the H4 bulb may have.

Especially when it comes to key performance parameters or areas such as brightness, power usage, and usability, particularly in the United States of America.

Now that the question, “what is H4 bulb” has been answered, with a comprehensive comparison with other bulb types within a similar category.

We hope you have the required knowledge to make the best decision.

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